Genius Prince – v4-c7

One step into the venue, it was like another world. 

The decoration on the wall was elaborate, and the chandelier was filled with crystals. In addition, the soft glow emanated from it gives the polished floor more luster. 

With buffet-style, foods were placed on top of the tables covered with pure white. She wondered if the flowers were from foreign countries. The sweet scent gently floating in the venue also gives off the feeling of exotic. 

And the guest at the venue was also giving off dignity worthy of it. 

That would be natural of course. Literally, the future of the Empire and neighboring countries depends on this talk. Will the Empire remained as a superpower or one that would fall… Who should one held in one’s hand, or one who should be regarded as an enemy—, Most of the people attending this place was here to make sure of that… 

“Your Highness, don’t let yourself be discouraged.” 

“Yes, I know.” 

Franya then takes a step further forward. 

(Smile Franya. In this situation, remember Nii-sama.) 

The more steps, three more steps. With straightening up her back and elegant smile. 

Seeing her resolute appearance, the nearby guess whispered. 

“Which country is that pretty one come from?” 

“I don’t recognize her. However, that behavior is indeed impressive…” 

“How curious. She brings a Fulham with her.”

“Fulham huh, which reminds me, is she from Natra’s royalty?” 

“Which means, she is—…” 

“Princess Franya.” 

Immediately, a loud voice. 

“it’s been since our tea party. How are you?” 

Standing there was Imperial princess Louwellmina. 

Immediately, the surrounding becomes noisy. Of course. Since she was one of the guests of honor, everyone’s eyes were watching her every move. 

That was why Franya cannot make a blunder here. 

“— Indeed, of course. Though this is embarrassing, it seems I have a lot of energy.” 

After she took a small breath, Franya answered. Louwellmina smiled. 

“Is that so? I heard that this is your highness first time visiting a foreign country, so I was worried about your highness physical condition. But it seems that was needless anxiety.” 

“Thank you for your highness consideration. I feel the weather in this area to suits me.” 

As Franya desperately giving her a bland reply, a third party’s voice break-in. 

“— Oh my, I’m honored to have your highness come to Mitraz.” 

That was when an elderly man appeared before Franya. She didn’t remember him. As she was wondering who he was, Louwellmina opened her mouth. 

“This person is the Mayor of Mirtaz, Mayor Kosimo.” 

As she introduces him, Kosimo bowed his head. 

“I’m Kosimo. Pleased to be your acquaintance Princess Franya.” 

Answering him, Franya also makes a little bow. 

“Nice to meet you, Mayor Kosimo. Thank you for the invitation this time.” 

“No no, it is obvious, after all, your highness country is the ally of Empire Azworld. It is natural for us to invite your highness. Though, it is indeed regrettable that I could not meet with the rumored prince—…” 

Kosimo smiled meekly. 

“But then, instead, I could meet with a beautiful and gorgeous princess. I shall instruct my subordinates for a warmer welcome…” 

“Oh dear… As expected of the mayor of a merchant city.” 

“No no, when I was young, I failed a lot of business opportunities. As a merchant, I have no talent to lie to the customers…” 

Kosimo, who shrugs, as Franya and Louwellmina grinned. 

“Don’t be fooled Princess Franya. If you want to learn religion then you must be aware of Gods, and if you want to learn military arts then you must join the army, in his case, if you want to make money, you come to him…” 

“And I will tell the young one who asked me. To make an honest deal…” 

“Fufu, then won’t your students would create an account book with your face as the cover as an honest mayor?” 

“That is indeed a strange thing, I’ve removed them a lot of times, but somehow, the cover returned all the time. Maybe the fairy is doing some mischief on me.” 

Unexpectedly, Franya laughed. And Louwellmina smiled at him while standing next to him. 

“Oho, I’ve heard about that fairy too. I heard that fairy always comes at a bad merchant during the night.” 

“Oh my, is that how it is? No, I guess the fairy can make a mistake by visiting the wrong person, I guess?” 

Kosimo then shakes his head as if being troubled. 

Louwellmina then giggled and leans on Franya. 

“What do you think Princess Franya, this Mayor Kosimo, he’s someone we should never be careless with, no?” 

