Genius Prince – v5-c12

(— Now then, what should I do…) 

In a reception room in the palace, Zenovia was worried. 

A little man was sitting in front of her. 

The man’s name was Siridis. Originally he was a commoner before he had become the chancellor of Delnio. 

“First of all, I would like to apologize for the sudden visit without any warning, Princess Zenovia… Or no, now it is Marquis Zenovia, yes?” 

Siridis bowed down while saying those words. 

Zenovia’s response toward those words was a cold gaze. 

“You might be a chancellor but to break the normal procedure to do something… I’m concerned that it would affect your country…” 

Sirdis, his escort, and her aide Ziva who stand beside her stiffened themselves. 

(Ziva, it seems our princess is in a bad mood.) 

When Borgen whispered secretly, Ziva nodded slowly. 

(Not only the other side is being rude, but Prince Wayne is also currently staying here. Interruption is something unpleasant after all.) 

(However, isn’t this a bit too serious?) 

(It can’t be helped…) 

Ziva took a deep breath. 

(— After all, Zenovia-sama hates the Kingdom of Delnio.) 

(Why is that?) 

As Borgen opened his eyes wide, Sirdis started to talk… 

“I understand your anger. However, currently, we have a problem that needs to be solved immediately. I would like for your understanding.” 

“A problem needs to be solved? Now then, I have no idea what are you talking about…” 

“Again, saying such a thing.” 

Sirdis continue without fear… 

“I should’ve sent you a letter the other day. Concerning the trade goods exported from your country.” 

Sirdis affirmed without giving an excuse. 

In response, Zenovia thought with a faint smile. 

(— I’ll screw you over, you damned Chancellor.) 

When Marden was a Kingdom, it has a friendly relationship with both the Solgest and Delnio Kingdoms. At least, the Marden side thought so. 

However, last year, a surprise attack on the Kingdom of Cabarine knocked down Marden’s capital. Zenovia leads the remaining Marden army to try to resist Cabarine’s rule, but the situation was disadvantageous for them. 

In such a situation, it was natural for Zenovia to seek help from both countries. 

However, out of expectation, the result was empty, there were no replies from both countries. Solgest’s King, Guryuel, didn’t regard Marden highly, and Delnio for the sake of avoiding hostility against Cabarine decided not to get involved. 

Eventually, the capital was liberated with the help of Natra but, including Zenovia, many of her vassals also thought that they had been betrayed by both two countries. 

(That was what I heard from the lady-in-waiting serving Zenovia-sama…)

Ziva told Borgen. 

(I remembered when Zenovia-sama still young, she has a puppy she loved. However, the puppy died in the palace garden due to a snake.) 

(Hou? And?) 

(Zenovia-sama cried a lot as she buried the puppy, but after that, she spent four whole days searching the escaped snake, until she found it and killed it with her own hands.) 


(Zenovia-sama is a kind person. She loves Marden. However, such deep affection would bring another side effect.) 

In other words, for Zenovia. Cabarine, Solgest, Delnio, and Levetianism were something that she would obliterate one day. 

Not only that, Zenovia’s frustration was considerable now due to the fact Delnio side rushed in and complained. 

“Even if you say concern…” 

Zenovia laughed. 

“We did not do anything wrong. If you want to make a point please do say it clearly.” 

“I do not like to have a discussion right now…” 

“I see, so not only your country is unwilling to have a discussion, but you also want to impose your opinion on us? Is that how it works in Delnio? Our culture sure is very different.” 

“… To lose moderation after being demoted to a lord, how sad.” 

Sparks scatter between the two. It was no longer possible to fix the friendly attitude of each other. 

“It can’t be helped. I guess I should speak directly with Natra.” 

“Yes, I’m sorry, but I think we can’t cooperate.” 

“No, not about that.” 

Sirdis then continue. 

“Right now, the crown prince of Natra is staying here, no? I would like to meet with him.” 


At that moment, Zenovia understand. 

In short, this guy has expected this outcome. 

Since he knew Wayne would be staying, if he rushed in and their discussion didn’t work out, he could move on to her superior, Wayne. It does make sense. 

However, it was also made Zenovia despise him more. 

(Don’t joke with me!) 

It was understandable that she started to become murderous. 

(… No wait, calm down. His Highness once said it is a barbarian work to pull a sword during a meeting.) 

This place was a place of politics. Do not move with temporary emotions. Recalling the lecture she received from Wayne, Zenovia took a deep breath. —, Though there was also the case where Wayne had killed the King of Cabarine, Ordorasse… 

(But if I don’t kill him here, how should I deal with him…) 

There was no way she would allow him to meet Wayne. Nevertheless, it was not easy either for her to pull something here… 

As Zenovia fell into a maze of thought, the door of the room was opened. 

“You don’t have to worry about that, Zenovia-sama.” 

The boy appeared., Wayne smiled. 

“If you want to talk to me, we’re more than willing, Chancellor-dono.”


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