Genius Prince – v4-c5

— That was the conversation between Wayne and Franya before the departure… 

(Princess Louwellmina… Onii-sama says she is an ambitious woman who aims for the throne…) 

It was her beloved brother who told her that. Thus there was no reason for Franya to doubt it. 

In addition, there were other two reasons why Franya had extra vigilance against Louwellmina. 

One of them was—… 

(I won’t agree to it, the engagement between her and my brother!) 

That was what it was… 

Previously there was a plan for engagement between Wayne and Louwellmina. For various reasons, the plan fell apart but, it was merely being shelved and not completely break. It was still possible for her to become Wayne’s bride. 

(Absolutely refuse! Ninim is the right person for my brother!) 

For Franya, she had the most respect toward her brother. 

And the one who she thinks better at standing beside him was Ninim, the one standing behind her. 

Franya thinks of Ninim as her elder sister. It was clear to anyone that Wayne and Ninim shared a great deal of trust between each other. And you say there was a room for a person to break in there? No, there was none, impossible. Or so she thought. 

After all, Franya was Wayne x Ninim faction. In her opinion, Wayne x Louwellmina or someone else could just go and die… Recently, there was a new faction being born which was Wayne x Zenovia, but for Franya, Wayne x Ninim was the eternal royal road and the right path! 

“I’m happy that I could have a meeting with princess Franya, but I do feel regret that your brother, Prince Wayne couldn’t come. The appearance of you both standing next to each other would have been very beautiful…” 

“My brother is busy after all…” 

“I hear your country have swallowed the former Marden territory after a difficult battle against Cabarine. He sure is a very competent and amazing person. Princess Franya must’ve been proud of him too, no?” 

“Well, yes…” 

“Speaking of which, did you know that Prince Wayne attended the same academy as I did when he was studying abroad? By then, even prince Wayne was amazing. “

Without worrying about the lack of response, Louwellmina continues to talk about Wayne. Naturally, Franya was aware of her aim. She was trying to soften her guard by talking good about Wayne. 

(Fufufun, how shallow of you, princess Louwellmina. Do you think I would move with just that?) 

Of course, For Franya, she was happy that her brother was being praised. She was very happy. However, recently, everyone was praising Wayne. Thus, she begins to feel tired toward half-backed praise directed toward him. 

(Also, I’m not alerted because of my brother’s words and my personal feelings alone…) 

The third reason. It was because of the duty imposed on her. 

Realistically, it was cruel to expect more than this from Franya, who was new in diplomacy. 

Rather she realizes that during negotiation, her words might be taken as a pledge by the powerful person. 

Wayne then ordered Franya, “You only need to attend, and I just want you to return back safely.”… The hurdle for her achievements was only to come to attend the event and return home safely. 

So, when Franya arrived in Mirtaz, half of the mission had already been fulfilled. All she needed to do was just keep quiet until the end of the meeting, and she thinks she didn’t need to be overly familiar with Louwellmina. That was why Ninim was there to keep an eye on what happens. 

(The princess wants to get along with Natra but, how unfortunate eh? My elder brother to have seen everything…) 

And Franya shout that internally… 

(You shall regret to think that I am an easy person!) 

And ten minutes later. 

“So prince Wayne translated the church book, spread evidence of injustice, and threatened the priest.” 

“Well, did my brother really go that far?” 

“It’s true. Moreover, during the negotiation, one of the alumni, Glenn, was driven by righteous indignation slashed at the priest, from there, the story turned upside down…” 

Louwellmina talks about her school days. 

Franya thought while hearing it. 

(—- She sure knows him well!) 

Everything fell apart. 

Including the vigilance, she had previously had… Franya had relaxed her guard toward Louwellmina. 

