Genius Prince – v5-c16

To be honest, Wayne’s expectations for the food served at this feast weren’t that high. 

After all, Wayne was royalty too. He had the opportunity to eat high-quality ingredients.  He heats elaborate dishes while he studied aboard in the Empire, and most recently when he goes to Mirtaz. 

Therefore, Wayne was… 

“Well, I am a prince, to begin with? I heard that this country foods are the best on the continent, but the country is the same northern country as Natra. Is there that much difference? Well, due to trade there must be variation, I’m curious…” 

He had rather sharp words. 

The reason why he was being like this was because Natra’s food culture was low– But he didn’t want to admit it. 

Food then being brought in front of Wayne. 

“First of all, the whitefish and salad herb.” 

What was presented was a plate of thinly sliced white fish filled decorated with red, green, and yellow vegetables. Torcheira then makes a commentary from the side. 

“This is a fish caught in the sea. It is a fish that is hard to catch and difficult to store, but the fresh one tastes very excellent. Now then, please try it.” 

“Ah, I see… The freshness of the fish is it…” 

While responding, Wayne looks at the food. 

(Hmm? Unexpectedly ordinary, huh? No, it does look delicious though… It has an aura for being delicious… But you see, I expect something more flashy… How disappointing!) 

While thinking about it, he took a quick bite. 

Chew, taste, swallow, then took a deep breath… 


He shouted inside his mind. – 

(Haaah?! Wait a moment?! Why is it so delicious?! Was it because of the fish?! Despite it was just a fish fillet?!) 

It was just a white fish, the taste should be thin and delicate. But the included sauce complement the taste, and the herbs cover the aroma—… The three combined techniques are in perfect harmony on his tongue. 

“It looks like you like it…” 

“Eh, yes, this is definitely delicious…” 

While nodded, Wayne was restless. If nothing be done, Natra food culture would become unanimous! 

(No, wait, wait, this is still the first dish! It is possible that it happened to be a miracle dish! Natra hasn’t lost yet…!) 

Wayne inspires himself while carrying the food to his mouth. 

(Yes, when it comes to food, appearance also important! Even if the taste is great, the appearance is mediocre!) 

“Oh, it seems the next dish has arrived…” 

The next place was being placed in front of Wayne. 

(Hmm… This is?) 

“The dish is made by making a bowl using a fruit. Inside is a mousse that combines seafood and chicken eggs. Doesn’t it look pretty?” 

As Torcheira says, the bright orange color of the fruit and the white color of the mousse stuffed inside it were excellent. The upper part of the cut fruit was attached to the side as a decorative lid, it feels like a treasure box… 

(Khu…! I have to give 100 points to the appearance… ! However, as long as it’s a dish, it must be accompanied by the taste— It’s delicious! 120 points!) 

Unlike previous dishes, the rich taste of the seafood spread inside his mouth, yet the sourness that oozes from the fruit makes the after taste refreshing. 

“It seems you like this one too…” 

“T-That seems to be the case. This sure is a dish calculated to every corner…” 

While nodded his head, Wayne held his head inside his mind. Was there no choice but to admit that Natra’s food culture was low… Was there any chance for him to incorporate the Solgest food to Natra? 

(No, Not yet! It is not over yet! It tastes good, looks good! But it is still weak in terms of impact! After all, this is a feast, we need one or two flashy foods) 

“Oh, next is a roasted pork.” 


A servant holding an iron plate with a nice fragrant coming from it. 

On the heated iron plate, there was a whole roasted pig. From the lump of meat that is roasted by heat, the sound of oil bursting and the scent of the meat constantly rises. Why the meat is delicious? It has an overwhelming presence… Even if one closes one’s eyes, one cannot escape the violence toward one’s appetite. 

It was not just Wayne, even his attendants, and vassals. And as the public eye gathered, the servants began dismantling the roasted pork. In the face of such a scene, no matter how full your stomach was, your stomach would immediately decided to have space. 

And when he actually eats the carved meat, he was convinced, his stomach was not wrong. It was not just a normal delicacy. No, there was no need… However, the overflowing taste of the meat satisfies the appetite above all. 

(… I lost… Completely…) 

While eating the roasted pork, Wayne finally admitted defeat. 

Not only the strong taste of pork but also the production of bringing it on an iron plate. The reason why the first two dishes were like that was to fuel the impact of the roasted pork. It can be said that this kind of food culture pays attention to the process of cooking in front of the guest. 

“How was it, delicious, yes?” 

“Indeed… As expected, Solgest food culture is just how I heard it from the rumors. It is wonderful…” 

“Umu… In our country, we encourage the ingenuity of cooking, we set up a place to compete, and give rewards and titles to those who produce results. Thanks to that, chefs who are proud of their skills gather from all around the country in this capital, Pisca, which encourages them to further their skills… It was all due to my father’s policy…” 

Right?, Torcheira then turn toward Guryuel. In response to his daughter’s gaze, Guryuel temporarily stopped eating. In front of Guryuel, there were always five servings of food. 

“It’s not a big of a deal. When I think about how to eat all the foods in this world, it would be hard to go around with my body. Therefore, it was decided to try bringing the chefs to this city instead…” 

“I admire King Guryuel’s insatiable quest for food. But If I remember it correctly, a meal should be a means to an end right?” 

“Indeed. But, if you choose the means, then you’re the King, no?” 

“I see…” 

Wayne and Guryel laughed… 

(No, wait, I never thought their food culture would be developed this much…) 

On top of that, he needs to learn the Solgest food culture as much as possible during his stay. 

Then take it back to his country and see whether or not it could be implemented. “Wayne nodded many times. 

(— There is a mistake!) 

He shouts inside his mind. 

(My purpose coming here is to build an alliance! The food is indeed delicious, and I hope I could spread it in Natra! No, wait, that is not it!) 

Wayne was terrified. Before he knew it, it was full of food. Solgest food culture was indeed terrifying. 

“Oh, looks like the next plate has arrived…” 


Torcheira’s words make him expect the next food involuntarily, but Wayne manages to refrain at the last minute. 

(Pull yourself together, me! Whether or not Natra will sail smoothly depends on how you can persuade Guryuel here! Now, no matter how attractive the food is served, I will set it aside!) 

He took a deep breath. 

(— I will not lose against the cooking!) 


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