Genius Prince – v5-c14

Sirdis, who led his group quickly left the palace, in his carriage he was in deep thought. 

What comes to his mind was his meeting with the crown prince of Natra. 

“I never thought the prince was such a shameless person.” 

It was his subordinates who says those words indifferently. In the end, all of these claims ended up being rejected, so it was no wonder. 

However, contrary to the attitude of his subordinates, Sirdis was calm. 

“If this meeting was a success, we could save a lot of time. But, I never expected it to be a success to begin with. I receive the information that Prince Wayne was staying in Marden on his way, and I try to search for a way to meet him. It is enough achievement for us to at least understand his personality…” 

Sirdis continue. 

“Above all,  the thing that we will definitely win is where we’re going…” 

“Yes sir. … Will this really work?” 

“The plan has already begun, whether it is right or wrong, it all depends on luck now. This all is for the sake of making our Delnio an ideal country…” 

Sirdis carriage ran down the road… 


“Well then, some of the results might be regrettable but, we need to go. Marquis Zenovia, thank you for your hospitality…” 

The day after the unexpected situation with Sirdis. 

Wayne was ready and about to leave on time. 

“I’m sorry about last night. I was supposedly have prepared a feast for your highness but…” 

“Don’t worry about it. We’re able to safely finish our visit and not to mention, we manage to become aware of Sir Sirdis movement.”

More than that, Wayne continues… 

“I don’t think Delnio would stop even after the last day. There’s a high possibility that something will come up. Please do be careful.” 

“Please leave it to me. … also, please be careful along the way, Your Highness.” 

After nodding to the bowing Zenovia, Wayne took his party and set out for the Kingdom of Solgest. 

“… Fuh.” 

After seeing off safely, all the vassals, including Zenovia, breathe out of relief.  

“This will finally release me from all the tension…” 

Zenovia nods to Ziva’s words, but her profile was still not relaxed. 

“But now, we need to clean up the political affairs that were stuck.” 

“We’ll do it our way, so even if Zenovia took a holiday…” 

“I didn’t grow so that I could leave everyone to work while I’m sleeping…” 

If Wayne were to hear what she said, he would definitely say “If I can just sleep, I would definitely leave everything to my subordinates.” 

“We will follow Zenovia-sama will. However, Don’t overdo it please.”

“I understand. “Lets us get started.” 

Then it seemed that the usual days would return to Marden territory. 

However, a few days after Wayne’s departure, a letter sent to her shocked everyone. 


Pisca was the royal capital of the Solgest kingdom, it was a huge city with an ice-free port that could be said the basis and symbol of Solgest power. 

Although Pisca has long flourished in trade, back in the day the royal capital itself was different. But when Guryuel took the throne, he expanded the port and at the same time moved to Pisca. As a result, Pisca now became the heart of the country in name and reality. 

“I’ve heard about it but, they sure are more successful than Mirtaz.” 

A few days after leaving Solituk, the Capital of Marden. 

Wayne said with admiration from inside his carriage while it passes the public road of Pisca. 

“It should be the same northern country as Natra, but just because of small differences in a location which is the ice-free port, everything becomes so different.” 

Ninim who was also on board also seems surprised. 

There was no ice-free port in Natra. Thanks to its position at the northernmost point of the continent, the oceans in the territory were filled with ice for more than half of the year. 

This was fatal for both, the military and trade. A warship that could only be used for half of the year while the maintenance remained high, making him shout “It was no different than sunk!”, And the port, only half a year it could be used to trade, made him think “Is this some kind of punishing game?!”. 

“This ice-free port… Could we exchange it with Natra port? Though in our case, what we call a port was just a fishing village.” 

“A place where we could only use half a year, the development is bleak…” 

“I can’t turn over the climate even if I think as much as I could. … Oh, look at that store, I never saw food like that…” 

“I heard we could enjoy foods from all over the continent here, looking at the restaurant, it doesn’t seem to be a lie. I guess it suits them for being called the best country with food culture.” 

“I see. And the strong scent of the sea, the boats that are parked, the fresh fish that line up everywhere… It looks more prosperous than Mirtaz but, it didn’t feel much different than the Mirtaz inland. “

After saying that, Wayne held down his abdomen. 

“… Ah, sorry, I feel hungry just looking at the city.” 

“We will be arriving soon, so I’m sure they will serve various dishes.” 

“I hope they will line up things to fill my hunger…” 

The carriage ran to the royal palace of the Solgest Kingdom, carrying two who exchanged such words. 


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