Genius Prince – v5-c15

Simply put, the palace was huge. 

The royal palace tends to be made large. The reason for this was that it was a display of authority, and because it often doubles as an administrative facility, it needs to be large enough for many people to come. 

However, even considering those circumstances, it was huge. It has a stunning size comparable to the Marden’s Erislaw Palace, which was recently being shrunk down and rebuilt, and Natra’s royal palace was relatively smaller. 

“… If the palace is this big, it would be hard to use it. No matter how much one wants to be seen dignified, this is overkill.” 

Ninim murmured inside the carriage that arrived in front of the royal palace. 

However, Wayne who sits next to her disagreed with it and said… 

“Ninim haven’t seen Guryuel yet, no?” 

“Eh? Yes, I’m a fulham people, after all, thus it would be hard for me to meet him.” 

“Then, this is a good chance. I will have you to come with me to meet him. If you saw him, you will understand why the royal palace is this big.” 

“… I’ll tell you in advance, but don’t make any careless action for my sake, no matter what happens, okay?” 

“It’s fine, I’ll do things after thinking about it for a bit now…” 

Ninim wasn’t completely relieved, but it can’t be helped since this was a ruler’s order. She was also curious about King Guryuel that she heard from the rumors. She was supposed to stay back but, she decided to come with him with the other servants. 

“We’ve been waiting, Prince Wayne.” 

When he got off from the carriage, several Solgest officials who were waiting to give him a bow. 

“Your Majesty has asked us to guide your highness. Please come this way…” 

Wayne nodded and begins to walk following the government officials. Ninim who was lost for words followed after him—… 

(That is?…) 

At the corner of the castle. A carriage was parked in a remote location. She was not sure because of the distance, but she feels she had seen the carriage somewhere—… 

(Ah, I’ll be left behind…) 

Realizing she had stopped walking, Ninim hurriedly followed everyone. 

When they entered the royal palace, they were greeted by the interior of the palace, which was built with a large floor plan, which was suitable for the exterior. Many sculptures and statues were lined up near the wall. 

However, there were not many paintings. Maybe it was because the people here afraid the paintings getting damaged by the sea breeze. When Wayne was thinking about those things, he suddenly felt someone’s gaze. 

When he turned his eyes, he saw a girl looking at her, hiding in the shadow of one of the statues. 

He wondered if she was younger compared to Franya. Of course, he didn’t know who she was. However, looking at her appearance, she should have a high status. 

(From which aristocrat house is she? Maybe another country?) 

When he turned his gaze once again toward her, she had already disappeared. 

(Hnn… Oh well…) 

He was a bit curious but, Wayne thought he had a bigger fish to fry. And he wants to concentrate on that. 

“This is the audience chamber.” 

Eventually, Wayne and his group arrive in front of the door. When the officials opened the heavy door, there was a row of Solgest’s vassals and Guard on each side, and a huge figure sitting. 

“— I’ve been waiting for your visit, the crown prince.” 

Guryuel Solgest. 

He was a man who leads the Solgest Kingdom. 

(— I see, so that is how it is…) 

Ninim nodded inwardly as she saw Guryuel. 

In other words, she understood the reason why the palace was built this way, it was all to accommodate according to Guryuel’s size. 

Which was, very big. He has a huge obese body. Coupled with how tall he was originally, he looked like a rock sitting on the throne. Speaking of the round physique, Marden’s Ziva was the same but compared to Guryuel, he was nothing. Even the finely crafted throne looks like dead woodwork that was about to shatter under Guryuel’s body. 

“I would like to apologize to come to your country so suddenly, King Guryuel.” 

In response to Wayne’s words, Guryuel said boldly. 

“No worries, we’re comrade who frees Mirtaz together, no? And since I want to exchange words with you one on one again, I’m really happy for this opportunity.” 

“I agree, King Guryuel. This meeting would likely be a fruitful one for us…”

Guryuel nodded then says… 

“I’m sure of that as well. So, Prince, are you hungry? Let us have a feast, when I talk with my guest I usually do it during a meal.” 

Wayne looked a little surprised, then he shrugged. 

“I’m ashamed to say this but, I’m afraid that today even King Guryuel appetite would be surpassed by me.” 

“Hahahaha! Then it is time to compete!” 

Guryuel laughed in a good mood. Then there was a drum-like sound. 

“Well then, I have a high expectation that you have a big stomach just like your big mouth. Let me show you, how excellent our country food culture is. There’s no doubt that your stomach would be filled twice or three more than usual.” 

As he said that, Guryuel raised one hand. 

Then, several men appeared carrying a portable shrine. When Wayne and his group were confused, Guryuel was being carried by the portable shrine. 

“Let us move to the dining hall…” 


The men then carried the portable shrine as if nothing. 

Wayne who saw something that absurd, regained his sense immediately and chase after him. 

“What’s wrong, crown prince? What’s with that weird face?” 

Asked by Guryuel from the top of the portable shrine, Wayne answered while choosing his words. 

“… This culture is something Natra didn’t have…” 

Guryuel laughed as he heard Wayne replies. 

“Well, as you see, it would be a hassle for me to walk with my own feet with this figure. That is why I usually move with this portable shrine.” 

