Genius Prince – v5-c27

“Report! Natra’s army has abandoned the battlefield and withdrew, but we’ve also confirm that they are planning on using the mountain as their stronghold.” 

In response to the report from the messenger, the soldiers, led by Guryuele, all roared. 

“Finally, we did it eh?” 

”In other words, that surprise attack from them was to buy more time?” 

“I thought they would aim for his majesty neck. However, even if we did fail in our defense, we won’t fall in silence…” 

The other day, when the sun was about to set, the Guryuel army was informed that Natra had made a disturbing move, and what Guryuel did after hearing that was strengthening their defense. 

Night battles were easy for one to perform surprise attack on each other since the appearance of the other person was hard to see. It was natural for the leaders of Guryuel army to be wary after being the victim of an ambush attack. That led to the decision of making an iron wall to protect Guryuel. 

But at dawn, however, Solgest army sees an astonishing sight. The place where the Natra army made their camp was empty. 

Due to confusion, they sent scouts in all directions, and finally, they found them. The 8,000 Natra army have left the camp at night as if to ridicule the Solgest 15,000 army who had turn vigilant over nothing. They run back to their stronghold where they had prepared everything. 

“But in the end, what they do is only buying some time…” 

“I agree. And we’re still in the same position since we only receive small damage. And even if they stay inside their stronghold, we still have a superior force. We can’t let our guard down but, I don’t think we have to be afraid of them.” 

“Just for buying time, they choose to distract the opponent and cowardly runaway, are they really warrior?” 

The words of the commanders were not wrong. It can be said the Natra army had pulled one move under them but, in the end, they were still in a more advantageous position. Morales remained high because the soldiers also knew that too. 

However, contrary to their feelings, the expression of Lord Guryuel was stiff. 

(Somehow I feel a strange flow…) 

Earn Time… Certainly, it was something normal to do. But, he feels like he was overlooking something. Guryuel felt some disturbing sign creeping upon him. 

(— However, this is also fun.)

Guryuel laughed. The tension when he bets his own life, which cannot be felt when he was hunting someone one-sidedly, this was the thrill of the battlefield. The heart begins to pulsate fast. He felt like he was on fire. 

“Notify the entire army. I’ll chase after the escaped prey.” 

“”Yes, sir!”” 

The soldiers responded to Guryuel instruction at once. 

“— General Hagar!” 

Hagar who was in charge of preparing the fort, turn back toward the voice. 

There he saw Raklum and Borrgen on their horseback. 

“Both of you seem to be safe. I’m glad I could join you guys like this…” 

“I’m sorry… I shall return the command of the army to you..” 

“Uhum… I see. … And how was King Guryuel on the battlefield?” 

“First time I heard about him, I thought he was a great lord. But, I never thought he would be so great that he could deflect my arrow.” 

“The surprise attack planned by His Highness was completely successful. But despite that, due to me, I’m ashamed of my lack of power.” 

Hagar nodded to Bolgen, who shrugs, and Raklum who exudes regret. 

“I can’t help it. When it comes to such a big game, it was extremely difficult to kill. Don’t regret it, just make sure that the next battlefield you will corner him again. If you’re trapped in the past, your sword would become dull.” 

“Yes, sir…” 

“Besides, about the failure, it seems his highness have predicted it. Perhaps, the other side thinks this withdrawal to save time.” 

Borgen said, watching the Solgest army marching toward them from a distance. 

“Did they realize the true aim of the crown prince?” 

“That would be impossible.” 

The appearance of Wayne played in his mind when he has presented his strategy. 

“I can’t think that at all… That plan was something someone who pursued victory more than anyone.” 

Hagar said with admiration. 

“To think he would make his army defeat as a diplomatic chip…” 


“The Solgest army and the Natra army clashed, and the Natra army is routed…” 

Torcheira the victor, gasped, while Sirdis groaned. 

“Oh my, as expected of Solgest army. So strong…” 

And Wayne, who was on the losing side was actually laughing harder than anyone else. 

“With this, the Solgest army will approach the royal capital. It is a shame, Princess Torcheira. I don’t think there would be enough time for you to have a talk with your father…” 

“W-Wait! The Natra army might be routed but, what is the specific?” 

“I’m sorry. The detail is not yet arrived, but based on the report, it seems that our side is chasing them…” 


Torcheira squeezes her teeth. 

