Genius Prince – v5-c26

“Don’t you think the color of yellow stands out?” 

Everyone in the room stops moving due to how bizarrely unrelated those words were… 

“Yellow? Yellow…” 

Sirdis caught something that crossed his mind. What he remembered was a certain costume dyed in yellow. Then a question arises due to such words…— 

“–… Is that what you’re aiming for?!” 

Sirdis reached a terrifying potential. 

“Is that what the color is?! Are you trying to incite the young people in our country to cause internal disturbance?!” 

Torcheira was surprised by this. 

(Indeed, when I went here, I saw many young people wore yellow.) 

However, how was that could lead to civil unrest? 

Wayne then continues while looking at Torcheira who seems couldn’t understand… 

“Red, blue, black, white… There are various colors used for costumes, but yellow is rarely used. It is too bright, making it hard for people to blend in, it was stand out too much. But conversely, wearing yellow also could make you intentionally stand out…” 

Natra’s products were currently in fashion among Delnio’s people. Especially yellow costumes, it has become a prominent color among young people as of lately. The way it stands out boosting the fashion even more. 

“And, all the young people were wearing yellow, and when everyone wears it, a sense of solidarity was created.” 


Torcheira was surprised. 

What if those group of people was given a direction? 

For example, against conservative culture… Or maybe, against a repressive religion… Or, against corrupt aristocrats. 

What if you instigate anger among them, incite dissatisfaction, and said that it was evil that needs to be denounced? 

(Delnio young people are the trigger! By using yellow color, which has become a trend, it might be used as a political color symbol for young people, if that happens, the flame would be huge!) 

This was what Wayne had aimed for. Torcheira trembled with the horror of the idea that was beyond her imagination. Rather, trembling alone would be fine. If you’re an ordinary person, you would feel disappointed or at a loss because you cannot understand it. 

Then, Sirdis opened his mouth… 

“… Don’t make light of me, Wayne Salema Albarest!” 

Sirdis hit the desk. Although he admitted that he was unknowingly entangled in this surprising strategy, his heart was not broken. 

“So what if the young people rebelled?! That kind of thing is temporary! With our army, we could suppress it!” 

“There’s not that many yellow dyes…” 

Wayne interjected Sirdis fierce words. 

“After all, there was not much demand for it. So it was hard to prepare the quantity, it was hard to get them from the Empire as well. But then, I found it something, turn out it does have some nasty side effect.” 

Held breath… 

“The raw material was a poisonous flower you see, that yellow dye.” 


Sirdis thought stopped. 

What did he say? 

“Instead of being relatively an elegant color, it was quite powerful. Originally, it was supposed to be used in a small quantity on small items instead of clothes. If you wear costumes dyed with that, your body will be weakened, you might die…” 

“W-Wait… Impossible… That, that can’t be…” 

“There’s a report no? That there are more sick people than usual?” 

Shock ran on Sirdis’ face. 

He remembered the report he had received from his subordinates recently. Certainly, there was a report in regard to that. 

“Sorry, Sirdis. But that would be only the first step to cause civil unrest.” 

Wayne laughed at Sirdis. 

“My complete plan is to wipe out young people who are exhausted by the civil unrest.” 

“Y-You bastard…” 

“Well, let me guess since we have some time… The army will mobilize to suppress the civil unrest, but the young people would oppose them. Or rather, I will do my best so that would happen. And if you think that you have suppressed them, causing a lot of damage and exhaustion, suddenly, many young people started to die. Whether it was an epidemic or a curse, rumors would fly around, that the army has lost control, and more people would try to leave the country…” 

Wayne then continues… 

“At that moment, 800,000 people of Natra would move at once. There was no way to prevent the collapse of the army. First, the people reach a village, then town, then city, building new houses. Due to the explosive immigrants, the food supplies would run out everywhere, stalling urban functions. Existing culture would change one after another, and the impoverished Delnio’s people would try to get rid of the immigrants. Of course, the Natra people would also resist, conflicts would arise everywhere, and security deteriorates. Improper treatment of displaced people is an excuse for intervention from neighboring countries. And Delnio, who already has no decent military power during those times, would end up being invaded by another country at once—…” 

After saying that, Wayne laughed as if in trouble. 

“Oh my, to think Delnio would perish as well…” 

(This person is truly a monster…) 

Zenovia when she heard Wayne’s plan for the first time yesterday. 

[At first, we will go with Zenovia’s plan of ceding the territory. If peace is established with this, that would be fine. I will try to form an alliance against Guryuel, if that didn’t work, we will collapse the interior of Delnio and devour both countries.] 

However, he continues. 