I see, Wayne thought. He had thought that the size of this place was made to fit Guryuel physique, but turn out it was made like this due to the assumption that he would move around using a portable shrine. 

“If I’m not wrong, you dare to get such a body due to your wish to maximize your enjoyment in luxury, right?” 

“That is correct. If you’re a member of an aristocrat, you should do what you only can do. It was a poor man’s reason to walk on its own two feet. If you call yourself a rich man, you must be carried like this.” 

“I can understand your words but…” 

“It’s fine… Aristocrat’s role may not always be identical. If you can’t sympathize with my role, then the crown prince role might be somewhere else…” 

“My role is it? I can’t begin to imagine…” 

“You’re still young, you need to experience many things, be tempted, fail, and succeed. While in the middle of such a journey, you will notice. The beast grows inside your self, and what do you want from it.” 

Wayne thought while having such a conversation. 

(What a King, it’s not just his body which is big huh?) 

When he met him in Cabarine, he was swallowed by his appearance. It was not the case when he met him again in Mirtaz. But now, when they can talk calmly, now he could understand why he was a King. 

(My decision is not wrong… I should get Guryuel cooperation!) 

He had expected the other side might offer a loose friendship. 

And by that, Natra might be asked to slow down its movement in the west, and they could also make a countermeasure against the Kingdom of Delnio. 

(In return, we might share the trade route with other countries but, in this situation, I might expect to gain more…) 

And that was an alliance against Delnio. 

Natra and Solgest have the same desire to destroy Delnio. 

(Now Natra could mobilize a reasonable amount of force. But if we invade the west just like that, the Levetianism might come knocking on my door but, it would be different if we did it together with a Saint Lord Guryuel. Destroy Delnio, split the territory, and then cooperate in trade… Isn’t this a great plan for me?!) 

If all goes well, Natra’s value would jump high. Of course, for now, it was just a desk theory. but he was originally being invited by Guryuel to his side. Meaning, the other side has a will to get along. Wayne could feel the challenge while also could see his chance of winning. 

(Alright, even if that is not the case, I will do my best to get the alliance…!) 

While thinking about his move, the group arrived at the dining hall. 

Tableware and decorations were lined up on the prepared table, and it seems that the party was ready. 

However, Wayne noticed something as he looked around. Wayne saw a girl sitting in the upper seat, the place where Wayne and Guryuel should sit. 

“That is…” 

She was the girl he saw when he entered the royal palace. When he wondered about it, Guryuel opened his mouth first… 

“Hmm… She is my daughter. She is called Torcheira.” 

“Ah, the daughter of King Guryuel… Daughter?!” 

Wayne involuntarily shifts his gaze at Guryuel and Torcheira. In contrast to Guryuel a symbol of obesity, the girl looks petite and slender. 

“The temperament seems to be similar to me, but that appearance is similar to her mother. … Torcheira, what are you doing there? I should’ve told you to spend your time in the back because guests are coming, no?” 

Guryuel’s words were rebuking the girl, but one could feel deep affection from his voice and the smile on his face while saying those words. 

And the girl— Torcheira responded… 

“No matter how much father says it, it is impossible for me to do so this time…” 

With some old fashioned wording, Torcheria continues… [TLN: She used Warawa(I), and Jya.] 

“If prince Wayne who is famous all around the continent is coming, to not be able to exchange words with such a gentleman, that is akin to a lady disgrace. By all means, I would like father to let me join.” 


Guryuel pondered a little and then says… 

“If you say that much, you should persuade the prince yourself. If he allows it, I shall allow you to join.” 

(Eeh, are you throwing the problem to me now?) 

Torcheira walked up and gracefully bowed toward Wayne. 

“Prince Wayne, this is our first meeting. My name is Torcheira, the daughter of King Guryuel, pleased to meet you.” 

“How polite, Princess Torcheira. But if I remember correctly, this is not our first meeting, no?” 

“Oh, you noticed?” 

Torcheira admitted that she had been peeking without fear. 

“Maybe that wide field of view is one of the reasons why your highness is great… Oh my, as expected of the rumored Prince Wayne. I admit I was a bit rude, please pardon me.” 

“Of course, that doesn’t matter. Being in the eyes of a beautiful woman is one of the joys for being a man.” 

“You flatter has tickles my heart, prince. Then, if you let this lady join the feast, you may monopolize these eyes’ gaze, how about it? Shall we do a commentary about the dishes that will be brought in?” 

Wayne pondered for a while… 

Right now, he wants to negotiate with Guryuel as a first priority. Given the small-time, they both have, it would be not effective for him to spend time with others. But apparently, Guryuel and Torcheira are on good terms. It seems it would be better to take her offer here. 


As an older brother with a younger sister, granting a small wish of a young girl is a must… 

“— Sure, I do not mind.” 

Wayne said those words with a smile. 

“The more pretty flowers there are, the more gorgeous the tables would become. I’m also interested in this country’s foods. Please do not hesitate to join us.” 

“Oh, I’m happy. I won’t let you regret it, Prince Wayne.” 

Torcheira nodded in satisfaction, thus the three people, Wayne, Torcheira, and Guryuel, sat on the upper seat. 


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