It may be difficult to relay information from the battlefield. There was a time lag until it arrives, and there was also the psychology of the field officer that wants to make the best possible report. 

(That’s right, it is easy to report that the Natra army has been defeated when they saw the army retreated.) 

Before he meets Delnio’s representative, Wayne was calculating his plan. 

The speed of Solgest and natra force. The plan of the date and place for the war. The distance from Delnio, and the time it takes to arrive. And also, the diplomatic schedule. Taking everything into account, he predicted that the first report would arrive today. 

(Well, although for the timing, it was a complete coincidence!) 

In any case, Siridis was pretty much driven to the corner. Now, it was time for him to fold this conversation. 

“Sir Sirdis, I can understand your feeling!”

Wayne said painfully. 

“At this rate, Delnio will be destroyed by the civil wars, then burst when it forced to receive 800,000 from Natra. The remaining Delnio people would lose their country and home, they will start to lose their pride… What a painful event! My chest tightens in sorrow!” 

“… Shut up, you demon!”

Sirdis shouted as if he was vomiting blood. 

“As if there’s a negotiation like this! What do you think people are?!” 

“Of course, I value and trust them. After all, no matter what, they should be able to choose something they wanted to move forward… That’s the people.” 

If you cut only those words, he sounded like someone who loves the people. 

However, when combined with the previous words, it was a different dimension, because he was saying he would destroy his country because he believes in his people. 

(I can’t do that!) 

A heartbreaking cry echoes inside his heart. 

He takes pride in his country, the people, and the culture. He also thinks that those who involve themselves in national affairs have more or less the same feelings as him. 

That was why Sirdis couldn’t believe it. It should be impossible for the crown prince, who represents the country, to try and implement such a strategy. 

(I can’t do something like that!) 

Torcheira tries her best to restrain. 

She was also a military educated person. On top of that, it was too unrealistic to issue an order for 800,000 people and incite them to flee to one country. 

If it was a trained soldier, it might be possible. However, there were 800,000 civilians. It was impossible to control that many people. 

Indeed, she believes it was impossible. It was impossible to do. That should be it. 

“— I’ll do it you know?” 

The two were lost their breath. 

The boy sitting in front of them gives them an indescribable feeling. 

Their heart shook. Facing such confidence. It seemed to them that he really could do it. 

(Say it! You can’t do anything like that! That is impossible! I’m someone who will become the saint lord! and Lead the people of this country! I can’t end in this kind of place!) 

Sirdis open and close his mouth over and over again. He made up his mind while thinking for a bit. However, the words that come out of him was just a groan. 

And Wayne whispered toward Sirdis. 

“By the way, I have the antidote…” 

Sirdis was crestfallen. 

“Don’t get caught up in his pace, Sir Sirdis! I’m doubtful that the poison even exists! Don’t be fooled by the fiction existence of the antidote.” 

Torcheira raises her voice. 

But it didn’t reach the weakened Siridis. 

Antidote. The people were saved. It was the light that shined into the dead end. How can he not reach out? Even if the person who offers it was the one who cornered him in the first place. 

“… W-What should I do?” 

“Sir Sirdis!” 

Torcheira shouted. Wayne then said matter of factly… 

“The Natra army has been routed, but it was probably rallying around the capital to fight Solgest army once again.” 

Wayne, of course, knew that his army was in the fortress. However, if he revealed it here, he should be able to gain some grace time. 

“That is why I want you to assault the back with 10,000 Delno’s army. If they caught between Natra and Delnio, even for Sogest’s army!” 

Then Torcheira shouted. 

“Wait! This is nothing but betrayal to our Alliance! If you do that, Delnio would lose other country trusts!”


Sirdis’s eyes were blank. The betrayal of the alliance between the two countries was hard. Moreover, the opponent was Guryuel. It was a symbol of horror for Sirdis, and it was no wonder that he wants to avoid betraying them. 

“But, If you don’t do it, Delnio will be destroyed!” 

Wayne told him to break the hesitation. 

“Sir Sirdis, I have two more options. Would you like to watch Solgest destroy Natra and watch the 800,000 people destroy Delnio? Or defeat Guryuel together and go on a path of cooperation with Natra?”

Wayne asked. 

“Now then, what you will do?” 

The room was filled with silence. 

Torcheira squeezes her teeth, Zenovia was tense, and Sirdis was in distress. 

And after a while, Sirdis said…