[Sirdis might not accept the proposal and may pretend to save time. In that case, I will reveal my plan to Sirdis and take Delnio as a hostage. And subdue Solgest army using both countries. … No matter which route we fell, Natra is the one who wins.] 

At that time, Zenovia trembled. He threatens to destroy other countries by throwing away his own country as a whole. It was so crazy. How can such an idea come from the royal family? 

(No… maybe it was because this is prince Wayne we’re talking about…) 

The royal aristocrats, more or less always consider themselves as special.

They think special since they have special blood flown in them. It was natural for them to think of themselves as special. 

But Wayne was different. Only him, in this whole continent— Who talks about the relationship between the royal family and the people as an accomplice, and laughed at his bloodline as nothing more than a normal folks blood. That idea was where a violent idea to abandon his country born. 

“Fuuu… Don’t screw with me!” 

Sirdis shouted in anger. 

“What was that?! Do you think such a stupid thing could be allowed? You’re a royal family member! “

It seems Sirdis finally understood Wayne’s plan, which was from a different world view. It was normal for him to angry 

“T-That’s right if we told the people to stop using clothes that use Natra’s dye…” 

“Hahaha, Sirdis-dono. Do you think I would kindly explain the situation if it was still not too late?” 

“… Khu!” 

Sirdis shook his body. It was clear to everyone that his heart was on the verge of breaking. 

However, Torcheira interjected. 

“Calm down, Sir Sirdis! Don’t be fooled by the prince’s words! It was just a theory!” 

Torcheira glared at Wayne who has a bold smile on his face, bleeding her frustration. 

“I’ve never heard of such dyes! Even if many people are sick, it may be a coincidence!” 

“Look at my eyes, princess Torcheira. Do I look like a liar?” 

“Let’s see then!” 

“Oh, how rude…” 

Wayne shrugged. 

(— Well, she was not completely wrong!) 

As Torcheira pointed out, there was no such dye. Even if there were, such dangerous plants would be forbidden to cultivate in large numbers. The poison matters were a complete bluff. 

However, it was not a complete coincidence that there were many people who were sick. 

(Being fashionable aside, to think they would use Natra’s sloppy clothing during the change of season, it was no wonder they got sick.) 

Natra’s industry was still poor. However, only the people of Natra and Wayne know that. Sirdis and Torcheira wouldn’t easily come up with that. 

Even if it does, the trauma was already done, the wound would not easily heal. It was clear to everyone that Sirdis was restless. Even if Torcheira didn’t believe it, Sirdis had already fallen. 

Torcheira probably knows that too. Even if she tries to discuss the truth about the poison, Sirdis perspective won’t be able to recover that fast. 

“– I see, I’m impressed, prince Wayne! If this does not relate to my country I would like to kiss you on the spot without hesitation! But, even if you manage to confuse Delnio, the chance of your strategy moving 800,000 people to Delnio, is that even feasible?!” 

Yes, realistically 800,000 people was an impossible number to move. There were some women too. And some children. Some old and sick. Some want to go to other countries, some want to go to the Empire. TO lead them together toward one direction, would be next to impossible. 

“30,000 people would be possible you know?” 

With that one word, everyone trembled. 

(That’s right, Prince Wayne had accomplished that once! The feat of moving the entire 30,000 people of Mitraz!) 

Of course, 800,000 people were literally an order of magnitude different from 30,000 people. But it would be easy to imagine, if you could move 30,000 then it would be possible to move 800,000. 

However, even if 800,000 was impossible— 30,000 would be completely possible. 

“T-That’s right! If I kill you here and now then…!” 

Sirdis raised his hand and voice. 

“You see, some of that rumor was not true. I just helped, the one who moves 30,000 people was not me, but my little sister, Franya. I’ve told her to immediately incite the people to move in action if I die… So now, what is your move?” 

“Guh… You bastard!” 

Sirdis swung down his fist toward the desk in front of him. 

“Then, let me stop the invasion of my father…!” 

Torcheira went further. 

“The prince strategy could work with the premise of Solgest invasion! No matter how he wants to instigate the people, the people won’t move if there was no actual threat! And over time, we can discuss how to deal with this plot!” 

“— Excuse me!” 

At that time, a government official jumped into the room in hurry. 

“What are you doing?! You do know what we’re doing right now?!” 

Torcheira rebutted the official. 

“Yes, ma’am, but, I need to tell the urgent news to the Chancellor…” 

Sirdis raised his face hearing those words. 

“Then do say it quick! If it is a boring report, I will kick your ass!” 


He couldn’t understand why he was being rebuked by a princess of another country, but he didn’t try to say it out loud. 

“I just receive the situation of the battle between Natra and Solgest. The contents are—…” 


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