Genius Prince – v5-c11

“… Fuuh.” 

After parting with Wayne and the others, Zenovia who disguised herself as Zeno took a deep breath in her office. 

“Thank you for your hard work, Zenovia-sama.” 

Beside her, Ziva was standing. 

“Was there any problem when I was away?” 


Affirmed, Ziva continues. 

“My concern is that we have a lot of paperwork to do after this… Well, his highness’s party will be leaving tomorrow, so let us handle it as soon as we can…” 

Zenovia nodded. 

“It was hard, but I think we’re safe for now.” 

“Ha. This is all attributed to Zenovia-sama’s effort. … But, it seems the other side asked during today’s sightseeing? About the marriage between Zenovia and His Highness Wayne.” 

“Indeed, His highness was wondering why there was no talk about that…”

After responding, Zenovia closed her eyes. 

“… I’m sorry, Ziva. I have wasted your suggestion to marry his highness…”

“What are you talking about. Marden is a land governed by Zenovia-sama. It is natural for Zenovia-sama’s will to take priority.” 

After saying that response, Ziva continues… 

“Besides, I can understand Zenovia-sama’s feeling. As expected, His Highness Wayne is…” 


Zenovia smiled powerlessly and said… 

“I can’t say it toward his highness himself but… As expected, he is far ahead, and a bit scary…” 

In Zenovia’s eyes, Wayne’s emotion as a human being was complex. 

First of all, she did feel thankful and owe a huge favor during the liberation of Marden. 

Next, she held sympathy and respect toward him who leads his country at a young age, and from that, she feels jealousy and inferiority complex toward him who had a far higher track record than herself. She held fear toward him who had the thought and spirits unbefitting a royalty, but she also held a longing feeling toward his intelligence and courage who plans and succeeds in executing bold strategies. 

If one were to put it together, in Zenovia’s eyes, Wayne was a far, great, and a little scary, ‘Hero’. 

“During today’s sightseeing, every time we talk, I could feel it. As expected, I can’t serve him as his Queen.” 

As it stands, if Zenovia marries Wayne, she will of course become his Queen. 

If it was during the time she didn’t know anything, she would gladly raise her hand and agreed. However, although it was short, Zenovia had come in contact with a human named Wayne and regarded him as a Hero, and she was not confident that she could become one of his wings. 

“And as his wife, I would become the future Queen. And with that, the Queen needs to be able to do many things…” 

After all, she was a former sheltered girl. Although she was studying desperately right now, due to her current lack of ability her vassals was working very hard. This was only Marden territory, if she marries Wayne, she also needs the ability to help him to carry the Natra Kingdom. 

If this was an era of peace, it would be great as she could spend time peacefully in the court, and forget all politics. But, now was an era of turmoil, and Natra was about to make a great leap. If she becomes the Queen, she will definitely need to play a big role. As expected, she didn’t have the confidence to fulfill that. 

It was not a simple talk when the lid of truth was being opened. 

Theoretically, Marrying Wayne was indeed a great feat. 

But, Zenovia’s mind couldn’t just not to it. 

“I’m disqualified as a lord aren’t I?” 

That must be it… She thought… To tell the truth, if Louwellmina, the Imperial princess of the Empire were to marry Wayne, she might actually marry him as well. In that case, she thinks she could fulfill her duty as his concubines, and she could convince her vassal to ask for the marriage. Just remembering it, she remembered how many times she wants to hear about the progress of the relationship between Princess Louwellmina and him during her visit. 

While thinking about that, Ziva opened his mouth. 

“While we’re capturing the city from Cabarine, the senior vassals who come with Zenovia, including myself, made a vow.” 

“A vow?” 

Ziva then continue… 

“— One is to work for Marden as hard as possible. Second is, no matter how much it would be good for Marden, they should never take a path where Zenovia is unhappy.” 

Hearing that Zenovia opened her eyes wide. She knew that she had good vassals but, she never thought it was this much… 

“If Zenovia-sama is not willing to marry His Highness Wayne, then it is fine. All the vassals would definitely come with a good idea, so please don’t worry.” 

After saying that, Ziva laughed a little. 

“As a standpoint of your vassal, I had proposed marriage between Zenovia-sama and His Highness Wayne, but personally, I was not very enthusiastic about it.” 

“Aren’t you the one who praised His Highness the most?” 

“Of course, his highness ingenuity was something beyond anyone expectation, I have no complaint. However, when it comes to his personality and the way he did things, I have some concern. … no, in fact, knowing that he was the one who killed King Cabarine, set fire to the city, and run away, I doubted his sanity when I heard that for the first time…” 

“Ah, well, that was what I think too…” 

What was more, when we asked about that to him, he only answered, “Let’s think positively about the future rather than lamenting the past”, making them doubting his sense of responsibility. If one were thinking calmly, it was bad to become the wife of someone like that. 

“Since Zenovia-sama still needs someone to inherit the title, one-day Zenovia-sama needs to get married but for now, there are a lot of things that we needed to do first. If the negotiations between His Highness and the Kingdom of Solgest are successful, Marden dangers would be diminished and Zenovia-sama will have a lot of time to think about it. At that time, we can discuss it with everyone as well.” 

“Yes… Thank you, Ziva.” 

“Please think nothing of it. After all, that is a vassals duty.” 

Ziva bowed his head toward the young lord. 

At that time. 

“Zenovia-sama, please excuse me!” 

A government official jumped into the office in a hurry. 

“What happened?” 

“Report. In front of the main gate right now—…” 

Zenovia and Ziva opened their eyes wide as they heard the report. 


On the other hand, Wayne who has returned to his room. 

“I’m self-conscious person, after all, my face is no go after all…” 

He was lying on bed and sinking… 

“How long are you planning on dragging this talk? She just tries to get away from the talk, no?” 

Ninim tries to cheer him from the sideline, but Wayne didn’t recover. 

Ninim then took a deep breath and continued. 

“As I said, Zenovia is not tied to any other force. At least, that information is good enough for us now…” 

“But then, it is increasingly mysterious why she didn’t give me a marriage offer!” 

“Well, that is… Due to personal reasons, maybe?” 

“What kind of personal reason?” 

“… As expected, she doesn’t like your face?” 

“Uwaaah, I will die!” 

“Even if you jumped out of the window, from this height, you will only break your legs!” 

Holding Wayne on the window shill, Ninim tried her best to find something to say… 

“And, she might say she didn’t like it but, that doesn’t mean you’re not handsome, no?” 

“Then, tell me, I’m a handsome man!” 

“… well, that is a bit, right?” 

“Uwaaah, you blatantly try to distract me! And it comes from Ninim-san!” 

“That is not what I mean…” 

Ninim ignored Wayne who graves more… As she looked at the window, from the opened window, she could hear some noise… 

“Wait a minute, Wayne, I will check something out first.” 

“Then, during that time, I shall hibernate and rotting…” 

“Right now is still at the beginning of autumn, no?” 

With a bitter smile, Ninim left the room, but soon after, she returned and was looking impatient. 

“This is bad, Wayne, it looks like someone unexpected visited.” 

“Visit? Who?” 

Ninim said with a serious look. 

“Siridis, Kingdom of Delnio’s chancellor.”