Genius Prince – v4-c6

“AAAH~, How tiring~…” 

As soon as they returned to the mansion, Franya fell down in bed. 

“Thank you for your hark work, Princess Franya. But I believe, your highness needs to mind to your behavior…” 

Franya answered Ninim while rolling on the bed. 

“It’s fine, the only one who sees is Ninim…” 

“Oh my, that is not true you know? Right, Nanaki?” 

WHen Ninim calls the shadow, a silver-haired boy appeared from the shadow. Nanaki Raleigh. Franya’s escort and aid. 

“Did you call?–” 

Nanaki suddenly grabbed the flying pillow with one hand. Then, when he put down the pillow, he saw Franya straightening the edge of her dress with red cheeks. 

“Geez, Nanaki, you wait outside!” 


Nanaki then leaves the pillow to Ninim and leave the room, thinking how cruel despite he was the one being called first. 

“Ugh… Sometimes I forgot. Nanaki is nearby…” 

“He is an excellent escort is it not? Though when it comes to being an assistant, there’s still room for an improvement.” 

Ninim then returned the pillow to Franya and smiled. In response, Franya hugged the pillow. 

“… Nee, Ninim, how was my meeting with Her Highness Louwellmina? Is it fine?” 

“Of course. I was waiting for just in case, but I was impressed that your highness didn’t shrink back and face her highness Louwellmina.” 

“But, before I noticed, I listened to her story about my brother… My brother told me, when it comes to Princess Louwellmina, I should stay away, right?” 

“I agree. Princess Louwellmina wants to bring Natra into her faction. Natra on the other hand, wants to keep a certain distance from the battle of the succession. It was true that there was such a thought but, the first priority of this time diplomacy is for Princess Franya to attend the ceremony and return back safely. His Highness Wayne said he didn’t mind for any speculation that would come afterward…” 

“That’s true but…” 

She wanted to have a solid result and get praised by her brother for doing well. That was what she thought. 

Understanding what she thought, Ninim continues her talk… 

“Of course, I can understand your highness desire for the best result, thus I will cooperate. But, his highness Wayne said it not? Even if some failures happened in this diplomacy, he still feels happy to be able to rely on your highness Franya.” 

“… Is that so?” 

“That is so.” 

Franya laughed at Ninim who answered without hesitation. 

“Fufufu, I see… Then, If that is the case then, I shall get spoiled by Nii-sama as much as I can…” 

“That is wonderful indeed…” 

Ninim smiled, and then move to the next topic. 

“It’s already late, isn’t it time to go to sleep now?” 

“No, I’m sorry but, I want to stay awake for a little bit more… Ninim, can you talk to me?” 

“I understand. Then, I will make some drinks…” 

“Alright then, please…” 

Ninim bowed and leaves the room silently. 

Franya stays in the room with her pillow. 

“That was what she said but, I still want to make a good report to my brother…” 

Therefore, even if this was her first foreign event, she wants the report to be solid and without flaw. And more than anything, she didn’t want to get dragged by the other’s story anymore, like today… 

“… Come to think of it.” 

She remembered the tea party… 

At that time, she was really glad that Ninim performed a timely intervention. 

After all, what she about to say was something a foreign dignitary should not say… 

“That in the past, I was scared of Onii-sama, and I thought he was not a human—…” 

The murmur of the young girl disappeared during the night in Mirtaz without reaching anyone. 

The city, with various expectations, celebrated the event. 


“…— Now then, let me explain it again.” 

A few days after the tea ceremony with Louwellmina. 

Ninim opened her mouth toward Franya, who was sitting in front of her, being swayed inside the horse-drawn carriage throughout the city. 

“The event your highness is about to attend is a ceremony celebrating the fifth year Mirtaz become the Empire’s territory.” 

“It’s not the meeting of the princes, yes?” 

Ninim nodded in response to Franya’s question. 

“In the first place, the princes’ talk is held by the princes, and no other person could participate in it. So, originally there’s no reason for us to visit the land, but the princes wanted to invite the influential people in the continent, and gathered them at Mirtaz, using the city celebration as an excuse.” 

Of course, the influential people who attended the meeting also understand that. There was the various reason they come, one was to have a connection with the princes, to see and gauge the other influential people, or some had come simply because they thought it was interesting. 

“The city event itself had ended with a simple congratulation and greetings, but the main event was the banquet where the guest would gather in one place. Here, the purpose was to exchange greetings with the three princes, first was Dimetrio the first prince, then Bardroche the second prince, and then Manfred the third prince. In regard to the three princes and their expectation of us…” 

“It is fine, I remembered everything that Nii-sama have told me…” 

Franya nodded while looking a bit nervous. Ninim then gives her a bit of advice.

“It is just to say hello, your highness doesn’t have to feel too nervous…” 

“… I know that, but well…” 

Franya couldn’t help it but frown… 

“I do want to stop my hands from shaking… But, I couldn’t help but worry whether or not I could do this properly…” 

It was natural, after all, this was Franya debut on the foreign stage, and in life as well. However, the girl who likes a sister to her was about to get crushed by the tension, which Ninim couldn’t let go… 

“If that the case then, why don’t your highness imitate his highness, Wayne?” 


“Yes. What do you think he would do in this kind of situation?” 

“What he would do…” 

Franya digs up her memory about Wayne. 

The dependable elder brother that she respect. No matter what difficult task fell on him, his back never shake. 

Yes, her elder brother would stretch his back and strengthen his posture proudly then smile. 


Franya lifted her lips and then pointed at herself… 

“… How is it? Am I looked like my brother now?” 

“I think it is a bit too stiff though…” 

“… I need practice I guess.” 

“But, it seems the trembling of your hands has stopped no?” 

Franya then looked at her hands. There was still tension in her body. But, the trembling hands were already nowhere to be seen… 

“Ninim. I’ll do my best.” 

“Of course.” 

Ninim speaks respectfully…  

“His highness Wayne, and myself, we’ve had no doubt that your highness Franya would fulfill her role…” 

At that time, the carriages slowly stopped. 

A large building could be seen outside the windows. Mirtaz was proud of their state mansion, and one could see many guests have already gathered. A servant prepared by Mirtaz opened the carriage door from the outside, as Franya was still feeling amazed at the foreign building. 

“Your Highness… Let us go…” 

Following Ninim words, Franya breathed out and nodded deeply…