Louwellmina was someone had the silver tongue. There was no stagnation in her speech, and her wording was all witty… In addition, it was no stranger that Franya would get drawn in, after all the content of her talk was about Wayne during his student days, in which she hardly aware… 

Not to mention, the Wayne that Louwellmina speaks about shows his many hidden stories. Fearless and cool. But sometimes, make a mistake, and it was also told in a light manner. Franya thought she understood her brother… 

Praises for Wayne, which was prevalent in Natra these days. It was true, but it was also made Franya wants to say something to add… 

(— Too late, and shallow!) 

That was what she thought. 

In the first place, from the perspective of Franya, Wayne coolness was on the level of absolute, that she knew from an early age. For them to realize it now, it made her want to complain that it was too late. 

Not to mention, all the praise was only about Wayne’s achievements… 

(Not that! His charm is not that part!) 

In the first place, the result was nothing but the water that flows… No matter how much he did, it also depends on the luck of the heavens, even her brother might fail. 

So if he fails, will he disappear? No, he won’t… There was no doubt that her elder brother, who took the regent role at a young age and took charge of the national affairs was under heavy pressure. 

Franya was convinced, that the true appeal of Wayne was that he could laugh without hesitation even in the face of such crushing days and hardship. 

Up until there, Louwellmina’s story continued… 

“If I think about prince Wayne way of thinking and the way he took action. It would always surprise me, he was able to jump over several predictions and pursue his aim…” 

(I understand.) 

“Well, sometimes, he might be stuck in a corner where he might not be able to run…” 

(I agree!) 

“But, with his strong spirit, he would keep laughing even when he was being driven to a corner. I think that is the essence of Prince Wayne…” 

(I understand you very well!) 

There was no other way to acknowledge this. This girl, princess Louwellmina, she was one of his brother’s fans. 

(But well, I still won’t admit your marriage with him…) 

That was that, this was this… 

Franya gently puts the marriage issue on the shelf inside his heart, and speaking of Louwellmina, she asked a question. 

“What kind of a person was Prince Wayne before he comes to the military academy? I heard both of you have a good relationship since young?” 

“The past nii-sama huh?” 

Being asked, Franya tried to dig her memory. 

“He was a kind and reliable person, just like this time. If I have to say something then, he likes to read a lot of books. But recently, government affairs have become a very busy one, thus he didn’t have much time…” 

Wayne, who was being admired by many people, the thing that underlines his achievements was ‘books. Natra, one of the oldest countries on the continent had a wealthy amount of books. 

Success in business, failure, budget, personnel management, impact on people’s mind, what happen if go as scheduled, what happened if it was unplanned— There were every material possible, some were even written by the predecessor, which shaped Wayne’s wisdom. 

“Other than that, sometimes he learned the way of the sword, argued and debated with his vassals, or studied agriculture…” 

“I see, it seems like he is just like the rumored crown prince ne?” 

“Indeed, but—…” 

Franya stopped herself and inhaled. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“… No, nothing…” 

Franya lightly coughed and closed her mouth. 

However, Louwellmina, of course, didn’t miss the gap she showed. She knew that Franya had just made a verbal slip, and she thought now was the chance for her to pull her in. 

“— I’m sorry for disturbing your highness chat.” 

Ninim voice broke in, blocking her. 

“I’m afraid, it is about time for us to return back. Since we have to prepare ourselves for the event, I believe it would be best for us to return to the mansion now…” 

“Ah… That’s true… It seems we’ve talked too much that we forgot the time ne?” 

Franya looks out of the window and raised a voice of surprise. When she was invited to the tea party, she was very warry, but before she knew it, she had already forgotten about time. 

And as Franya gaze swept out the window, Ninim and Louwellmina’s eyes sparked, but a few seconds later Louwellmina breathed out as if she had given up. 

“It is regrettable but, it cannot be helped. But let me say this, I’m confident that the Natra Kingdom and the Empire alliance would be irreplaceable…” 

Louwellmina reached out her hand with a smile. 

“For a good friendship between the two countries, let us meet and talk again, Your highness princess Franya.” 

“Of course, Your Highness Imperial Princess Louwellmina.” 

In response, Franya also extended her hands and the two shook hands. 

While Ninim keeps staring at the scene patiently.