Genius Prince – v4-c4

(I never thought, his sister, princess Franya would be the one who comes…) 

Louwellmina was pondering those words as she looked at Franya sitting in front of her face. 

‘Let us have a little talk over tea’ Louwellmina invited Franya while saying that… 

That was good so far— But somehow the talk couldn’t get lively at all. 

“What do you think of Mirtaz? Are you not surprised by the difference in temperature?” 

“Indeed, I was surprised.” 

“This city has a lot to offer, it would be a good idea to have some time and take a look at the market, which are particularly full of imported goods. I have looked at it for a brief moment, but even I was overwhelmed by the quantity…” 

“I guess so, if I have the opportunity.” 


That was how the conversation usually goes… 

The reason was include, the tension in Franya, lack of common topics between the two, and above all else, Franya was very vigilant toward Louwellmina. 

(Uhuh, when I went to Natra before, I do feel it from her but…) 

This was not the first time Louwellmina meet Franya. She had the opportunity to speak with Franya in Natra. 

However, the content was simple and only consist of one or two words. Louwellmina was busy with conspiracy battle against Wayne, and Franya was also busy having to deal with state affairs on behalf of her brother. 

That was why she didn’t know. The reason why Franya was so vigilant against her. In the first place, she thought they haven’t met enough with each other to guarantee favor nor hatred between them. 

(Maybe, she had been given some instruction by Wayne or Ninim?) 

Louwellmina than gazed at behind Franya. 

Ninim who should be Wayne’s assistant was standing there… This time, she was being ordered by Wayne to accompany Franya. 

Louwellmina and Ninim knew each other since school days. However, even when Louwellmina glanced at her, Ninim didn’t respond to her. 

(In other words, princess Franya has no intention of getting along with me huh? Now then, I’m in trouble…) 

It was due to Wayne… “That woman blackness is one of darkest in the continent!”, “Her smile is like a stab by a knife”, “She even uses her chest as a weapon!”, with a mix of fact and fiction, he had told her to remain vigilant and not to let her guard down. 

He had done something unnecessary. Louwellmina who wants to incorporate Natra into her faction wants to avoid having a bad relationship with her who was their representative. 

(For now, let us talk about Wayne while trying to make the situation more relax…) 

There was no doubt that Franya loves her brother. With that conviction, Louwellmina started from there… 

In conclusion, Louwellmina’s expectation was somewhat right. 

After her decision to attend the meeting between the princes on behalf of her brother, Franya had been drilled with knowledge related to the meeting. Naturally, it also included information about Louwellmina, which Franya recalled… 

“— First of all, the current status of the second imperial princess.” 

Wayne opened his mouth as he taught her, who sits across her chair. 

“Resolving the previous attempt of rebellion in the Empire, she had managed to gather a large number of personnel, and created a faction…” And Wayne continues… 

“The princess led that faction to take over the throne—…” 

“– But not yet, announce it?” 

Wayne nodded in response to Franya’s words. 

Yes, despite Louwellmina announced her ambition toward Wayne and Ninim, she hasn’t declared herself as a candidate to the throne. 

Of course, this was not because she changed her mind. But there was a plan behind it. 

“People gathered under the princess. However, they were there because they disgusted at the three princes who fight among themselves, not because they sympathized with the princess’s ambition. And if she announced her ambition, she might be blamed for further causing confusion. — That is why, she wants to create a faction full of a patriot.” 

It was literally a faction filled with people who were worried about the future of the Empire. Louwellmina, while hiding her ambition, gathered a member of faction made up of patriots. 

Their activities were simple. If the princes continue to argue like this, the civil war might happen. Then the Empire would break. It was time for them to choose a new Emperor— and Based on such assessment, she persuades the nobles. 

“Unlike the other princes, the princess faction is poorly armed. However, because she doesn’t have a well-armed force, she could assume the stance as an imperial princess worried about the Empire’s future. And if the princes tried to silence her, the people would saw them as the bad guy instead.” 

Louwellmina’s argument was right. It would be best if everything could be solved via discussion. 

But, the three princes didn’t think that. Each of them was convinced that they were worthy of the seat of the Emperor. 

Louwellmina criticized them with a legitimate argument. Thus the princes could not argue back, and they cannot use their armed force to silent her since it could be used to denounce themselves instead. 

The more Louwellmina hit them with sound arguments, it would lower the princes’ authority and increase Louwellmina’s authority. It was no time to relax anymore… 

“… She is a very nasty person.” 


Wayne nodded in a strange way. If Louwellmina was present, she would definitely retort by saying “HUH?! WHICH MOUTH SAY THAT?!” 

“And when the princes’ authority are rock bottom, she would execute her long-time cherished plan, fueling the patriotic supporter and take the throne…” 

“Then in this meeting, she’s going to try and reduce the princes’ authority?” 

“I do think there’s such an aim. Well, though that would be not all of it. Anyway, Franya, watch out for Louwellmina. She is a person who could stab people with a smile on her face after all—…”