Franya also draws closer to her shoulder as she answered… 

“Looks like it. If I show a little bit opening, it feels like he would eat me whole…” 

Kosimo, seeing both of their response could only shrug his shoulders. 

“It seems that I have incurred someone’s displeasure awesomely huh? I guess I should pull out here until I could make a proper calculation… –Well then, please excuse me, both princess…” 

After bowing, Kosimo moved away. 

Seeing that, Franya exhales her breath. She was surprised when he entered the conversation, but turn out, the conversation was light.

Somehow she manages to relax a lot. 

As she thought that, Louwellmina then opened his mouth. 

“We had a good conversation with Mayor Kosimo, shall I introduce your highness with the other guest?” 

The proposal was a complete surprise for Franya. 

As a Guest of Honor. That should be the three princes. Franya then glanced at the center of the hall. Since the time she entered the venue, that place was always crowded. There must be a prince at the center of it.

(… W-What should I do…) 

She needs to break into that crowd if she wanted to achieves her goals. However, there were a lot of powerful people there. She was worried about whether or not she could do it. 

But of course, those crowds won’t last forever, and there would be a chance for her to talk. But, if she wonders too long, she might lose that chance now… 

And obviously, if Louwellmina introduces her, then her concern would be eliminated. But, if Louwellmina introduces her, it would make it looked like Natra was on Louwellmina’s side. 

Should she prioritize her objective? Or should she find her own solution… While Franya was thinking about it, Louwellmina gently held her hand before she could conclude her thought. 

“Let us go!” 

“Eh, ah…” 

Guided by Louwellmina, Franya naturally followed… After, two or three steps, she had realized that she had lost the chance to choose. 

(She had me….!) 

Princess Louwellmina just pulled her hand and headed to the princes’ place. However, the implication was huge. That was why, Louwellmina, by using Kosimo to relax the atmosphere, she caught her guard down. 

When Franya looked back, Ninim was shaking her head. Indicating that if she shakes Louwellmina’s hand away, it would turn badly instead. Which would only cause extra troubles… 

(Emm…  Right, if I have a reason to leave reasonably…) 

Franya tries to turn her head as fast as possible, but of course, Louwellmina had predicted that as well. 

“Speaking of which, how much does princess Franya know about my brothers?” 

“Eh, ah, to some extent I guess?” 

“Oh, is that so? How does their reputation transmit in Natra?”

“That is…” 

Without giving her a chance to think a way out, Louwellmina speaks quickly. 

Franya tried to respond to her while also thinking a way for her to leave, but of course, that didn’t work. 

(Aaaah Geez! I can’t pull any ideas together!) 

Franya shouted inside his head. Louwellmina, make her unable to think by giving her a lot of information to the point that she couldn’t handle all of it. How frustrating, she knew that there was nothing she could do even if she was being angry. 

(This person is really shrewd!) 

Franya looked indignant at her as she stared at her. But of course, Louwellmina had a cool face. 

In this way, they reached the crowd. Those who noticed Louwellmina’s approach opened their way. Behind them were three men. 

“— Brothers, may I have your time?” 

As Louwellmina calls out, their gaze falls upon her. The moment that happens, there was no other way than leaving it to the flow. Franya decided. 

“What is it, Louwellmina.” 

One of the men asked. 

Louwellmina responded with pouted cheeks and a grumpy voice. 

“I want to introduce someone to my brothers.” 

Prompted by Louwellmina, Franya stand before the three men.

(These are the three princes—) 

First Imperial Prince, Dimetrio. The oldest of the three. The clothes were also the most flashy. It also feels that he looked down on her and Louwellmina. 

Second Imperial Prince, Bardroche. He looked like a warrior, with deep scars on his face. He stared at her with a sharp gaze. 

The third imperial prince, Manfred. Youngest Imperial Prince, a little older than Prince Wayne. He had a beautiful appearance, and he looked like he had a strong interest in this introduction. 

“– Nice to meet you. Natra Kingdom’s Princess, Franya Elk Albarest.” 

While bowing to the three, Franya remembered… 

Her exchange with Wayne before she left…