Genius Prince – v5-c29

The aim was Guryuel. 

Raklum and Borgen were strangely aiming at the same place, despite moving with different units. 

During this period, even if you make an attack of harassment, the other party will not care. To stop the enemy army, you need to aim at the big game. And now, the Solgest army has turned to force, and the area around Guryuel which was located behind becomes thin. 

The situation was so to speak a rehash of the previous surprise attack. Make it successful this time. With determination in mind, the two teams join together and close the distance to the rear of the center of the enemy. 

But, then… 

The rear unit of the Solgest army turned back on them all at once. 


“This is?!” 

Raklum and Borgen were stunned. 

The troops behind the Solgest army, which was stretched to the left and right turned around all at once. 

((I’ve been lured—!)) 

It was something that cannot be improvised. It was a trap to encircle their units. At the same time, the two come to such a conclusion. Will you retreat before the siege was complete, or will you continue to Guryuel? 

Neither of them come to conclusion. 

No sooner than that, Guryuel approached them with cavalry. 

“It seems you’ve mistaken to think that you could do the same thing to me twice!” 

Guryuel moves closer toward Borgen. Borgen then held his spear in a hurry. Then at the moment when they passed each other, Borgen was blown off the horse with his spear breaking due to the enemy’s battle-ax.


Raklum shouted. Guryuel didn’t look at Borgen who had fallen and rushed toward Raklum with tremendous momentum. 

“Do you think you can afford to worry about others, Natra General?!” 

Guryuel then swung his battle-ax. The wind blow caused by the swing was an incarnation of violence. 

Facing that what will he do? 

There was no choice but to stop it using strength. 


Raklum roared. The muscles of his whole body expand. The power then transmitted to his sword, as his sword collided head-on with the approaching battle-ax. 

The sound was heavy. If there was something that worth noted, there were cracks on the sword and the battle-ax that clashed. 

“Hoo, not bad at all!” 

He ran past Raklum as he was while laughed ferociously, then turned around. Then he aims at Raklum once again. Raklum tries to respond. 


His aim was the arm. The collision before had left strong numbness in his arm. 

(Can I withstand another blow like this?!) 

Doubt arises in his mind, but immediately he shakes his head. If he can’t do it then he has no choice but be defeated. He can’t whine now. Raklum looks ahead and glares at the approaching Guryuel. 

Then, a unit led by Hagar appeared on Guryuel side, as if piercing the void… 

“– Nuu!” 

Guryuel immediately reacted. 

The battle-ax that could crush rock cut off the neck of Hagar’s horse. 


“… Cih!” 

With a click of his tongue, Guryuel misses Raklum’s head and continues to lead the troops away. Unable to catch up with what happened suddenly, Raklum noticed Hagar kneeling beside the fallen horse and rushed up. 

“General Hagar!” 

“He only got my horse. I’m fine…” 

Hagar said that while wiping away the blood on his sword. 

Rather than that, take Borgen back and retreat. We can maintain the hole that we breakthrough.” 

“Y-Yes, sir!” 

As Raklum give his response, Hagar looked southwest. 

“It’s about time huh? Then, the next move would be…” 

“I was going to kill the horse but… I guess it was good for now.” 

While manipulating the horse, Guryuel gazes at his arm. A sword wound was carved on his arm. 

At that moment when Hagar jumped over Guryuel head, he had managed to slash his arm. Guryuel had no choice but to admire his acrobatics ability. 

“Your Majesty! You’re injured?!” 

“Let’s treat it now!” 

“Don’t make a noise. It is just a shallow wound.” 

Guryuel pondered while his subordinates shouted. Should he aim for that General, or further strengthening the attack on the fort and leave the Generals be. In a search for the conclusion, Guryuel looked around— Then he noticed…

“… That, it can’t be…”

Southwest of the battlefield. 

There was an army raising its flag. 

The Flag belonged to Delnio. 


“It looks like we made it in time.” 

Delnio army, around 10,000. 

In the corner of the army, it was Wayne who accompanied Delnio’s army who muttered those words. 

“It seems Natra’s main force is still safe.” 

Ninim by his side give him the report. 

“I wonder if it is worth it that we manage to rush Delnio’s soldiers, Wayne.” 

“Of course, since it would be a total bankruptcy if the Natra army had been wiped out. Well, we have Hagar there, so there’s nothing to worry about…” 

And, Wayne said… 

“Now that we’re in this situation, there’s no way Solgest would win 100%. — We shall be the one who wins.” 

The next moment, Delnio’s army attacked Solgest army under the commander of their General. 


“W-What is this?!” 

“Delnio army?! Why… No, it can’t be?!” 

“Their numbers are around 8,000… No there’s more of them!” 

“A messenger to all units! Tell them a new enemy has appeared from the southwest!” 

“Report! The Natra army stuck in the fort! Request for reinforcement from the front line!” 

“Khu, the two armies are definitely working together!” 

Subordinates who understood the situation immediately give out their instructions. 

While listening to it, Guryuel whispered in a very emotional manner. 

“— Amazing, prince of Natra.” 

Why was the Delnio army here? It was easy to understand. Wayne had managed to persuade Siridis and moved him. 

Guryuel didn’t know-how. Naturally. Had he knew something that could convince Siridis like that, he would’ve done something first himself. Normal persuasion was impossible. That was Guryuel conclusion. 

But, Wayne overturned that thought. 

That little boy must’ve been succumbed to Wayne, distorted by fear. The sight of the Chancellor of a country kneeling on a boy in his mid-teens would be quite a spectacle. It was a pity he was not there. 

When he was thinking about that, he could hear his subordinates’ voice. 

“Your Majesty! It would be dangerous to leave it like this…” 

“If nothing was done, you will be caught! Hurry and evacuate!” 

“If nothing is done, we’re going to get caught! We need to hurry evacuate!” 

Their facial expression was uniformly impatient. 

It was a normal reaction since they were sandwiched between 10,000 troops. 

However, Guryuel had a different reaction. 

“What are you saying? You think we’re going to leave? Do you think we already lost this battle?” 

“Sir, no, of course not… But…” 

“Don’t be stupid. From here on out…” 

Guryel shouted… 

“Solgest soldiers! As the fangs of the great King! Hear my voice!” 

The voice echoed like the howl of a beast on the battlefield. 

“From now on, our army will go through the zone of death, to find a way to survival! Wavering, doubting, hesitation! We shall overcome all, and we shall shine and bring back the glory!” 


“All troops, follow me–_!”