Genius Prince – v4-c8

“— Let me explain about the three princes.” 

After finishing his commentary about Louwellmina, Wayne continued. 

“First, Prince Dimetrio. He is the eldest son and is supported by the conservative nobles of the empire. However, conversely, since he is the eldest son, he is only being valued by that, and not being evaluated by his ability. Well, he is a typical idiot son.” 

“… He is someone who looked like Sir Gerald who was accidentally died…”

“I wish to not think about that one…” 

Wayne’s cheek twitched slightly. That incident was very unexpected even for him. 

“The second prince is Bardroche. His support is the army. Trained and renowned warriors from an early age, he was a powerful man. He also has experience of leading the army as the General.” 

“Fuuun… Ne, Nii-sama, is this person going to be the Emperor?” 

Since he was a strong person, it seems like he could become the Emperor if he wants to. But Wayne shakes his head in response. 

“Maybe because he is a military man, he has a particular dislike toward civil officials. His consistent harsh attitude toward rebellious states makes many people didn’t like him.” 

Hearing that, Franya was convinced. Looking at Wayne’s back, Franya knew, though vaguely, that a sense of political balance was important to move a country. 

“Finally, the third prince, Manfred. Mainly supported by the emerging aristocrats, he seems a very skilled person. Nicknamed as the Emperor of Dawn— He was rumored to be supported by many of the provinces.” 

“Is that… Alright?” 

“Well now… Is he really going for the seat or not? The problem was no one knew his true motive…” 

After shrugging his shoulders, Wayne continued. 

“Now then, the current situation between the princes is almost equal. Their factions were weakened due to the princess’s rise. In this meeting, they seem to target some recovery. During this meeting, they would try to rob some of Louwellmina faction” 

“Ah, right… For those princes who don’t know her ambition, Louwellmina would be an easy target huh…?” 

This was also good for Louwellmina’s position. Based on her appearance she was just a patriotic princess, despite her view of the others as rivals. The princes thought that if they enlist her, her factions would follow her as well. For that reason, those three could not leave her thoughtlessly. As expected, how ugly, Franya thought. 

“Moreover, the reason for the gathering, not only to recover each other factions, but it is also to appeal to the others that they need a proper authority to prevent another turmoil.” 

A year had passed since the Azworld Empire had lost its Emperor. 

However, the princes remained in conflict, and the next Emperor hadn’t been decided. It was no surprise that the whole Empire was worried. 

Therefore, they gathered people for talks. To show that the Empire still have their power. To show the others, that it was important for them to have a talk. 

“At any rate, that’s all about the three of them. Probably they would see how close Natra with the princess from Franya’s appearance, and decided whether or not they should intervene…” 

“And I have to refuse any approach.” 

“That’s how it is…” 

Wayne stroked Franya’s hair. 

“Be careful. This time, there would be a lot of strangers, so the pressure would be very considerable. Also, because Franya is very cute, many guesses might approach you outside of political will… Refuse such a thing when that happens…” 

“Geez, Nii-sama. I know that even without Nii-sama telling me so…” 

To her overprotective brother, Franya could only inflate her cheek. 

“I know. However, as your elder brother, I still feel worried…” 

Wayne said as he gently stroked Franya’s hair. 


And now. 

Franya understands that Wayne’s concerns were not excessive, as she glanced at the three princes and glanced from the surroundings. 

Franya had quite a bit of experience in front of a huge crowd in Natra, such as attending a ball. However, the pressure she feels right now feels like it could crush her shoulders despite she had some experience. 

(.. However.) 

She had an important role to fulfill that her brother had given her. For that reason, she cannot be scared now. Franya, with determination, looked straight at the princes. 

“—Oho, I’m very surprised.” 

The first to speak was the third prince, Prince Manfred. 

“I have heard the Natra Princess name is Franya but, I never thought that she would be so pretty. Had I know this, I would have come closer sooner…” 

After talking lightly, he makes a playful gesture. 

“I’m sorry for my late introduction. I’m the Azworld third Imperial Prince, Manfred Azworld. Best regard, Princess Franya.” 

“I’m honored to see you, Prince Manfred.” 

The second prince introduces himself with a loud voice next… 

“Second prince of the Azworld Empire, Bardroche. … I see, not the rumored prince Wayne but, his younger sister huh?” 

“I’m very sorry. My brother is very busy as a regent…” 

“I heard you. After all, he seems to be doing well on the west. I do want to have a chance to talk with him but, I guess it is regrettable.” 

Finally, the first prince was openly grumpy… 

“… I’m the first prince, Dimetrio Azworld.” 

Dimetrio’s voice sounded that he feels discomfort. 

“To see my face from the northern frontier. But as an ally, to think the one who comes is a princess…” 

At that moment, a disrespectful gaze fell on Franya. 

“Are you looking down on my Empire?” 

“T—, That’s not how it is…” 

In response to Dimetrio’s statement, Franya showed an upset face unconsciously. The reason for that was because her expectation of him trying to pull her into his faction had been easily overturned. 

This seems to be surprising to the influential people around. The following words may signal the end of their alliance, they watch the exchange between the two with sudden high tension. 

“What is with that gaze—…” 

It was Louwellmina who intervene.