Genius Prince – v4-c9

“Natra was invited to celebrate the incorporation of Mirtaz to the Empire you know? I know that it is not Prince Wayne but, isn’t it rude to think that Princess Franya didn’t fit to attend?” 

Everyone knows that the main topic here was the princes’ meeting. That was certainly a big deal for the Empire. However, they had announced this meeting by using another ceremony celebration. Dimitrio, who was being intervened glared at Louwellmina. 

However, Louwellmina pursues further, without fear. 

“Nee, Manfred nii-sama, you think so too right?” 

Manfred who was being dragged shook her head and then gaze the surrounding. 

“It seems Dimitrio is in a bad mood huh? Princess Franya, please come… Let us talk for a bit…” 

Rather than following Dimetrio, getting closer to Natra would be more profitable— Or so that was what he thought. Manfred was gently reached to Franya. 

However, Bardroche intervenes there… 

“Wait, Manfred. I’m interested in talking about Natra as well.” 

“Bardroche, you might not know, but in this world there was a thing called, wait for your turn…” 

“If so, you should give priority to your elder brother, dear younger brother.” 

If one thinks Dimetrio to blame, Louwellmina’s intervention had managed to avoid a head-on collision, but this time, Bardroche and Manfred begin to spark. Due to the hectic exchange, Franya was bewildered. 

(—Your Highness) 

At that time, she heard Ninim whisper. 

(If you stay, you would be involved in the struggle of the princes. Let us go away at once.) 

(I-I know that, but how?) 

(That is—) 

Ninim quickly whispered to Franya. Franya receiving the advice, nodded a little and spoke to Manfred. 

“Prince Manfred, it is an honor to receive the invitation but, today I would like to give the honor to talk with the princes to others…” 

“Oho, is there something wrong?” 

“There’s no such thing. But—.” 

In front of the Princes, Franya took Louwellmina’s hands. 

“I have a promise to talk with Princess Lpwellmina first.” 



Louwellmina looked a bit surprised, and Manfred who know the real intention. 

By the time Louwellmina introduce her, the impression that Natra was close to Louwellmina would not be easy to be wiped away. Then, it would be more so, if she left this situation together with Louwellmina. 

Given Natra’s policy of keeping a distance from the fight of succession, it was undoubtedly a tricky one. However, it was a good choice… 

“— Actually that’s right. I’m sorry, Manfred Nii-sama.” 

“Is that so? I guess it can’t be helped then…” 

From the princes’ perspective, it was not unnatural for them to have a promise between each other, after all, they thought Natra was originally on Louwellmina’s side. And for Louwellmina, promoting Natra as her ally would be no brainer. 

“Then, please excuse us, brothers, let us go Princess Franya.” 

“Indeed. I’m sorry, everyone.” 

After Franya bowed his head, she left with Louwellmina. 

As they walked to the edge of the venue, Louwellmina hummed. 

“Fufu, you’ve come through it well…” 


From Franya’s point of view, she had managed to get away from the princes’ thanks to Louwellmina but, she had a complicated feeling for it because in the first place everything started when Louwellmina pulled her hand. 

“Well then, what are you going to do? If you’re going to talk with me as declared, I’m fine with it but—…” 

Franya finished her greeting with the princes. Louwellmina finished appealing that Natra was close to her. In other words, both accomplished their goals. 

The rest of the day, she could taste the dishes or interact with the other guests, it was Franya freedom to choose but, to be honest, she had already feels exhausted due to the three princes exchange. 

The situation might be written on her face. Louwellmina then said with a bitter smile. 

“It seems it would be better for us to take a break. I will talk to others first. My brothers are already surrounded by their entourage, so they won’t disturb you.” 

Soon after that, Louwellmina also left. 

With no sign of others around, Franya exhaled… 


“Thank you for your hard work, Princess Franya.” 

Ninim spoke to her gently. Then Franya responded quietly. 

“Ninim, I, that…” 

“Your highness should not show that kind of face. Your highness has done a fine job.” 


Hearing Ninim words, Franya feels relieved for a moment but quickly becomes dissatisfied. As a result, she had brilliantly been led by Louwellmina, it made her filled with regret, as a younger sister that wish to report to a certain beloved brother. 

Nevertheless, this was Franya’s first foreign country visit. In front of an experienced powerhouse, this result was inevitable. 

That was why Ninim said… 

“Your Highness, diplomacy involves a variety of thoughts, so it is impossible for everything goes as planned. It is a very good thing for a first-timer to be able to achieve their objective…” 

“… I see I guess as you’ve said Ninim…” 

Franya knew that everything moves like water. There’s regret but there’s no use to stuck in it. 

“I’ll take a break for a moment. After that, I shall think of a way to help my brother from here on out…” 

“That’s the spirit.” 

Ninim smiled, then glanced into the venue. 

“… I’m sorry, your highness Franya, I’ll leave your side for a while.” 

“Eh? What’s wrong?” 

“There’s some work. I will return soon, so don’t worry. … Nanaki will accompany your highness until I come back.” 

Ninim then quickly turned her heels and went into the venue. 

As Franya tilted her head, Nanaki appeared out of nowhere. 

“Ninim, I wonder what’s wrong?” 


“Muu… Ah, Nanaki, what are you eating?” 

“Baked confectionery. I saw them there. It’s delicious.” 

As Franya decided to taste it as well, she and Nanaki then head toward the table.