Genius Prince – v5-c10

“Yes, the great high ranking disciple, Kareus. When asked whether or not his blood was precious, anyone would definitely answer yes. However, until he becomes the disciple of Levetia, he was just a farmer you know? Naturally, his parents were also a farmer. That is the question I wish to ask you. — From what point did Kareus blood is precious…?” 

“That is…” 

Because parents are precious, children are also precious. But, Kareus was not born precious. In other words, there was a time when his blood was not noble blood. Speaking of when was the change occurs—… 

“… It was at the time he decided to follow Levetia and Achieved a great many achievements?” 

“I guess that is how it is…” 

Wayne then continue… 

“Strength, intelligence, speech, or was it just luck? There are various types of power, but due to an unknown power, he makes a name for himself, and his blood ended up being recognized as noble blood. If every noble goes back looking at their history, they would end up with a similar story.” 

“… I understand what you’re trying to say but, how does that relate to my question?” 

“You didn’t realize it? In the end, the blood that the people said it was precious, it was just normal folks’ blood. Then they, who currently just a normal people, has the potential to become aristocrats, if the condition is meet like us, no?” 


A shock ran on Zeno’s face. 

It was a simple thing. But she didn’t notice it up until now. No, she pretends to not notice. Of course, that was normal. Affirming such a thing openly would be like kicking the authority granted at them. 

(Indeed what he said was true… But, for his highness to say those words matter of factly…) 

It was already beyond criticism toward a royal government. That statement was something that could overturn the foundation of the royal aristocracy. If some royal were to hear those words, they would be furious and ordered for execution. And he talks about it as if it was small talk, despite being the next King. 

“And for your question… Why wary of the people? Natra population is around 500,000, and with Marden joining us now it is around 800,000, no? In that case, the unnamed and powerful candidates were watching every move of my reign. … How can I not worry about this?” 

Zeno felt her spine was quivering. 

She never looks at the people like that before. But hearing Wayne’s words, she begins to understand why it was not strange for him to be on alert. 

He didn’t despise the people. He keeps thinking about what the people want because he thinks that if he neglects and disrespects them, he will be chased by an unknown power. Just like how our ancestors had once made achievements for themselves. 

(I understand now… This person, didn’t think of his origin as a special one.) 

Zeno finally understood why Wayne viewed his relationship with his people as an accomplice. 

A child born from a bakery family would take over the family business because a bakery was needed. He was born into the royal family, become a monarch because a monarch was needed. That was it. If people all over the country said, they don’t need a monarch, he would be easily being overthrow… While laughing he said, “If there is a demand, then it cannot be helped…” 

It was an ironic story. Wayne who talk people as accomplice understood the people and stand near them, rather than those who say they will guide and protect the people. 

“Well anyway, that is why most royalty trying their best to incorporate their ancestry into mythology. If the original of one’s blood comes from God, then their authority won’t be easily dismissed. In that case, Kareus itself is being treated like a half-God right now… Hmm? What’s wrong? Zeno?” 

“Ah, no…” 

Wayne tilted his head as he looked at Zeno, who had been silent… Hearing his question she smiled and replied… 

“I was just being overwhelmed by the size of your highness capacity, please don’t mind me.” 

“The size of my capacity?” 

After blinking his eyes, Wayne shrugged his shoulders. 

“I am glad you say that but, lately, I lost a bit of my confidence in my own capacity.” 

“Why is that? No one in this continent is more famous than your highness, you know?” 

“I thought so too…” 

After saying that, Wayne speak sharply. 

“Actually, I didn’t receive the proposal that I had expected to get. I’m currently regretting that I was too overly self-conscious…” 


It goes without saying, the proposal he was talking about was supposedly come from Zenovia. 

“Or maybe, she had already had a relationship without our knowledge…”

For Marden, Wayne was the most promising marriage partner. However, it was also true that he was not the only candidate. There must be many power that wants to communicate with Marden, who has comparable national power to that of a royal family. 

And if so, it was something that would create a new concern for Natra, and it was something he wants to at least know the details… 

“… I don’t know about any rival though?” 

Zeno said carefully, choosing her words. 

“Currently, we’re too focused on Marden development, I’m sore she didn’t think about getting married…” 

“… But, if she marries me, wouldn’t it be convenient for Marden?” 

“Maybe so. But—…” 

Zeno tried to say something but stopped… 

She was silent for a few seconds, and smirked like someone who wants to do something mischievous. 

“If so, there might be some complicated reason?” 

“Complicated reason?” 

“Right, for example— Maybe she didn’t like your highness face?” 


Wayne hung his head deep. 

“No, wait, that was just a joke, please don’t look like that!” 


“E-Errmm, it’s about time for us to return back…” 


“A-At this time, the scenery of the city will change again, depending on the light! Thinking about it, let us make a detour!” 

Thus, Wayne and the others returned to the palace, with Zeno desperately fix the atmosphere.