Genius Prince – v5-c22

“Kill Guryuel during the first move.” 

It was an instruction from Wayne before Raklum left. 

“If your highness instructs me to do so, then I will do so…” 

There was no doubt in Raklum’s mind. However, there was indeed some question in his mind… 

“However, may I ask why?” 

Wayne, nods and shows the materials in hand. 

“Look at Guryuel’s history. As a result of that, it can be said that he had a certain tendency to assemble in the early stages. To be more specific, it was like trying to push hard, and finding out how the other person would react, then he would start to give a full response…” 

“Then he will do that this time as well?” 

“Very likely… Guryuel army is experienced and very strong. Still, there was a difference in troop strength. If we give him momentum, the battle would be very tough…” 

“That’s why we will reduce our defense as much as possible and aim to push him by force?” 

“That’s right. Fortunately, we will have a geographic advantage. Based on their advance speed, I’ve predicted their location and found an unexpected place to perform a surprise…” 

However, Wayne continues… 

“Still, this will be a dangerous mission. … You can do it? Raklum…” 

Raklum then bowed deeply. 

“Please leave it to me. As your highness’ sword, I will definitely get the King’s head—…” 


And now… 

(Completely captured!) 

Two troops launched a pinch on Guryuel. Each has 200 troops, led by Raklum and Borgen. 

Following them were small numbers of elite soldiers. It was a simple task yet a daunting one. It takes geography, trust from the soldiers, and above all, a strong will to be able to get closer to your goal. 

Anyway, they succeeded. Raklum’s loyalty toward Wayne meant that Borgen was more determined than anyone else to save Zenovia from a predicament. 

“What?! What’s going on?!” 

“T-The enemy! It’s the enemy! Protect his majesty!” 

Seeing both units charged at them, the soldiers solidify Guryuel surroundings. While cutting down the soldiers in front of him, Raklum slammed into Guryuel at once. In the opposite direction, one could see Borgen aiming at Guryuel with his bow. 

“For his highness—…” 

“For the princess…” 

The two Generals launched an attack on Gurguel at the same time… 

“” I’ll get that neck!”” 

Borgen arrow was fired like thunder, Raklum’s sword cut through the air. 


“— The art is not something that chooses its master…” 

A high-pitched metallic sound rang. 

Both Raklum and Borgen opened their eyes in surprise. 

“Skill that can’t be demonstrated unless the body and mind satisfy the condition was nothing more than a second-class… An art that can be performed by men and women, old and young, with an equal result is what one should call an excellent technique…” 

It was an incredible agile move. 

Guryuel manipulated his battle-ax as lightly as a stick, shot down incoming arrows, and even received Raklum’s sword. 

“Did you think I won’t be able to move just because I have this body? Don’t underestimate me, Natra’s Generals… Because this unprecedented body and the art that has been passed down in our royal family are not dull things…” 


Guryuel swung his battle-ax. Raklum who was being deflected immediately pull himself back. Both face each other at a short distance. Guryuel cracked his neck by hand without losing his attention on Borgen.

“It was a really excellent surprise. I shall compliment you. However, it was not enough to reach my neck. 

“… It is too early to be negligence you know, King Guryuel. Since this is not over yet.” 

Raklum repositioned his sword. Guryuel then laughed happily in response.

“Good, Good! This is the battlefield! Natra’s General, do your best at trying to peal this arrogant armor of mine!” 

Then Guryuel clashed with Raklum once again as they yelled at each other… 


Wayne and his friends arrived at the capital of the Delnio Kingdom. 

It was Ziva who had come first as an envoy, who welcomed them as they entered their lodging. 

“I’ve been waiting in anticipation, your highness Wayne, Zenovia-sama…” 

Wayne then replied at Ziva who bowed at him. 

“How was the situation?” 

“Yes sir. As I’ve told you, I managed to meet with the Chancellor. However, I have a feeling that the Chancellor’s feeling toward us was very bad.” 

“I guess so…” 

On the contrary, he would be surprised if the Chancellor had a good impression of him and the others. 

As Wayne thought about that, Ziva said in a quiet voice. 

“But, only by looking alone, I could see that the Delnio’s leaderships seem to be dissatisfied with the Chancellor’s policy. Apparently, it has something to do with the Chancellor’s frequent arbitrary decision.”

“Arbitrary is it? Then did the Chancellor speak with Solgest without permission as well?” 

Ziva nodded in response to Zenovia’s question. 

“As everyone knows, Solgest and Delnio have been in conflict for many years. Feelings borne from conflict are deep-rooted one among the princes, even when the Chancellor is the one who held the real power, even the citizen was confused by the sudden alliance, and the vassals seem to be inwardly angry that their opinion had been disrespected…” 

“Hmmm… Sirdis should’ve expected such a reaction but, did he still force the alliance even knowing that?” 

