Genius Prince – v5-c17

“Ah, I give up…” 

With a full stomach, Wayne fell down on the bed in the assigned room.

“I was so absorbed in eating.” 

Ninim looks stunned beside him. As she feared, Wayne eventually continued to eat the meal served and never talked about the alliance. 

“But, it can’t be helped! It was that delicious!” 

“I understand your feeling… You even eat twice the amount of the usual food, no? Is your stomach alright?” 

“It is fine…” 

“Oh well…” 

Ninim sighed as she rubs Wayne’s back. 

“You should lie down until your stomach calmed down.  But, this is a little bit surprising. There’s no mention from King Guryuel despite Wayne eat a lot of foods.” 

“Come to think of it, you’re right…” 

It was Guryuel who invited Wayne… And it was not just to eat together. Of course, the other side must’ve got a political reason to call Wayne. 

“We plan to stay for about three days, so even if it is not today then…” 

“As long as we don’t get side tracked, then I don’t see any problem either… Anyway, they might taTomorrow’srow. Tomorrow meeting will be in the morning, yes?” 

“Indeed. Tomorrow we will have a meeting, and more meeting the next day. They must’ve prepared some times too, so I believe it should be fine to indulge in foods for now…” 

Wayne laughed. 

“Don’t worry. I am a man who doesn’t make the same mistake twice…” 

“Yet you overeat and suffered right now?” 

“… I am a man who won’t repeat mistake immediately… !!” 

Ninim responded with a sigh as her lord’s sloppy evasion. 


In retrospect, it was a kind of optimism. 

Wayne did not doubt that he had some room to discuss with Guryuel. 

Of course, I don’t believe that unfoundedly. Looking at the situation from a bird’s eye’s view, it was clear that progress can be expected between the two countries. 

Therefore Wayne attended the meeting held at the royal palace the next day, and after it finished, without further delay he immediately went to meet with Guryuel. 

“King Guryuel, about…” 

“Oh, crown prince? You’re just right in time. There’s some cooking arrived just now…” 

“This is… I see, baked chicken eggs, and some chopped vegetables… The flavor of the egg and the vegetable flavor make it more delicious…” 

“That’s right. It was a typical dish that is widely loved by the common people in our country. If we add potatoes, it would become more delicious…” 

“I see… I shall try it when I return home. Also about—…” 

“Otto, I’m sorry but I have something to do after this. Let us talk later…” 

“Eh, errr…” 

With Wayne in place, Guryuel left with his portable shrine. 

(… Huh?) 

Wayne was confused, but things didn’t stop there. 

He pulls himself back and decides to talk during the afternoon… 

“Oh, Prince Wayne, I’ve been waiting for you…” 

For some reason, he was greeted by Torcheira instead of Guryuel, there were a lot of sweets on the table. 

“I’m extremely fond of sweets. I started making it myself as I look for delicious sweets. Especially these chocolate sweets, I have high confidence in it. You should try it to your heart content…” 

“This is a mysterious sweet that melts right away huh… It also has a unique scent. I understand why you’re confident in it.” 

“Right? That is made by using seeds of plants that could be ground into a powder and then mixed it with milk and butter. I also have asked our chef to research it some more…” 

“I want to take it home as a souvenir for my sister. …. Anyway, do you know where King Guryuel is?” 

“Well, my father has the body heavier than a rock, but his heart is lighter than wings. Where and what he does. Well, he will come sooner nor later… For now, let us enjoy the sweets…” 

Recommended by Torcheira, Wayne waited for Guryuel while talking with her, but Guryuel never appeared. 

(… That is?) 

Wayne was trying to build an alliance but for some reason, he could not meet Guryuel. 

Still, he decided to continue waiting. 


In the end, he could not speak with Guryuel. 


“—- This is weird!.” 

Wayne sat on his chair in his room, folding his arms, and looked at the ceiling. 

“Yesterday aside, it was indeed unusual for someone to decline a delegation…” 

Ninim also murmured with a difficult face. 

“Should we think that they try to avoid us?” 


Certainly, it was natural for them to think such a thing. 

However, if that was true then, another question would arise. 

