Genius Prince – v5-c19

It was all started with a letter, from Delnio to Marden, after Wayne visited. 

Here was a summary of the content. In Marden territory, there was a territory previously lent by the Kingdom of Delnio to the Marden royal family, indefinitely. However, if the Kingdom of Marde was destroyed, the treaty will be invalid. Please return the territory mentioned-above, immediately. — That was it. 

Zenovia who read the letter was… 

“Don’t joke with me.” 

Of course, she dismissed it. 

Certainly, they have land that was lent out from Delnio side indefinitely. However, that was a story from decades ago, originally it was a land sale, but to safe Delnio’s face, it was turned into an indefinite loan. There was no way they could return it now. 

That was why, she sent back a letter with the content, “You should say it the day before yesterday.” The response of Delnio’s side was quick. 

“Zenovia-sama, there’s a report that a force has gathered near the border with Delnio.” 

Immediately after receiving the news, an investigation revealed that the army has belonged to the Delnio army. Although nominally they said it was for training, it was clear they had the intention of intimidation. 

“Borgen, lead your troops to the scene. However, please refrain from fighting.” 

“Yes, ma’am.” 

Zenovia dispatch troops to the field by no means overreaction. If they prepare negotiation now, the inside and outside would saw it as someone who would succumb to armed forces. That was a bad move. 

(And besides, they don’t want to have an armed conflict, to begin with.) 

This matter was a demonstration act of “Let us talk again.” including the last trade matter. And since they have a bad relationship with Solgest, they must not want to fight against Natra. Zenovia thought so. 

However, she didn’t know. That was what Delnio planned. 

Shortly thereafter, reports arrive that Delnio’s army has invaded the border and sporadic clashes have occurred. 

Then, to make matter worse, Solgest’s declaration of war also comes in. 

“This is—…” 

Only then, Zenovia realized, that it was a trap—-… 


Declaration of war from the Kingdom of Solgest. 

In response to this unexpected event, the leaders of the Kingdom of Natra made a fuss like a poking beehive. 

So far, Natra had fought and won against Marden and Cabarine, but the opponent this time was the great power of Solgest. Everyone understood that it was an unprecedentedly strong enemy, thus it was unavoidable that the situation turns this way. 

But nonetheless, even if they have despaired, they didn’t think about self-abandonment. 

Why the reason was in front of them. 

A young crown prince, the pillar of Natra, who was later be known as a hero. 

“What is the status of the domestic troops’ movement?” 

“Yes, sir. About 80% have arrived. It should be completed in the next two days.” 

“What is the position of the Solgest army?” 

“We just received a report that they have crossed the border. Given the speed of the march, I think they should reach Trost plains by now.” 

“Alright, hurry with the troops’ formation! Don’t forget to arrange the supply route.” 

“Yes, sir!” 

“And a concrete strategy—…” 

Wayne gives instruction one after another. 

His vassals have no choice but to admire his calm and resolute appearance. 

“Your highness, you’re calm even in this situation.” 

“It was a big difference compared to me, when I heard the declaration of war, I fell into a panic. How embarrassment.” 

“Well, embarrassment is something that you can rinse. Fortunately, a good battlefield is in front of us right now.” 

The military congress was settled as the vassals started to talk with each other. 

Ninim turned to Wayne’s ears as he heard the report. 

“Your Highness, should we take a rest for now?” 

Wayne nodded and stood up while giving an order. 

“I will be in the office for a bit. Call me if there’s anything.” 

“Yes, sir.” 

After being sent off by his vassals, Wayne returns to the office with Ninim. 

And when Ninim closed the door, Wayne took a deep breath… 

“— Those fucking idiot!” 

A cry of anger echoes in the office. 

“Are you kidding me! That bastard didn’t he say we will form an alliance?! I knew it, we should’ve slashing each other at the time! But for now, it should be fine…” 

Wayne barked and roared inside his office with a face that no vassals had ever seen. 

Next to him, Ninim was standing. 

“To think Solgest would work together with Delnio…” 

“Right, honestly, what’s going on…! Not only that damned Guryuel. But also that Sirdis.” 

Perhaps Sirdis was planning to negotiate with Guryuel the moment they meet in Marden. Or they had planned this since before that. – 

“In chronological order, Guryuel invites Wayne to their country first, with the intention of making Natra its ally. But by the time Wayne arrives, Sirdis have already persuaded Guryuel. Which means, by the time Wayne arrived, both countries had drawn their position… Is that how it is?” 

“Probably like that. However, when I think about it now, for Guryuel wanting to be an ally with Natra was indeed suspicious…” 

“Do you mean he wants to fight us from the beginning?” 

“I feel that how it is when I think about him… I think the reason he invites me to meet was not to form an alliance but to fight.” 

“If that was the case then, those two countries had signed a secret alliance before we’ve been invited… No, that is not what we should care about in this kind of time.” 

Solgest and Delnio have formed an alliance and were hostile to us. In other words, Natra was defeated in diplomacy. What should they do now was to acknowledge the fact and think about the circumstance? 

“For the time being, I have no choice but to hurry up the formation of the army and fight against Solgest. However, this one is definitely going to be tough. So we need to take another step.” 

“We do think to find that move…” 

When Ninim was talking, someone knocked on the door. 

“Excuse me, Your Highness. Marquis Marden just arrived.” 

“I understand. let her in.” 

“Yes, sir!” 

The official disappears immediately behind the door. 

“It looks like it has come, the necessary hand.” 

“… I wonder if she’s fine, Zenovia…” 

“I can guess the current feeling of the person herself but… Well, if you see her, you will understand.” 

Wayne smiled. 

“In this situation, we have no time to cry. If your heart is broken already, let me move you even if it is broken into pieces.” 


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