Genius Prince – v5-c28

After few days Natra and Solgest armies parted, they once again clashed. 

In a nutshell, the current situation was the crisis of the collapse of the Natra army. 

“General Hagar! The enemy unit broke through the second line of defense!” 

“Send Fen units. In conjunction with Izari and Lauro units, tell them to close the hole.” 

“A request for reinforcements from the left-wing- Hernan unit! The enemy’s onslaught won’t stop!” 

“What is the status of the prepared trap?” 

“We’ve already used it!” 

“Roland, lead 100 men and help them. Subsequent movements will be instructed later.” 

“Yes, sir!” 

Hagar groaned a little after giving quick successive instructions at the back of the fort. 

(We do have a disadvantage when it comes to number, though have advantages of the fort, we are still being pushed back…) 

It was expected that the Solgest army was a highly trained one. 

However, when they truly come, one couldn’t help but feel its strength. In particular, the assault released from the undisturbed footsteps that seem to penetrate like a big wave. 

(The first defense line has been broken, and it is not realistic to recapture it with the current force.) 

Looking down, one can see the enemy soldiers trying to run up the fort built in the mountain, and Natra’s soldiers were trying to desperately stop it. 

The fall was a matter of time— Such an air was pouring from Natra’s side. And in fact, Hagar knew that if nothing was done, it would happen. 


(I know that before the battle started.) 

Old Hagar was not upset. 

(All I have to do is to buy time as long as I could. And observe how Guryuel move. … For that reason, I have to have both of them fight hard for a while.) 

Hagar’s gaze then moves toward the front line where the two armies clash. 

There were two cavalry units equipped with a Natra uniform. 

“Geez, I should’ve not made any cheap contract like this…!” 

It was Borgen who spit those words. 

He has left Hagar fort and was running around the plains with his cavalry. 

It was an operation to interfere with the Solgest army movement. 

[Despite the disadvantage of the number of troops, we need this breakthrough. We have to be careful to not get overwhelmed by only doing the defensive maneuver. For that purpose, Raklum and Borgen, both of them lead the cavalry units and stab the enemy’s key points.] 

Raklum and Borgen silently nodded to Hagar’s instruction after the first day. 

The moment they feel how powerful the Solgest army was, the more they realize that they need to do this. 

“Commander! There’s a hole in the enemy’s line up!” 

“Understand! Everyone! Follow me!” 

The Solgest army was well defended, but compared to their aggressive attack, it was pale in comparison. A breakthrough was a technique that only works with a concentrated attack. 

There, both Raklum and Borgen, accompanied by the cavalry, looked at the gaps of the Solgest army, and when they saw a chance, they charged and sneaked in, and then immediately left. This keeps the Solgest army focusing on the attack. 

It was simple in words, but it was a difficult task to do. 

(Genera Hagar too, he sure asked us to do something absurd!) 

The two units emphasize lightness and each has about 500 soldiers. Of course, it was not a force that could overwhelm the Solgest army of 15,000. On the contrary, if the main army was sent to pursue them, they would be wiped out in no time 

But the Solgest army didn’t do that. They want to focus on bringing down the fort but also didn’t wish to show their neck accidentally again. Of course, when the two units come attacking, they would deal with it, but when the two units withdraw, they try to not pursue them. 

So, both corps can fly around like bees and get in the way of the Solgest army. However, if the two overdo it and the opponent’s irritation exceeds the permissible value, they will try to divide their army and crush the two units. 

In other words, it was a mission of both units to continue to harass the front so that the other party cannot concentrate on the spot while paying close attention to not seriously cause the enemy to move out. 

Grasp the enemy’s consciousness and the range of action, pay attention to the condition of the friendly force and horses, and only swing one’s sword after thinking where to attack and how to withdraw first. The amount of information one had to process could make one’s head spin. Moreover, if they fail, they will die immediately. To be honest, if they can throw away their swords, they would do so. 

(But if we do that, we will be defeated thoroughly— Though this battle was bleak in the first place.) 

Borgen quickly glanced at the battlefield. 

(We’re ordered to earn time, but if we cannot do that as it is, we need to find a way to direct the battle elsewhere…) 

It was when Borgen thought about that. 

A move has taken place in the Solgest army. 

(— Are they going to push with a brute force?!) 

Seeing the change in the situation, Raklum clicked his tongue. 

The Solgest army was trying to attack the fort. The pressure was going to come and increased all at once. They abandon their defense, and attacked Natra soldiers, slaughtering one after another. Naturally, the Natra side was also counterattacked, and the Solgest soldiers’ momentum could be stopped for a bit, but that was nothing… 

Rather than taking the time to control the damage, they probably decided to settle the battle quickly even if a large number of soldiers died. 

(If nothing is done, they would reach the center in the blink of an eye! What should I do?!) 

Raklum glanced at the battlefield searching for the best move. 

And he saw it. 


Hagar who had captured the whole picture from the top of the fort groaned a little. 

And after he stared at the ground for a few seconds, he said to his aide… 

“I need to move. I’ll leave the command here for a while..” 

“Yes, sir!” 

The adjutant nodded without hesitation. 

“Where is the General going to move?” 

Hagar then replied… 

“Of course, to the place where these old bones are needed.”