Genius Prince – v5-c18

“Finally, you’ve come, Prince.” 

Guryuel was waiting on the balcony with moonlight shining above him. 

“I lack the hospitality during the day time. Since I have to deal with the other guest.” 

“Please don’t worry about it. As someone who lives in a political world, I know how something unexpected could happen based on experience.” 

When Wayne sits face-to-face with Guryuel, Torcheira sits next to Guryuel. Wayne thought they really were close. 

(But, in case of emergency.) 

Guryuel was the pillar of this country. And Torcheira was someone he cherished. Both will be a high-value hostage. Now that Wayne was sure that Guryuel had planned something, he needs to be ready to take action. 

With that in mind, Guryuel suddenly uttered surprising words. 

“We have an extra seat here. How about the servant behind you to sit down too?” 

“Ah… M-Me?” 

It was Ninim who stand behind Wayne. She already finished the task Wayne had given her, and as usual, she followed behind him. 

“Emm, I’m truly honored, but…” 

It was normal for Ninim to be nervous. Although it was not under public gaze, it was usually impossible for a King of a country would bother to call a servant of another country. Moreover, as a Fulham, Ninim didn’t expect something like this would happen. 

However, Guryuel next words brought more surprises. 

“You’re the rumored Fulham who has received the favor of the crown prince, no? If that is the case then good, come sit, I don’t care about some trivial things…” 

The one who was surprised was not just Wayne and Ninim, even Torcheira was surprised. Having him noticing her as a Fulham aside, but to think he was one of the King of the western country… 

“… T-Then, please excuse me.” 

Coming this far, it would be impossible for Ninim to reject the invitation. She quietly sits next to Wayne. 

“Umu, that’s good. … What’s wrong, prince, was my words that surprising?” 

“… Pardon me for being rude but, that is right. Maybe this is the first time in the history a Levetianism, for a Fulham present in front of the western King, not to mention, you’re a saint lord.” 

“Fuh, the first time in history eh? Apparently, I did a great job unintentionally…”

Guryuel turns into a good mood and drinks his wine. Wayne then continues as he watches the situation. 

“The Levetianism scripture clearly states, that the Fulham are demon messengers. Won’t you be viewed by the others as impious if they find out about this?” 

“Those are just a teaching guide.” 

Guryuel laughed as he hit his belly. 

“Do you know prince? How many times those great bundle of paper has been rewritten just because of convenience?” 

“Well, Natra is a country that once experiences those after all…” 

Killcruz decree. The new interpretation by conspiring scholars, Natra was removed from the pilgrimage route. It was the intention of the saint lords at the time to support the new interpretation. 

“People seek guide. Why do you think? To get the answer. they want to get a correct answer, how to follow the will of God, or even how to promise life after death. As a result, I’m very grateful for that bundle of paper that has been modified to the liking of the successive saint lord kings.” 

“But no matter how much it has been modified, without the guidance of the scriptures, the people would be gripping in the darkness of the abyss.” 

“That is how it is indeed.” 

Guryuel affirmed. 

“People must always think and give their own answers as to whether their actions were in line with God’s. It was a certainly painful journey. But there was no shortcut when it comes to God.” 

“Is that means, King Guryuel in his own answer, decided to treat the Fulham equally?” 

“That’s right. In the first place, the value of the people is equal to me as the King. So what with white hair and red eyes.” 

Saying that Guryuel then laughed. Next to him, Torcheira asked Ninim with a curious voice, “Is that hair dyed?” “Yes, that’s right.” “Oh, how wonderful.” If the parent was like that, the child must be open-minded as well. 

“I see, I could understand King Guryuel mind.” 

Wayne chooses the words he needs to say. 

“But, does God allow such interpretation?” 

“If not allowed, then there’s that…” 

Guryuel boldly speaks. 

“If you can get eternal peace at God’s knees, or be burned forever by the fire of hell, or if you can only experience on one, then both were a valuable opportunity. And only God could judge which one was right. The scriptures and preaching don’t have the right to do so.” 


How strong, Wayne thought. It was a praise that came out naturally from him.

If this was someone from the east, then it would be not that great but, since it was done in the western continent, and he was a saint lord, it was shocking. Having such an idea here could be said as peculiar. 

What important was not the pros and cons of thought. but the strength and spirit that could be felt from the words. Even if he stands on the edge of death, the King heart’s should not break. His words were very powerful if he had to say. 

And apart from the spirit, there was also a part where strength could be felt from Guryuel. 

“This pig, he didn’t give me much chance since a while ago…” 

An obese body that was twice bigger than him. Literally a mass of fat. Looking at that, one couldn’t feel any martial art tactic. 

Yes, he couldn’t feel it. Until just a while ago. 

But now it was different. The figure sitting in front of him was like a bear ready for battles. His eyes keep catching Wayne and Ninim, and Wayne knew that if he moves, something crazy would happen. 

(If you think in common sense, that body won’t be able to move faster…)

However, Wayne cannot make any move. Even if his head understands it, he feels his body to be light. That is amazing. 

