Genius Prince – v5-c23

The next day Wayne and Zenovia headed for the royal palace and were taken to a room in the royal palace. 

There were several officials and an old fashioned young man there. Sirdis, Chancellor of the Delnio Kingdom. 

“Thank you for accepting the sudden visit, Sir Sirdis.” 

In a room in the royal palace, Wayne greets as he put his hand on his chest. 

“I don’t mind. I did a similar thing before, so I guess we’re even now…” 

Sirdis responds with a laugh, but Zenovia can also tell that there was a dark mockery in his eyes. 

“It was actually a great honor to be able to invite such a noble person like you to our country. However, for what reason you come here? Given the problem between Delnio and Natra, I can’t think of any reason for you to come.” 

“That exactly what we’re coming for…” 

It was Zenovia that cut in… 

“The war between our two countries as a result of our Marden territory and your territorial disputes. I came here to seek a peaceful solution to this matter…” 

“Hahaha, I see…” 

Sirdis nodded convincingly and then snorted. 

“If so, I have no choice but to ask you to return home. I decided to meet like this due to the sentiments during the Marden Kingdom era, but it seems that it will be not fruitful.” 


Zenovia instinctively lifted her body. 

“I recognize that this territorial dispute is an unfortunate misunderstanding caused by differences in mutual understanding, there should be room for discussion!” 

However, Sirdis shakes his hand with mockery. 

“That and this is different. You’ve refused to discuss with us after we asked the return of the territory for a good reason. .. Above all, we have already solved the territorial disputes…” 


It was when Zenovia asked what it meant. 

“—About that, I would like to thank you for it.” 

The door of the room opened and a girl appeared. Wayne was familiar with the girl. 

“Princess Torcheira…?” 

Solgest Kingdom Princess, Torcheira. 

When Wayne went to Solgest, he meets her there. 

“As expected see? We soon meet again, Prince Wayne…” 

He didn’t ask why she was here. 

It was clear that Guryuel believes in her. That was why she was dispatched as an envoy to Delnio. Perhaps to interfere with Natra’s visit for negotiations. 

“To look at me with such an ardent look, how sinful of me… Now then…” 

Torcheira’s gaze turns toward Zenovia. 

“I see, so you’re the big idiot who was caught in a trap.” 


Zenovia’s cheeks dyed in shame. Torcheira saw that then she giggled. 

“Incompetent allies are a nuisance, isn’t it? Prince, Wayne…” 


Wayne was silent, Sirdis then continue the talk while looking dumbfounded. 

“This is troubling princess Torcheira. Even if this is a diplomatic seat…” 

“Don’t be too hard. Things may have something to do with Solgest now… It would be quicker for me to participate now. The land that Delnio had rented to Marden would be returned to Delnio after our Solgest army has retaken it.” 

In Torcheira’s words, Zenovia lost her words. 

Next to her, Wayne was convinced. 

In this situation, from Delnio’s point of view, it was one who profited while the other was fighting. 

Solgest in the north, which has been a source of trouble for them for many years, and Natra in the east, which put pressure on them due to the economic boom. The two countries will crush each other on their own. And yet, they could gain Marden territory from that, it was no wonder they didn’t complain. 

“Just like King Guryuel said, you sure are a tomboy princess. …. However, as Princess Torcheira had said, Solgest is sure to take the land. That is why you should understand why I don’t need to negotiate right? Marquis Zenovia.” 


Zenovia gritted her teeth. 

The relationship between Delnio and Solgest was strong. They can’t find a gap to take advantage of. But, they need to do something, somehow… Otherwise, Natra, Marden, because of herself—… 

“Princess Torcheira.” 

Suddenly, Wayne opened his mouth. 

“As for the previous question, I don’t think  Marquis Zenovia is incompetent.” 

“Oho? For someone who had made such a blunder, what else if it was not incompetent?” 

“Of course, I know this as a fact…” 

Wayne smiled… 

“After all, she is a person who didn’t end up getting killed.” 

Zenovia couldn’t understand whether Wayne was trying to encourage her or ridicule her. 

However, his words light a fire inside Zenovia’s broken heart. 

Let’s admit it. She was a failure so far. But as he said, she had paid the vassals who betray her country, the enemy who destroy her country, and also, Wayne who tried to use her country. 

With that in mind, she thinks she should be able to do something now as well. Toward this hate full man, a full counterattack. 

“—… I don’t understand what you say…” 

Zenovia then opened her mouth after adjusting her breathing and spinning her head in full force. 

“But Sir Sirdis, does that really going to work?” 

“Are you asking about whether or not Solgest will give the territory?”

Then Torcheira giggled… 

“Are you saying Natra is going to defeat Solgest? That is something rude to say don’t you think? No, I guess you say that because you don’t know anything huh?” 

Torcheria then told Sirdis. 

“Sir Sirdis should know the strength of Solgest better than the two from Natra. What do you think?” 

“It is unlikely… For Solgest to lose…” 

Despite his reluctance, Sirdis answered Torcheira question. For Delnio who had a feud with Solgest, that was a natural sentiment. 

However, that was what Zenovia had aimed for… 

“That exactly what you should pay attention to. The Solgest army is strong, it may even overwhelm Natra. But, what would happen if an overwhelming victory is achieved?” 

“What did you say?” 

“It would be possible for Solgest to win without suffering too much you know? Won’t that resulted in them becoming more powerful?” 

With those words, Sirdis turned serious and Torcheira looked surprised. 

Natra and Solgest were their abominable opponents, and they would be very happy if those two destroy each other. 

But what if the development becomes a one-sided war that exceeds Sirdis expectations? 

(Solgest overwhelms Natra and greatly expands its territory… Delnio should avoid such a future at all cost…!) 

Natra defeating Solgest could be said as impossible. However, if Solgest wins too much against Natra, such a future was indeed possible. Zenovia thought so too… 

“… I see, that was indeed worthy of consideration…” 

Sirdis nodded carefully. The mockery he had before on his face had disappeared. Next to him, Torcheira was also pondering for a few seconds with a serious look and then shrugged her shoulders. 

“How sad. It was as if you’re saying that Solgest would betray the alliance and attacked Delnio after defeating Natra.” 

“Oh my? You’re not going to?” 

Zenovia cuts in while Torcheira tried to assure Delnio. 

“My Solgest believe in faith. There’s no way we would be able to work as a country if there was such distrust!” 

And then she continues… 

“On the other hand, if Natra manages to weave the threat from my Solgest, thinking that you might succeed, you might attack Delnio as well, no?” 

“That’s the point. With this peace, Natra is ready to form a friendly alliance with Delnio…” 

Zenovia and Torcheira argued. Sirdis then opened his mouth as he observes the situation. 

“I feel both arguments are valid… … But, Solgest promised us to return our territory. This one is Big…” 

Zenovia then thought, finally… In that respect, she knew that Solgest had a bigger bargaining chip. 

So, she had no choice but to say it. Determined, Zenovia opened her mouth. 

“The territory Delnio lent us— Let us return it twice as much…” 

“What did you say?!” 


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