Genius Prince – v4-c34

A loud noise arrives from outside the opening window. 

Kosimo knew it was the sound of urban reconstruction. 

The conflict between the two princes had caused considerable damage to the city of Mirtaz. Instead of lamenting, the merchants, however, they saw this as a business opportunity and do their best to gather people and building materials. In the not too distant future, the city will become more robust than ever. 

“I guess this is what one call, the merchant soul eh?” 

That was what Louwellmina mumbled about… She was also listening to the noise from outside. 

“In that respect, the people of Mirtaz stand above the rest I guess…” 

After laughing a little, Kosimo bowed. 

“Once again, I would like to apologize for causing so much trouble to Your Highness Louwellmina. The princes’ talk failed, and I’m aware of the disappointment.” 

“I don’t mind. No one could predict, that such an unexpected event would happen after all…” 

Louwellmina smiled… 

“Besides, at the end of it, Mirtaz joined my faction after all…” 

Due to the previous uproar, there were some people who wish to review the authority granted to Mirtaz. How much intervention would be placed on Mirtaz will depend on future political struggles, but it was definitely won’t be as free as before. 

Dimetrio who was being blamed as the mastermind of the uproar, Bardroche, and Manfred who destroyed the city. Because of that, Louwellmina was the only one whom Mirtaz seek asylum to. 

“Though, I knew that it was just on the surface. After all, it is clear that the heart of the people of this land is in another place…” 

“That alone is enough,” Louwellmina muttered… 

As she had said, Louwellmina was not the one who gained the heart of the people in this land. When the people close their eyes, the one that appears was the back of a little girl. 

“… Due to this incident, I’m convinced… The King power is not just strength…” TLN: Strength as in Military Power and Wealth Power.

Kosimo speaks slowly… 

“Beginning with His Highness, Prince Wayne to the north, and Levetianism Gospel Director to the west, everyone is causing great sparks using their own ingenuity. Will there be one raise from the south?” 

And Kosimo continues while saying it deeply… 

“Or in later life, they might say… The upheaval of this era was caused by those with great intelligence—…” 


“Ah— That was tough…” 

In the usual office. 

Wayne was able to return home safely, he was now lying face down on his desk. 

“Thank you for your hard work. It was indeed tough this time around.” 

Ninim usually told him to straighten himself by now but, because this time around the problem had even caused Wayne to collapse due to his fatigue, it made Ninim being sweet for a while… 

“Honestly. That meeting, It would be great if we get some connection with the princes during the princes talk, never had I thought, it would turn into that bizarre event…” 

Wayne tilted his face toward Ninim while still lying down on the desk. 

“By the way, it was a great success but, what happens to Franya?” 

“I guess, she burn out herself… It will be a while until she fully recovers…” 

When it comes to an unexpected event, Franya was the one who stands out the most. 

Who had imagined that a small girl would stir 3,000 people and by the end of it led 30,000 men to war? 

Thus, it was inevitable that Franya, who has accomplished it, becomes exhausted both physically and mentally. Wayne thought he should treat her softly until she recovers. 

“I guess we could say this time result are, the growth of Princess Franya, making a connection with the princes, and also, gaining favor from Mirtaz?” 

When Natra’s delegation was about to return home, Kosimo bowed his head toward Wayne. 

[I will never forget what the two of you have done to Mirtaz. A merchant is someone who always pays the favor to balance the scale. I will definitely return this favor one day…] 

Kosimo’s words were genuine and also representing the residents’ voices. They will surely you in times of need one day. 

“But Mirtaz is a faraway city, not to mention it is the territory of the Empire, I don’t know if the opportunity to return the favor would ever return…” 

Hearing that, Ninim and Wayne shrugged and laughed… 

“Well, we shall think about it when the times come. … Besides, there was a personal interest that we manage to gain…” 

“Gain? Personal interest?” 

“Guryuel you see. About the selection of the saint lord.” 

Wayne looked up and smiled happily. 

“It was a short time, unlike Caldomeria, at least Guryuel is someone we can have a conversation with… There was no loss in getting along well, for the sake of getting into the west…” 

“I have no objection when it comes to increasing a friendly nation but, are you going to become a saint lord?” 

“It’s fine… We can’t be careless but, they are not people without a good sense… If we sent envoys back and fort to keep in touch, at that time we will see…” 

Wayne said those words with confidence while Ninim was wondering whether or not if it was alright… 


“—  The thing I want as my favorite hobby is very rare…” 

Guryuel said those words in his palace, surrounded by countless plates of food. 

“The food is my mission, not my hobby. My hobby is war.” 

Guryuel then took one meat and eat it whole. The vassals around him did not move despite the strange scene. 

“I’m convinced this time. That Prince is a rare beast in this continent.” 

“Your Majesty, then…” 

“Umu, he is a toy that is too much for that decrepit witch.” 

Within Guryuel eyes, a flame lit up… 

“Let’s see, Prince Wayne. I will do my best to eat you—-…” 

When one story ends, it marks the beginning of another story. 

A new sign of upheaval was creeping under Wayne.