Genius Prince – v5-c24

Torcheira opened her eyes wide. Hou, while Sirdis was feeling impressed. 

“Are you sure? To give such a condition.” 

(Of course not!) 

While cursing Siridis inside her mind, Zenovia nodded her head calmly. 

Handing over the territory she had no intention of giving. It was a big decision. The economy in her territory would drastically decline. There was no doubt that her military power would also decline, the support from the people would decline, and the position of her in Natra would also worsen. 

(But! Even so! It is my highest priority to stop Solgest aggression! To do that, I don’t mind cutting my own limb here!) 

From a while ago, her heart was about to stop many times due to stress. It might be easier if it really stops, but that was not allowed. She has to carry her decision and walk the thorny path. 

“if that the case, the story would change.” 

“… Sir Sirdis?! Are you saying you’re going to break the alliance with us?!” 

“Of course, there’s no such intention. But, princess Torcheira, when my country Delnio reconcile with Natra, it was not your country to decide.” 

Torcheira scornfully catches a sneak peek at Sirdis. 

(This rat, being so conceited! I need to delay the peace as long as possible, and give my father time to shave Natra’s territory as much as possible!) 

Torcheira’s mind pondered fast. 

Feeling a slight response, Zenovia holds her fist under her desk. 

(Alright, with this—!) 

(— I won.) 

Sirdis was convinced with his victory. 

He was expecting this. Zenovia asked for peace and ceding some of her territories. 

And if there was any smell of peace, Torcheira would try to delay or even repeal it. 

(You both are too young… Read ahead…) 

How to protect the country from Solgest and Natra. 

In this case, Sirdis had exhausted his mind. 

Sirdis predicted that Solgest and Natra would join hands if Marden territory becomes their subordinates. And it would be Delnio who paid the price. Therefore, a breakthrough was urgently needed. 

The first thought he had was to collaborate with Natra against Solgest. However, it was rejected early. Even if they team up with Natra, he couldn’t find a picture where they could win against Solgest. For Sirdis, Solgest was close to trauma for him. 

Even if he managed to win against them, the damage would be enormous. Hundred of thousands of Natra people might willing to die. However, the people of his country were not good in that regard. They didn’t want to die for a useless war. 

Therefore, Sardis chooses to push the people of his country’s emotion and dare to join hands with Solgest. 

(I know King Guryuel and his humanity. Perhaps that man was already predicting this. And he also wants to fight against the crown prince of Natra.) 

So Sirdis negotiates secretly with Guryuel. 

If the other party wants to fight Natra, he would provide the cause. The price was to take some land from Marden and given it to him. 

Thus the negotiation was concluded and war broke out between the two countries as planned. 

(From the surrounding, it seems that we’re trying to crush the two countries…) 

Of course, that was far from the truth. Sirdis was confident in Solgest victory. His view was that a complete victory was impossible. 

But if everyone hears it, they might turn their eyes wide. At this rate, Solgest might grow big unilaterally. Alliance was broken over time. Even if Natra was being destroyed, he thinks Solgest would immediately attack his country. 

Yes, that prediction was correct. Sirdis had come to a similar conclusion. 

That was why he had prepared further move. 

(After Solgest wins the war, they will return the land. Using Donation to Levetianism as an excuse.) 

Last year the Kingdom of Marden was attacked by the Kingdom of Cabarine. 

It was definitely a surprise, sneaky, and vicious aggression. 

Nevertheless, Cabarine was not denounced by other foreign countries. 

Why do you ask? Because the King was the saint lords. 

In the western part of the continent, a country with a saint lord was equivalent to ‘could do anything they wanted’. 

(And if Solgest tried to attack us, no one would come to help. Just like how we didn’t help Marden. However, if there is a saint lord in our country, those would change!) 

If Natra has a saint lord, not even King Guryuel could attack them. 

(By prolonging the peace case by making Solgest side as the cause of the disturbance, and solicited Natra, Delnio, and Solgest into political strife, in the meantime we will finalize the land donation– WIth that, I could become a saint lord.) 

Because a saint lord needs experience as a priest, contribution to Levetianism, and lineage of the founder or his disciple, but those were trivial things. 

The important thing was to get the support of the majority saint lord. With that, most of the remaining elements could be dealt. And as long as the land donation could be achieved, some saint lord has promised to approve it. 

(A Saint Lord! I was born for it! With that, I could stand shoulder to shoulder with that Guryuel!) 

What a sweet imagination he has. 

Become a saint lord and lead the country. That was the glory that can be said to be the ideal of this world. 

(No need for new territory! Historical Land! Respectful and good people! Tradition and culture, my Delnio are already perfect! Furthermore, if I become a saint lord, that perfection will be immovable!) 

And that image of him soon might become reality. 

At this point, nothing can stop his plan anymore. 

Sirdis was convinced. 

— However… 

Sirdis forgot. 

There was another monster here. 

And that man was Wayne Salema Albarest. 

“The story seems to have settled.” 

Fuh, Wayne was silent all this time, and finally opened his mouth. 

Sirdis gazed at him with that voice and asks him carefully… 

“Does Prince Wayne have any objection in regard to Marden ceding some territory?” 

The lord of Marden was Zenovia but, Wayne was her boss. If he says no, then the reconciliation goes up into a snag—. 

“That is something Marquis Zenovia has to decide on her own. I have nothing to say.” 

He consented easily. No one could see how many disadvantages the ceding of territory would bring just by looking at his expression. 

“If the prince says so, then there’s no problem. Then…” 


Wayne nodded and said… 

“Then lets us get into the main subject.” 

— Ha? Everyone except Zenovia made such an expression. 

No one could understand what he was trying to say. This gathering was supposedly a place for Natra and Delnio to forge peace. And that matter had been cleared. 

“Prince Wayne, what are you saying by the main subject?” 

Sirdis naively asked him the question. 

Then Wayne laughed and answered… 

“— Of course, let us both go and kill King Guryuel.” 


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