And perhaps, that madness as well that rendered Ninim. The aim was to slow down her movement, and also to keep the range. 

They had planned to take Guryuel or Torcheria as hostage, but Guryel changes the condition. If they move, either of them would die— That was what Guryel looks like. 

“… I am personally impressed and convinced by King Guryuel’s insight as an individual. After all, there was no other country that understands such other than us.” 

In a tense atmosphere, Wayne turns a challenging look at Guryuel. 

“Actually, there seems to be a problem in my home country, although we’re still in the middle of the agenda, we need to return to our home country as soon as possible.” But before that, I want to build a closer relationship between Natra and Solgest to survive in this turbulent era. How is it?” 

Wayne was convinced he would be rejected… 

After all, this was a trap. And from the appearance of Guryuel, it seems he also noticed. It was possible for soldiers to already surrounded this castle. 

(The only way for me to get through is to take the initiative…) 

He exchanges gaze with Ninim. Guryuel then slowly opened his mouth—…

“That’s fine by me, let’s proceed with that.” 

“… Eh?” 

Wayne blinked his eyes. The same was also true for Ninim. 

Guryuel then laughed at Wayne state. 

“What’s wrong crown prince, why are you looking surprised?” 

“Ah, no… You receive my proposal?” 

“There’s nothing I need to say. Of course, we need to coordinate to proceed. We might not officially sign it here, so it would only a verbal promise for now. The alliance between Natra and Solgest, to be honest, I think that was a great idea. Does Torcheira think so as well?” 

“Just as you say, it is indeed a happy occasion…” 


Wayne was confused, by the unexpected development. 

(Really?! Really receive it?! I thought it would be 100% rejection and full out war! No,  wait, I’m really grateful for this though…) 

“What’s wrong with you, crown prince, for you to change expression so much this time around.” 

“No, no, I’m so happy that I don’t know what kind of expression I should have…” 

“Well, take your time to enjoy your happiness… But, aren’t you in a hurry to return home?” 

“Ah, yes.” 

Due to Guryuel response, it was hard for him to stay behind by saying “Because we manage to create an alliance, I’ve decided to stay longer.” It was impossible to say those. 

“Then I won’t hold back anymore. The details of the alliance should be exchanged among our subordinates later. Torcheira, accompany the crown prince…” 


Torcheira nodded and stand up. 

If she was being tasked to see him off, she effectively has become his hostage. Of course, King Guryuel should’ve known that. Was his intention to do this to calm the wave? 

In any case, the goal to come to this country has been achieved. After all, if they could return home safely, everything would be achieved. 

“Thank you for your hospitality, King Guryuel. I shall return this favor someday…” 

“Umu, I expect a great return. Farewell, the crown prince.” 

After giving a bow, Wayne who was led by Torcheira left the balcony with Ninim. 

And Guryuel who was being left alone was… 

“Now then, I’m looking forward to how you will entertainment this time…”

As he muttered those small words, he turned his gaze to one of the corners of the balcony. 

What appeared was a figure that should not be there… 

“— Do you think you can handle them, Sirdis.” 

“Yes, of course, King Guryuel.” 

Delnio’s Chancellor, Sirdis, whispered with a thin smile. 

As instructed in advance, the attendant of Wayne promptly ready to leave. 

And While Ninim was quick, to make the final confirmation, Wayne thanked Torcheira, who came to send them off. 

“Thank you for seeing me off, Princess Torcheira. And I’m sorry for making such a sudden departure. I would like to exchange some words with the princess now.” 

“Don’t worry. It was short, but I at least able to know the personality of the rumored prince Wayne.” 

“Hou, how was I in the eyes of the princess?” 

“I wonder…” 

Torcheira thinks for a bit. 

“He’s smart, courageous, funny, and yet a liar.” 

“A liar is it? Since I’ve come here, my prided double tongue didn’t work well, maybe because of the food.” 

“Fufufu, how interesting. Then, why not take me as your wife? My body is still like this now, but I am confident that it will become a body many would envy.” 

“… I shall take the suggestion home and consider it positively.” 

“Oh my? Perchance you’re already in love with some girl? Oh well, we shall talk about this again when we meet.” 

“Well, I don’t know when that time would be but…” 

After all, both were the royalty of a country. They didn’t have that many chances to meet with each other. 

But in response to Wayne’s words, Torcheira said in a small voice that no one could hear. 

“Oh my, I wonder about that, it might be sooner than expected you know?” 

“What did you say?” 

“No, it is just I talking to myself.” 

Torcheira smiled. 

“Farewell, prince Wayne. I pray for your safety along the way.” 

“Thank you for your concern. See you again, Princess Torcheira.” 

Wayne then boarded the carriage and left the palace in the moonlight. 

Wayne then boarded the carriage and left the palace under the moonlight. 

However, two unexpected news reached Wayne. 

One of the reports was Delnio Kingdom and the territory of Marden have an armed clash near the border. 

And with that reason as an excuse, due to a treaty with the Kingdom of Delnio, the Kingdom of Solgest declared war against the Kingdom of Natra. 


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