Genius Prince – v5-c30

“It’s over huh? With this, soon Solgest would surrender.” 

After seeing Delnio’s army battles against the Solgest army, Wayne who was in the corner of the headquarter sat down on his chair while saying “Fuh, not bad, not bad at all…” 

“With this, we’ve completed the first stage. Well, after the war, what was left were for people like us to negotiate, if it is that much, it should be fine. For the time being, should I make a contact with Princess Torcheira?”

Ninim who didn’t stop gazing at the battlefield murmured. 

“… Ne, Wayne.” 

“Hnn? What’s wrong?” 

“No, not really…” 

One could feel impatience from her voice. 

“Solgest army, they are heading straight toward us, you see.” 


Wayne hurriedly looked at the battlefield and groaned. 

“This is bad… BAD!” 

Wayne immediately wondered what to do. 

He could see what Guryuel aimed at. However, even though he can read him, he has no hand to stop him. 

Delnio’s army was not under Wayne’s command. Even if he gives the order, they won’t hear him out. Rather, they seem to don’t even have time to talk. 

(I guess, there’s no choice but to escape? No, but if I don’t defeat Guryuel here…) 

When Wayne was wondering at high speed. 

“Prince Wayne, are you here?!” 

The one who appeared was a messenger of Natra’s soldiers.” 

Kneeling in front of the surprised Wayne, the messenger shouted. 

“General Hagar has something to tell your highness as soon as possible!” 


“Praise my name! Extol my name! Let the enemy know that I am here!” 

Guryuel shouted repeatedly as he marches through Delnio’s army. 

Then the surroundings respond and shout at the King’s name. That’s good, Guryuel exclaims… 

For Delnio Soldiers, Guryuel was the enemy. But at the same time, a symbol of fear. If they can beat him, they want to beat him, but if they don’t have to meet him, they don’t want to. Such was their thought. 

Still, the Delnio soldiers who have just arrived at the battlefield were not yet ready for battle. If they declared that Guryuel was in front of them, their movement would be delayed. Guryuel sees it and dares to rush forward. 

(Besides, Natra and Delnio never trained together, this is their first time meeting with each other. There’s no way they could cooperate properly.) 

At best, they could only cooperate in a limited range. On the other hand, it would be doubtful if they could do so under a chaotic battlefield. 

Therefore, it was a chance for the opponent to take advantage of it. 

(If we push Delnio’s soldiers as it is, Delnio would end up become a wall for the defensive Natra. The moment the two armies come in contact, they will be in confusion.) 

And while both armies were confused, Guryuel would use his army to breakthrough. Defeat the commander of both armies before the chaos subsides. That was his aim. 

To make this possible, they need a king who can lead the soldiers, soldiers who can follow the instruction without hesitation even in crisis, and skills were indispensable, the Solgest army has all of them. 

(It was unexpected to be able to move Delnio! I shall praise you for it! However, you seem to be careless, prince!) 

Far from feeling depressed, Guryuel led his soldiers and rushed his feeling with a burning heart. 

At the edge of his field of view, he saw a hill slightly to the left. 

A big flag was raised there, and a person stood beside it. 

It was a Natra with Wyne standing there. 


A trap, Guryuel guts tell him so… 

Even though he knew that he couldn’t stop. 

It was his greed. Just as he would like the feeling of being full, he also thought that he could get Wayne here, as he ran like a ghost. 

“You sure come here huh, Guryel.” 

He feels like he could hear Wayne’s voice. 

At that moment, a flying arrow pierced Guryuel shoulders.


Guryuel sees. On the right opposite his hill. There was the figure of Borgen, holding a bow being turned at him. 

“If I don’t bring your neck home, the princess won’t be able to save herself…” 

“At the same time, Raklum jumped into view.”

“Do you think I will let you go, Guryuel?” 

Sword and Ax collide, Guryuel tried to repel Raklum, but the severe pain that torments him causes him to stop. 


Raklum swung his sword with a roar, and Guryuel was taken down. 


A surprise attack from another side after being conscious of the other side. A very simple tactic. However, after finding out he would breakthrough the Delnio army, they had used Wayne as the bait. Guryuel noticed. Who was the person that device such a plan? 


But the trap didn’t end there. As he recovered and try to hold his battle-ax using his left hand, 

However, an old General had already stood in front of him. 

“Sorry for the interruption, King Guryuel.” 

Hagar sword shone ruthlessly. 

“Even though that is rude?” 

Guryuel paused for a few seconds laughed and said, ‘I don’t mind it’… 

“— I shall forgive you. No courtesy is required on the battlefield!” 

Guryuel waves his battle-ax. 

Much earlier than that, Hagar’s sword cut through Guryuel. 

The news that Guryuel was captured ran through the battlefield in the blink of an eye. 

As a result, the Solgest soldiers who were resisting also surrendered one after another, and thus the war involving the three-country ended…