Genius Prince – v5-c21

15,000 soldiers were moving in an ordinary manner over the plains, where green sways. 

This time, the Solgest army has left the Kingdom to invade Natra. 

This large army was led by King Guryuel. He was no sitting on the tank chariot in front of the army. 

The border with Natra was already been crossed. They gradually dig into the Natra’s territory like a thorn, but there was almost no resistance. Perhaps the Natra side was concentrating its force. 

“…— Your Majesty.” 

At that time, a cavalryman pulled his horse toward the tank. He was one of the Solgest General. 

“So far, nothing has happened.” 

“That’s right. I thought that the prince has some kind of gimmick, but nothing had happened… This is a little boring.” 

Guryuel yawned. Making a sound like a beast howl. 

The general then continues to report. 

“Even so, is it true that Delnio didn’t send troops?” 

Nominally the battle was backed by the Kingdom of Solgest using the excuse that Natra had attacked Delnio. However, up to this point, only Solgest who had actually invade Natra. 

“This should be a good chance to attack Natra from both sides. If they don’t send troops, I’m afraid their aim is to shave our strength…” 

“That’s right…” 

Guryuel affirmed the matter. 

“Just providing the cause, the two nations collide against each other. From Delnio point of view, even if he hopes for it, such a thing was hard to do…” 

“However, using your majesty position as a saint lord, it would be possible to fight Natra without much cause provided. At this rate, we will be at disadvantage….” 

“I don’t care…” 

Guryuel affirmed. 

“It is the heart of a small soldier who worries about such a thing. Isn’t it your King, Guryuel, who fight enemies head-on?” 

The general reverently bowed toward the lord. 

“Your right your Majesty. Please forgive me for asking an unnecessary question.” 

“Umu, I shall forgive.” 

Guryuel nodded. 

(Maybe, Sirdis aim was not just limited to exhaust both countries…) 

Guyuel knew that the man named Sirdis possessed unexpected intelligence. Of course, otherwise, it would not possible for a commoner to become a chancellor. 

(No matter how you set it up, the battle with Natra will continue…) 

Guryuel laughed… 

For this king, who saw war as a sideshow, the number of opponents that he can fight was more valuable than gold. 

“If we think about it, they were just a bunch of weak army, those Delnio. Even if they come sending their troops, they would just get in the way…” 

“Umu. And if they join, we have to divide the territory. If we can do it alone, we can get everything…” 

As he said that, the messenger’s cavalry rushed in as the general nodded with a laugh. 

“Report! A scout has found the Natra army!” 

“How many?” 

“Around 7,000 to 8,000!” 

When the General and the messenger exchanged words, Guryuel cuts in…

“Is there the crown prince’s flag?” 

“Sir. No, we still could not confirm it yet but…” 

“Fumu, I guess the prince went to persuade Sirdis huh?” 

It was a shame, Guryuel thought. Reconciling with Delnio was indeed a certain feat to stop the Solgest army, but unlikely that Sirdis would be persuaded. In that case, the prince was in vain, and he lost the opportunity to fight the crown prince. I guess I lost… 

“But then again, I should just enjoy the battlefield huh?” 

When he was convinced by himself, Guryuel said to the General. 

“Notify the entire army. As soon as we arrive at our destination, build our formation, and prepare for battle. 

“Yes, sir!” 

Guryuel set aside Wayne as he has given instruction to his aide to welcome the Natra army. 

“… Is that the Solgest army?” 

Raklum muttered a little. 

Behind him was Natra’s army. The number was 8,000. 

“The other party was around 15,000. When it comes to almost double the strength, the difference is clear.” 

A man stands beside Raklum. Borgen a military commander who serves Marden. 

“I was being forced to a position where there was only leisure work. As I thought I wish for a chance to gain some merit, I never thought it would be in this kind of situation. If I have a tail behind my back, I might actually run away…” 

“Then I guess you should be grateful that you’re not a dog. If you turned your back on the battlefield, you will die after all…” 

“Hou? That prince of Natra seems to have some skill, but do you really have the skill to cut me?” 

“Oh please… If you’re the opponent, it would be easy…” 

Raklum and Borgen glared at each other for a few seconds. 

But immediately they snort each other and laugh a little. For men of the battlefield, this kind of conversation was nothing more than greetings. 

“Well enough for the jokes. Do you have a strategy in mind? Borgen.” 

“Of course. But I wonder if it will do the trick?” 

“There’s no mistake in his highness instruction. We just do it.” 

“You’re more loyal than the rumors said…” 

Borgen smiled as he turns his heels. 

“Let us make the final confirmation. Don’t mess up, Raklum.” 

“Of course…” 

In response, Raklum stared at the enemy. 

Soon, the battle will begin here. 

“Your Majesty, we’re ready.” 


In response to his subordinate’s words, Guryuel nodded his head. 

Over 10,000 soldiers lined up in front of him. Guryuel standing in front of them in the tank. 

“Ask, who is in front of you!?” 

The soldiers then responded all at once. 

“” Our Great King! The King of the beast that will rule the world!”” 

Guryuel then continue. 

“Let me ask again! Who are you!?” 

“”We’re the King’s fangs! It will be the beast King’s fang that will crush the world!”” 

Guryuel raised his battle halberd, and face the Natra army. 

“If so, look my fangs! That is our prey this time! We shall make them tremble in fear! Our blood boils as we face a formidable enemy!” 

He took a deep breath. 

“Our fangs, rejoice! — The long-awaited battle is here!” 


The scream of the soldiers shook the earth. 

Their morale was high. Before their zeal cooldowns, the General immediately issued various orders. 

“All troops, advance!” 

Shouting toward the Natra army, the Guryuel army starts running. 

“Now then, how are you going to overcome this…” 

Moving backward, Guryuel looks at the back of the running soldiers and the Natra army in front of them. 

There was a difference in military strength. You know that you can’t win if you hit it head-on. Even so, if you are going to challenge the field battle like this, there was no doubt that you’re planning some kind of strategy. Guryuel concentrates on the front as to not miss the opportunity. 

At that time, strange troops suddenly appeared from left and right, sandwiching Guryuel. 

Guryuel opened his eyes in surprise. 


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