After pondering for a while, Wayne then replied with “OK.” 

“We just need to do what we have to do, just like our army does on the battlefield. Ziva, what’s your plan?” 

“Yes sir. The meeting will be held at the royal palace tomorrow at noon.” 

“Tomorrow huh…” 

Wayne thought a little bit and muttered… 

“The timing might be just perfect…” 

“Your Highness?” 

“No, nothing. Ninim, investigate the discord surrounding the former Chancellor as deeply as possible. Zenovia and Ziva will work with me to formulate the plan for tomorrow…” 

Based on Wayne’s instruction, everyone started to move in preparation for tomorrow. 

On the other hand, around that time. 

“Sirdis, why don’t you move the army?” 

It was inside the audience room of Delnio’s royal place. 

Sitting on the throne was King Delnio, with Sirdis bow his head in front of him. 

“It is a great opportunity for us that Solgest had invaded Natra. Shouldn’t this be the time for us to join Solgest and shave Natra’s territory?” 

King Delnio was in his mid-thirties. His expression, questioning Siridis, exudes anxiety, impatience, and confusion. 

“Please don’t worry, your majesty, the time is not yet right.” 

Sirdis responded politely. 

“Surely, if we move now, we would be able to shave Natra greatly. However, that would also reduce the bloodshed by Solgest. In this case, it would be better for us if Natra and Solgest get exhausted at the same time. If that is the case, we should not move and observe the battle between the two countries first.” 

“Umu… I- I see…” 

King Delnio looked at Sirdis with an unconvinced look. Sirdis thought inwardly that he was a stupid king because he was a king with no courage to understand his opponent’s minds. 

However, Sirdis was not willing to criticize the King for being foolish openly. After all, it was he who had educated the King to be like that. 

From an early age, he would drown the king in pleasure, escaped responsibility, and continued to correct everything without letting the King think for himself. As a result, instead of participating in national affairs, he had become a human being who cannot anything by himself.

“T-THen, after the two countries have fought we will send out our army?” 

“Now about that, it would depend on the outcome of the war. If both countries are able to bleed each other accordingly, that may be the case.” 

“OOH… Then it is fine. If they fought the rumored Natra, Solgest won’t be able to win by themselves. If our troops attack at the right time, we would be able to destroy both. Then, our country would become the alpha in the north!” 

“… Now, I’m waiting for the report of the war from the messenger.” 

“Umu, we should do just that. You may leave…” 

Sirdis bowed deeply and then took his men and leave… 

After he was away from the audience chamber, he muttered… 

“Cuts both countries down eh? I wish that could happen…” 

“What is your excellency predict it would progress? As expected, is Solgest going to win?” 

“I guess that will happen. I know Guryuel ability…” 

Sirdis nodded in response to his subordinates. 

“After all, Natra was just a third-class country that was on the rise. If you run into the King of the beast, you won’t be able to run. He wants to bleed Solgest as much as possible but, he didn’t know how much he could espect it… “

Sirdis then shook his head. 

“But his majesty and the military are looking for an opportunity to mobilize the army and already getting ready. Thanks to that, it had cost a lot of money.” 

After telling him to throw it away, Sirdis switched. 

“If they hear the report of Solgest overwhelming victory from the messenger, you won’t be able to tell them to put it aside. Also, is there actually more report than that?” 

“Yes. There are more…” 

The subordinates turned the paper and say… 

“As expected, the influx of goods from Natra still didn’t stop. Especially clothes, it seems those are popular among young people.” 

“The local industry was also beginning to be affected. In addition, there have been some cases where young people who have come into contact with the ideas and culture of other countries were in conflict with the conservatives.” 

“That damned Natra.” 

Sirdis said those words while clicked his tongue. 

“But if they got defeated by Solgest, they won’t be able to perform such carefree business anymore And during that timing, we will move…” 

“Yes, sir. Also, we have a large number of letters of protest from the aristocrats about the tax system we have revised the other day. And recently there are reports that more and more people are getting sick.” 

“FUmu, maybe this is a sign of an epidemic. Pay attention to the situation, and if it is getting worse, send a report to me immediately. For the letters, put the necessary one in the office. You can burn the rest. “

“I shall do just that. Then, next is—….” 

The man who was his subordinates squeezed his words after a moment of silence then said… 

“I know that you have not forgotten but, tomorrow we’re going to meet with a messenger from Natra. I also just received the news that the crown prince of Natra and Marquis Marden have entered the royal capital. 

Siridis then nodded a little in response. They should prepare but he thought it was a useless resistance. “

“I think they are wanting to stop the war by reconciliation with us… Hmm, I will watch how they entertain us and beg for it while crying…” 

Natra army and Solgest army were fighting. 

On the other side, there was a different kind of battle that would become a major impact on the battlefield about to begin. 


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