Genius Prince – v5-c20

Zenovia’s feeling, guided by a government official to the office, was like a sinner heading to the execution site. 

The reason, of course, was that Natra fell into a war with Solgest, triggered by the conflict between Marden and Delnio. 

(I can’t believe this happens…) 

From Zenovia’s point of view, this was like a sudden nightmare. Being called by Wayne, she immediately jumped into the carriage, but his complexion was pure blue from the beginning. 

Even now, when she arrived at the royal palace, her complexion hasn’t changed. Rather, her face became even more discolored as the rushing officials and aristocrats noticed Zenovia and start whispering… 

How easy it would be if she could escape from this place, or if only she could turn into a stone that can’t feel anything. Such thought crossed her mind. 

However, of course, that was not allowed. Because she was the lord of Marden territory. 

(I still have something to do…!) 

Before she knew it, she had a stand in front of the office, with a shaking body. 

“Your Highness, I brought Marquis Marden.” 

“Let her in.” 

Wayne’s voice that comes from inside felt colder than usual, probably because of her weakened heart. While feeling uncertain Zenovia stepped into the office. 

“Marquis Zenovia, finally you’ve come. Is what I like to say but, looking at your complexion, it seems you understood the weight of the situation.” 

“… Please pardon this one, your highness Wayne!” 

Zenovia knelt on the spot without hesitation. 

“It was my fault in responding to Delnio’s provocation, making us fell into this situation! This one has no excuse!” 

Wayne nodded lightly in response to Zenovia’s heartfelt apology. Then he proceeded indifferently… 

“Marquis Zenovia, have you heard the war situation?” 

“Y-Yes. The Kingdom of Solgest is invading us with 15,000 men…” 

“That’s right. On the other hand, Natra could respond immediately with 8,000. We expect another 3,000 later but, even with that is still 11,000. The difference in strength is clear.” 

In addition, the opponent is Guryuel who rang well in warfare. 

There was also a General named Hagar on Wayne’s side but, he was still in disadvantages. 

Even if it can be overturned, it was clear that the damage would be enormous. And before the army could recover, the country might become the prey of another country. In short, the situation was a national crisis. 

“… On my way, I’ve prepared myself. I will accept any kind of punishment.” 

With a painful look, Zenovia speak. 

Misery, frustration, could be felt from her. 

But enduring it she said… 

“But if it comes true, I would like to have the opportunity to recover…” 

(— Hee…) 

Wayne was lightly surprised to see Zenovia staring at him. 

(I thought she’s already broken…) 

Wayne had no intention of holding Zenovia’s responsible from the beginning. 

Punishing Zenovia would only spread turmoil in Marden territory. To be honest he can’t afford it right now. 

Moreover, he never thought of Zenovia’s judgment to be wrong. From her point of view, it was unfair to foresee Solgest participation. 

However, in the end, a blunder is still a blunder. Even if she was still a newcomer. Zenovia’s position was very bad, as the situation had led to war. 

And perhaps she couldn’t stand the pressure anymore. That was what Wayne had thought but— He never thought she would ask a chance to recover. 

“Recover huh, what are you going to do?” 

“A way to make peace with Delnio.” 

Zenovia said. 

“The participation of the Solgest Kingdom is in response to the crisis of the allies. Then, if peace return between Delnio and Natra, Solgest have no reason to continue the war…!” 

Zenovia was convinced of her own death as the cause of the war. 

It was inevitable that her neck would fly. The question was, how to save her own neck and avoid the destruction of the Marquis family. The situation was not at that stage anymore. 

Therefore, he had offered his vassals to come up with a plan as she went to the royal capital— But their reaction was different compared to that of Zenovia. They sought a way to keep Zenovia alive with all their might. 

She didn’t ask why. Seeing their serious profile, she couldn’t ask such a naive question. Zenovia was ashamed of accepting death easily and then joined their discussion. 

And the conclusion was to make peace with Delnio, though it was a thin thread. By establishing this, the plan was to reduce the punishment suffered by Zenovia and the Marquis family as much as possible. 

“It is certainly possible to stop Solgest that way. However, in reality, will Delnio responded to the talks?” 

“Please be assured. My vassals, led by Ziva have already set up a meeting with Chancellor Sirdis, and currently heading toward the Delnio Kingdom.” 

Marden had made numerous arbitration between Solgest and Delnio during the Kingdom era. By making the best use of that time favor, this meeting was concluded. 

“Of course, it is expected that conclude peace would be difficult. However, there’s a plan for that. Please give me the opportunity!” 

As if praying, Zenovia reiterates her plea. 

It was true that there was a plan. However, no matter what plan, if Wayne didn’t nod his head, she will die. Alive or dead. Zenovia was so nervous that her stomach was about to turn over. 

“… Honestly, I’m surprised.” 

Suddenly Wayne leaked a mutter, and Zenovia looked up. 

“To think you’ve already done the things that I was about to tell you… Now we can move faster than planned.” 

Wayne’s gaze then turns toward Ninim. 

“I’m leaving for Delnio. Ninim, get ready.” 

“Yes, understand.” 

Ninim bows and immediately leave the offices. 

Seeing that, Zenovia timidly asked… 

“Emmm, then… About…” 

“I don’t have the time to contemplate who is wrong who is right. I personally don’t think Zenovia is responsible for this. And by the time things are settle,d the punishment will naturally lighter if you’re able to convince the vassals. — Can you do it? Zenovia.” 

“Y-Yes, of course, I can!” 

Wayne nodded in satisfaction. 

“Now then, let us go. I’m going to turn everything over from here.” 


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