Genius Prince – v5-c25

Guryuel looked bored at the stalemate between the Natra and Solgest on the battlefield. 

“The natra army, they didn’t move except in defense…” 

“Yes sir. Thanks to that, it seems that this would be hard to break…” 

Guryuel sighs in response to his subordinates. 

“I still want to hit them but…” 

“You must not! Did you forget that surprise attack!?” 

“Right! they might still lay in wait with their force!” 

“You should be careful here, your majesty!” 

Guryuel decided to stay silent after receiving rebuttal from all sides. 

A surprise attack on Guryuel by Natra generals, Raklum and Borgen. However, as you can see from the healthy man, the surprise attack was unsuccessful. 

Raklum and Borgen were forced to retreat as Guryuel’s force unexpectedly overcome their attack, while some Solgest soldiers who become aware of the attack fell into a panic. 

However, despite Guryuel ordered the pursuit, the two generals manage to escape, it was due to his force prioritizing the safety of the King. 

And with this surprise attack, the Solgest army chooses to increase the defense around Guryuel. But, of course, the ticker the defense the thinner the attacker. As a result, the natra army, which was devoted to defense could not be pushed out and fell into a stalemate, and several days had already passed. 

(I was thrilled when they did the surprise attack but, I never thought that would cause me to be immobile instead.) 

Guryuel glances at the sky. It was already dark. Soon the sun will set and it would be night. If that happens, you will not be able to fight properly. 

(Well, it is about time the generals are about to get impatient. If they show a boring fight tomorrow, let’s beat them up with the whole army…) 

With that in mind, Guryuel instructed the generals to retreat the entire army. 


As Guryuel looked at the enemy line, the movement could be seen from across the Natra army. 


“… I don’t understand what you’re saying.” 

Sirdis told Wayne with a cautious voice. 

“Going to kill King Guryuel you said… I can’t make a proposal like that you know?” 

He needs to reject it as politely as possible without making any waves. If you didn’t tackle such a stupid story properly, you could destroy the peace that you have made. 

However, Wayne laughed in response… 

“Why? Don’t you want to kill that King as well?” 

(— I’ve done it if I could! That is why we…!) 

Sirdis inwardly cursed Wayne. 

Even so, he wanted to kill King Guryuel if he could. How long has he been embarrassed by him since he took office as a Chancellor? 

However, he can’t… Guryel strength was extraordinary. Just hearing the man’s name on the battlefield made Delnio’s soldiers trembled. 

“I would like to not continue this conversation. If you wish to continue this kind of unpleasant talk, we will reconsider the matter of peace!” 

Sirdis try to end the conversation. Half acting and half genuine. His experience as CHancellor argued that this conversation would be very dangerous. 

“… About the words of lady Zenovia before…” 

Wayne suddenly cut into another topic. 

“Th word Solgest might win too much was exactly what I was worried about. If that happens, how many people will be hit by the war and driven away? As a crown prince, Just thinking about that hurts my heart.” 


While listening to his words, Sirdis was confused. 

(What is he talking about? What did he want to say?) 

He can’t read him. What was Wayne trying to say by saying those words? With a glance, Zenovia was staring at Wayne with a tense look. She seems to know the intent of Wayne’s words. However, she seems to be still unable to capture the whole picture. 

“… As expected of the rumored benevolent ruler, Prince Wayne.” 

There was no choice for him but to interject. Sirdis said… 

“Did you present the previous proposal while thinking about the people? Then you can understand this… Unfortunately, we can’t fight together against Solgest, but yes, we will accept the evacuated people.” 

How about that, Sirdis challenged Wayne. 

In the previous peace proposal, Delnio was the only winner. So we need to at least bleed a little too— Sirdis decided to accommodate Wayne’s intention and offered to bleed their country a little by accepting the refuge caused by the war. 

(If I agree with this, it should be over. But if he says another strange thing then…) 

He may need to reconsider the peace. 

Thinking he would say that Wayne nodded his head, but… 

“Oh, that would really help. Since the people would be relieved. However, is it okay? I heard that Delnio does not welcome foreigners too much?” 

“I admit that my country is rather conservative. However, we’re not small-minded enough to abandon those who were chased by the war.” 

Apparently, it was the correct answer to accept. 

Sirdis exhaled in relief and said that he somehow could correct the course of the conversation. 

“Then please feel free to take them… — My Natra Kingdom, 800,000 people.” 

*Huh?*, Sirdis’ field of vision shook. 


Torcheira ruminated the number many times in her head. 

800,000. That should be Natra population now after Marden was being incorporated. 

Well, Torcheira was convinced. However, in other words, Wayne argues that the entire Kingdom’s people would be accepted by Delnio. 

“–, W-What, on earth are you on about?!” 

Torcheira was the one who involuntarily shouted. 

“The whole 800,000 people?! To decide that so suddenly, that is impossible! No, in the first place, what are you intending to do?!” 

“I said my intention already, no? Princess Torcheira.” 

Wayne smiled. 

“Since the Kingdom of Natra will be destroyed, isn’t it the duty of the politician to think about the well-being of the people after?” 

“Ha?! D-Destroyed?!” 

Wayne nodded in a playful manner. 

“The Solgest army is strong. That exactly what both of you claimed. I’m convinced that our army would be defeated and approach the royal capital. However, we need to find a place for people to escape. … Isn’t that the natural answer?” 

Torcheira was left speechless. 

It does make sense. But, she was not yet convinced. She can’t. She can’t believe how he can convince himself that such a failure would happen to his country. 

“T-That… That is stupid.” 

“Don’t say such a stupid thing!” 

Sirdis shouted next to Torcheira, whose lips trembled in fear. 

“I thought it would be some thousands of people but, 800,000 people you say?! What is that?! There’s no way our country could prepare for that many!” 

“I think so too…” 

Wayne nodded deeply. 

“Well, don’t worry, you should be fine if you are careful…” 

“Khu… Are you insane?!” 

Sirdis’ face lost its color and was filled with anger and confusion. 

“If you do that, our country would prevent the influx of Natra people! We have no intention of giving any compassion! How’s that?” 

Sirdis’ point out a reasonable action. If that happens, they would definitely do it. For Sirdis, it was not worth it to welcome that many people from other countries. Only the people of Delnio who he regarded as a treasure. 

However, Wayne still had some leeway. 

“Will you prevent it by force? Will such an army work?” 


Sirdis could say anything back. He intuitively understood, but still couldn’t grasp the reason. 

What was it… The element that makes an army non-functional. What was it? Wayne laughed as Sirdis pondered fiercely. 


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