(Solgest’s relationship with Delnio in the south is deteriorating. Solgest will win if it is one on one fight with Delnio. But what if Delnio team up with Natra? I can’t gauge the situation all at once…) 

But Wayne believed that it was to avoid such a scenario that Guryuel took the initiative and invited Natra. And wish to build a friendly relationship between the two countries. 

Yet Guryuel was trying to avoid discussion. His movement was definitely not intended to build a relationship. 

(Guryuel, isn’t he want to create a friendly relation with us? Interfering with Natra and Delnio alliance should be his priority.) 

Wayne could not understand. It was hard but now he has no choice but to think so. 

(If that is the case, for what reason did he call me? There’s no way it was just because they want to talk with me over a meal.) 

As a friend aside, we’re people who have limited time to spend. It would be a waste to call for a meeting but ended up only for chat and eat. In the first place, even today, they haven’t got a good discussion. 

So what was the purpose of Guryuel calling the crown prince of a country but he didn’t intend to form an alliance? 

(— Assassination…) 

That was the first thing that comes up. Natra was making a great leap, but the adjacent Solgest should feel under pressure because of it. The assassination of Wayne, the core of the Natra Kingdom should cause the decline of the momentum. 

(… However, is it even feasible to do that? Even if you’re one of the saint lords, killing another crown prince will still make you lose reputations…) 

Wayne once killed one of the saint lord, King Ordorasse of the Kingdom of Cabarine. 

But at the time, he manages to escape the denunciation by imposing the responsibility toward the General under King Ordorasse, that was why, if he was killed here, without any scapegoat, it would be difficult. Even if it would be treated as an accident, the scandal should spread all over the continent in the blink of an eye. 

(And if he really aims to get me killed, he should’ve many opportunities…  Why did he extend it this long?—) 

At that moment, Wayne feels a revelation. 

(Prolonged… Earn time… For what… And it seems it would be an inconvenience if I were being detained…—…) 

“Are they aiming Natra while I’m away?!” 

Ninim was surprised by Wayne who suddenly stood up from his chair. 

“W-What’s wrong, Wayne?” 

“That pig, he’s going to do something to Natra while I’m away… No, he might already execute his plan by now…!” 

Of course, it was just a possibility. 

However, If that was the case, he can’t stand here… 

“Ninim, get ready to return home as soon as possible! Tell your staff that we’re planning to return to Natra immediately, as soon as I instructed!” 

“— Y-Yes!” 

Immediately calming her agitation, Ninim turns her heels to follow Wayne’s instruction. 

However, at that time, the door of the room suddenly being knocked on from outside. 

“Excuse me. May I come in, Prince Wayne?” 

Wayne and Ninim quickly exchange each other a glance, and after Wayne nodded a little. 

Ninim responded and opened the door while holding a knife behind her back. 

“Oh, I’m sorry for visiting this late, Prince Wayne.” 

Outside the door, there was the figure of Torcheira and her servant. 

“Princess Torcheira? What’s wrong? Don’t tell me, you’re not coming here for some secret rendezvous, right?” 

When I asked full of caution, she laughed. 

“That would be fun too but, this time it would be a different matter. My father was very busy with work during the day, but it seems he finally has free time. I’ve come here to invite you to have a talk over a glass of wine.” 

Of course, I would also participate, that was what Torcheira said. 

“I see, is that how it is…” 

Wayne’s brain begins to turn at high speed. 

(Was I jump to a wrong conclusion? No, I better expect the worst. Guryuel is definitely planning something malicious! If that is the case, how should I move—…) 

Hmmm, Wayne then started to laugh. 

“There’s no reason to decline King Guryuel direct invitation. By all means, let us be his drink companion.” 

“I’m happy for you to say that. Let us head straight away…” 

Torcheira set out triumphantly to go to where Guryuel was waiting. 

While staring at her back, Wayne whispers to Ninim. 

(Ninim, addition order. Be prepared for a possibility of obstruction during departure.) 

First and foremost, approach Guryuel. 

At that time, he had already noticed something was not normal. 

While he would ask about the alliance, he would draw out the true meaning of Guryuel movement. 

It would be nice if an alliance could be formed. However, if by any chance it was rejected—… 

(In some cases, we might have to take Torcheira or Guryuel a hostage and escape the city…) 

(I shall arrange everything.) 

After Ninim nodded a little, Wayne started walking following Torcheira. 

While gently preparing the dark device under his sleeve. 


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