Genius Prince – v5-c1

It was a short summer in Natra. 

It was due to geographical reason, since Natra was situated at the northernmost of the continent.  However, the summer season was often very lively, and in that respect, even the people of Natra were no exception. 

Rather, it could be said they were more lively than any other country only during this period. The reason for that probably due to the consciousness telling them to enjoy as much as possible while it lasts… Furthermore, the people are excited by the activity of the all competent, Prince Wayne. Everyone expected that this year would be very exciting, and they were not wrong. 

However, something a little unexpected happens this year. 

It was during the time when autumn has come into view, after the end of the short summer. Even though it was the time when everyone should feel cold, but for Natra people, this time around it feels a little bit hot. 

The reason for that was one answer… 

Natra has currently experienced an unprecedented boom. 


“—Fu, fufufufu….” 

An eerie laugh resounded inside the room. 

It was a voice that leaks when someone tried to suppress their happiness. 


And it broke, the laughter increased rapidly… 

“Hahahahahahahaha, *cough*cough*!” 


After laughing and coughing repeatedly a few times, the laughter comes to an end. 

“Good grief… I never thought I would laugh this much…” 

It was a young man who had laughed until his throat hurt. 

He was the crown prince of Natra, Wayne Salema Albarest. 

“— Let us laugh once more!” 

“Please stop it.” 

At the back of Wayne, who tried to raise his voice once again, a paper was slammed to his back. 

When Wayne turned around, standing there he saw Ninim Raleigh, his close aide. 

“What are you going to do if you hurt your throat because of laughing too much?” 

The two of them were inside the office within the Willeron Palace, the royal palace of the Kingdom of Natra. A cool breeze enters through the open window, making you feel the arrival of autumn. 

“There’s no good prince who has a hoarse voice just because they laugh too much…” 

“… Sure, Ninim has a point.” 

Wayne nodded his head. 

“But, I rarely have this kind of opportunity, and I think it is okay for me to enjoy it a little bit, don’t you think so?!” 

“Well, I understand your feeling but…” 

The opportunity Wayne was talking about was the Natra Kingdom booming economy. 

Several documents were lined up on the desk, it was filled with the number of people and goods in and out of the country, the expected tax revenue, which indicates that Natra’s economy was improving. 

“Increase in revenue! Increase in profit! There’s still more room for growth as well! This is bad, I can’t stop laughing! Let us forget government affairs and party hard!” 

“Your brain sure turns into a field of flower due to the booming huh?” 

Speaking of Natra Kingdom, it was used to be known as the triple terrible nation, “The location is not good,” “The industry is not good,” “And it is not a well-known country”… 

The answer to the current sudden boom was simple. The reason was because those triple terrible had been solved. 

And how they were solved you ask? 

First of all, in regard to ‘no good location’, actually, Natra was a ‘good location’ when it was founded 200 years ago. 

The reason was related to the large religion rooted in the western side of the continent, Levetianism. 

It was said that the Levetian founder, received a revelation from God and went around the Vuno continent in a circle, from West to Nort, North to East, East to South, and South to West… 

With that, it was normal for the country to become a path for pilgrimage. And the Natra Kingdom was founded on the pilgrimage route- In the northern part of the continent, connecting the divided continent from west to east, and since there were many pilgrims, there was a lot of business going on, thus ‘A good location’. 

(Because of that, Natra grows well…) 

“But”, Ninim said… About 100 years after the founding of the country, the situation suddenly changed. A new official proclamation issued by Levetianism under Killcruz. 

It was a new interpretation of the scripture that a pilgrimage trip that needs to be completed by traveling around the continent that has been done until then only need to require to go around the western part of the continent. 

This interpretation was a huge blow to Natra. Most followers began to choose the relatively safe and fast new pilgrimage routes, which did not go through Natra. 

As a result, the number of Pilgrims visiting Natra dropped sharply. Because of the pilgrim’s visit, Natra was ‘a good location’ but, because of that as well, Natra turns into ‘a bad location’. 

(The spring of this year was the start that ends Natra’s dark ages…) 

Approximately 100 years after the order of Killcruz. 

After a twist and turn, the western neighbor, Marden, become the vassal of the Kingdom of Natra. 

This naturally increased Natra’s national power, but what important here was that with Marden, they had become a new pilgrimage route. By incorporating Marden, Natra has acquired ‘a good location’ after a hundred years. 

(But that alone was not the only reason for this economic boom…) 

Yes, at this point Natra still has two other problems. “The industry is not good”, and “The country was not well recognized”. 

And in fact, before the Kingdom of Marden swore their allegiance, this land can’t be said as a good location. The reason for that was because there was nothing to sell…