Genius Prince – v5-c31

“– Now then…” 

Wayne stood in front of a room. 

It was a room for aristocrats to use, and right now, it was used by someone. 

The person inside was King Guryuel who had become a captive. 

The lookout was strict, but inside was at least a complete set of necessary items. After all, the other party was the King of a nation, so he can’t just keep him in a prison. 

“Excuse me, King Guryuel.” 

When Wayne entered the room, there was a man. 

“… Nuu?” 

Involuntarily Wayne looked surprised. It was definitely not because of the amount of food the man was carrying to his mouth. 

“… Ummm, King Guryue… Can I interrupt for a bit?” 

“Mu? Oh, the crown prince? Long time no see…” 

Perhaps he finally noticed Wayne’s existence, the man raised his face and smiled calmly. The cheerful voice exactly belonged to King Guryuel, but Wayne somehow feels unsettling. Because the man in front of him didn’t have the body characteristic of King Guryuel, who had a toned and strong body. 

“Emm, somehow you changed a lot?” 

“Ah, this body?” 

Guryuel looked at his own body. His limbs, torso, and even his face, give a fearless feeling. 

“This is the constitution that I was born with. If I get injured or exercise too much, my look would become like this. Honestly, it is very troubling…” 


By the way, Guryuel had one side of his shoulder getting slashed to the point of his arm almost got cut off but, here he was eating as if his hand was working normally. Was the stored fat the one that made him such extraordinary resilience? 

“So, what are you coming here for? To inform me about the date of my execution?” 

Guryuel said those words while chewing the meat. 

“Will I be hanged or beheaded? Or maybe being shredded by using an execution wheel? In that case, I will advise you to prepare a good horse… Since bad horses might not be able to pull my body apart…” 

“I see, then let us do exactly what you say… Or so that is what I like to say but, I don’t plan on killing you yet, King Guryuel.” 


Guryuel looked surprised. 

“If you erase me, the Kingdom of Solgest would become yours. My son is stupid, so he won’t be able to become your opponent. Are you going to miss the chance for Natra to expand?” 

“Don’t be absurd. This time we got involved with each other due to circumstance, but in the first place, I would like to have a friendly relationship with King Guryuel and the Solgest Kingdom.” 


Guryuel then laughed after thinking for a bit. 

“I see, you’re afraid of the Levetianism causing troubles eh?” 


Wayne had thought he would notice about it. 

He was right, Guryel was a saint lord of Levetianism. If he was being executed, there would be opposition appeared from the Levetianism believers. And if he handled it poorly, it might cause a full-scale war. It was a situation that Wayne wanted to avoid. 

(If he ended up dead due to a surprise attack then it might bring me an advantage, but if he died during his captivity, it would spell troubles for me.) 

So, I also ordered Raklum and others to capture as much as possible. Of course, in a battle, some unforeseen circumstance may happen. He was prepared if things didn’t go well. 

“However, if you don’t execute me, will Delnio consent just like that?” 

For the Kingdom of Delnio, the Kingdom of Solgest, and King Guryuel were their long time enemy. 

Furthermore, in this case, Delnio broke his alliance with Solgest and joined with Natra. Delnio wouldn’t be wondering what retaliation would be if he didn’t kill King Guryuel now. 

“You don’t have to worry about that. Delnio has agreed we will discuss things in the future during meetings between the three countries, well at least there will be no execution.” 

“I’m surprised. I thought Siridis would strongly oppose.” 

“He lost his job.” 

Wayne said it. Guryuel eyes turn round. 

“It seems Sir Sirdis had placed his political life as a bet when forming an alliance with Solgest, and almost on his own when deciding to fight alongside Natra by betraying the alliance itself.” 

“… I see.” 

Guryuel snorted. 

“Natra didn’t want to fight the Levetianism huh? That is why you avoid my execution. I thought you guys had joined hands behind the scene and drag Siridis down.” 

Wayne smiled. 

“I don’t know what had happened, but it seems the new Chancellor seems to be someone who loves harmony. They insist on forming the three countries’ great alliance. Well, when the administration changed, it is expected that the new administration would deny how the old administration leads the way, and try to establish its own legitimacy.” 

Wayne takes out some paperwork and presents it in front of Guryuel. 

“Here, if you sign these, you will be picked up and can return to Solgest. I bet you’re bored living here right? So, please go home.” 

Guryuel receives the pen from Wayne. 

And after turning the pen three times using his fingertips, Guryuel slammed the pen. 

“As expected, I choose to die here…” 


Due to that response, Wayne’s eyes turned round. 

“I’m a man who has lived as he pleased. I don’t feel like having a life following someone else wishes…” 

“W-Wait, if that is the case…” 

“Umu, Natra, and Levetianism will go all-out war. Wahahahaha, it seems there’s some trouble, prince! But sorry, I can’t help you, I will die after all!” 

“T-This guy…!” 

He wants to take advantage of this last-minute by citing the value of his life huh? Wayne thought how cowardly he was… 

“If you want me to return safely, I have some conditions…” 

“… What are those conditions?” 

When he asked that question with an unpleasant premonition, Guryuel looked at him. 

“Young crown prince, what is the beast hidden under your arms?” 

“… Beast, is it?” 

“Everyone has their own beast inside themselves. Some rephrased as desires. I know your beast is quite big, but I cannot yet see the whole picture… Therefore, I am interested…” 

Guryuel continues… 

“Tell me. Let me see. Show me what is the thing that that beast wants to eat… After that, we can talk about the three-country conference…” 


The two struck each other with silence. 

However, it was not an exchange of hostility or maliciousness, but an exchange that measured each other. 

Eventually, Wayne spilled a sigh, as if he had given up. 

“—–. —–. ——.” 

He spun his words without hesitation. 

Wayne’s voice was low. However, it did reach Guryuel… 

“… Are you serious? Prince.” 

Sweat oozes from Guryuel’s forehead. He was so nervous just to hear Wayne’s words that he feels like he had listened to the worst of battlefield horror. 

“Free to believe it or not. The only thing I can say is that if King Guryuel dies here, you will never find out whether or not I am serious…” 

When Wayne said that, Guryuel looked blank for a second and then laughed. 

“Fuhahaha! That’s right, it is as the crown prince said! Alright, it is my defeat! Certainly, if such a story is told to me, I definitely can’t die yet!” 

Guryuel ferociously gazes at Wayne. 

“I’m looking forward, Crown Prince… No, Wayne Salema Albarest! Let me see how far we can run through this turbulent continent!” 

“I can’t guarantee you can enjoy it but, if King Guryuel doesn’t die in the process, it would be good news for the Solgest people and me. Here, a replacement pen.” 


Upon receiving a new pen from Wayne, Guryuel tries to run the pen on the document, but… 

“… Wait, what kind of ransom amount is this?” 

“Cih, he noticed…” 

Wayne murmured in a whisper. When Guryuel read the document again, it contains exorbitant demands for the delivery of Guryuel, including ransom, war damages, and Solgest’s port ceding. 

“Isn’t this kind of overpriced? prince.” 

“What are you saying. If it is for the famous King Guryuel, that is a reasonable ransom no? Or it would be disrespectful.” 

“No no no, for a country that will have a friendly relationship in the future…”