Genius Prince – v4-c33

In the city Mirtaz, a fierce battle between the two princes had begun. 

The battles were taking place both inside and outside the city. 

Outside the city, Prince Bardroche had the upper hand. Prince Manfred was struggling but, that was more due to the difference of their soldiers. 

On the contrary, inside the city, Prince Manfred had a slight advantage. That was because he had obtained the city’s geographical information in advance, and shared it with his subordinates. Coupled with defensive equipment, he had successfully repelled Bardroche’s soldiers. 

In such a battlefield Glenn raised his voice. 

“Everyone, follow me! We will breakthrough that defense!” 


The soldiers followed Glenn as he rides on a horse leading the way, just like a single arrow piercing the enemy. 

“The man on top of the horse is their commander! Stop him!” 

The enemy screams, but Glenn’s great sword sweeps away his head. 

“Do you think you can stop me?!” 

Glenn and his men push deep into the enemy’s line. 

“Commander! We should be able to breakthrough soon!” 

“Good, we will then hit them from the back—…” 

Glenn suddenly stopped his horse as he speaks… 


His subordinate then also turn around… Glenn then speaks after glanced a few seconds. 

“… I’m going to change direction! We will break through the enemy side!” 

“Yes, sir? …. H-Hey, follow the commander!” 

Glenn’s troops who had been pushing ahead turned around and changed direction suddenly. 

Strang was watching from behind as Glenn’s troops were about to breakthrough. 

“… Did he notice?” 

The place where Glenn heading was something Strang had set up. It was a strategy where he invited the enemy force and entwining them with a trap behind the formation. 

“Oh well, it’s fine. With this, that annoying Glenn is heading sideway… Tell the central unit to take twenty steps forward. Put pressure on the battlefield.” 

“Yes, sir!” 

Strang then thinks in parallel as he gives his subordinates instruction. 

(The situation is bad…) 

He knew that it would be disadvantageous to fight the Bardroche army head-on. They might have an advantage inside the city, but it won’t last long. 

(… Should I advise withdrawal while the wound is still shallow? And if there’s a chance to turn it around, how will the Levetian army reach?) 

Strang glanced at the west. 


His eyes caught thousands of people running down the hill. 

“Are those, Levetian army? No wait, that is?!” 

Wrong. The levetianism army was still on the hill. And the group running down the hill was holding the flag of Mirtaz… 

“… I see so that’s how it is! You got us, Wayne!” 

Strang shouted. 

“Sent messenger to Prince Manfred!  Get ready for a ceasefire! The bird that lays golden eggs is back, wishing for discussion!” 


“In truth, are you sure you can defeat the princes’ armies if you arm the Mirtaz people?” 

“No, that is impossible…” 

Before they implemented the plan, Wayne had answered Louwellmina’s question. 

“Out of 30,000 people, half of them are men. Out of that half, around 5,000 are able to fight, of course, that is not including the children, elderly, and also those with low morale. However, even with that, all of them are merchants, they don’t have any experience in war. The number of weapons that could be purchased from the Levetianism army will be at most 3,000.” 


“But still, we can still fight…” 

Wayne said… 

“For the princes, Mirtaz are people that lays golden eggs. They would be less motivated when they thought the more they kill the fewer golds they get. Not to mention, the princes would then try to capture than kill the people of Mirtaz, which make them won’t be able to take this easily…” 


“Furthermore, there is also the Levetianism army behind still intact. Given the situation, it would be quite desperate for the princes. After all, no matter how they roll, defeat is inevitable…” 

Then Wayne grins… 

“With that, I cannot help but put them into our plan…—: 

Around sunset, there was a moment of silence in Mirtaz, 

A cease-fire agreement had been signed, the two princes armies were now camped near the city. The residence of Mirtaz was allowed to return inside the city provided that they won’t close the gates. 

“… You did it, Prince Wayne.” 

It was a room inside Kosimo’s mansion. Five men and women were present. Louwellmina, Bardroche, Manfred, Kosimo, and Wayne. 

“I never thought, we would be forced for a meeting in this way…” 

Bardroche speaks with apparent hatred, and Manfred followed… 

“Fighting the weakened us huh? It was simple, but still, that was indeed surprises me.” 

As usual, Manfred tried to smile, but it lacks the spirit as he must’ve been tired. 

“So then, how do you plan to handle this from now on?” 

As he asked, Wayne shook his head. 

“About that, it seems there’s a misunderstanding…” 


Wayne then said… 

“Why do the princes have to fight against Mirtaz people in the first place?” 

“Why did you ask? That is…” 

“It was due to the assassination attempt of Prince Dimetrio. Was that act done by the Mirtaz people, I wonder?” 

Bardroche and Manfred were shocked. 

It was already a common understanding that the assassination attempt was not done by the Mirtaz people. However, Wayne was going to make it legitimate. 

“First of all, I was not unjustly detained. As you can see, I am free…” 

“… That’s true.” 

Rather, if he was being detained, he won’t be able to appear here. Bardroche gritted his teeth… 

“The fact that we were going to the west side was also unfounded. As you guys all know, the governor-general who was the root of all evil in the past has been changed…” 

“That’s strange…” 

Manfred disagrees… 

“Then what is the army who still there doing here? It is evident that Mirtaz has a connection with the west, and they rushed here for that…” 

Then Wayne laughed. 

“No, the cause of that was me.” 

The two princes opened their eyes wide. 

“It seems the rumor that I had been detained had also reached them. They rushed here because I was one of the candidates to become a saint lord. Of course, they also here to help the Mirtaz people but…” 

It was a reckless reason. 

However, this time around, Wayne and Caldomeria plots merged into one. It would be more legitimate for them to come here not only to save the merchant city but also to rescue a devout candidate. 

“… If so, what happens to the assassination attempt. The criminal still hasn’t yet been caught, no?” 

“It can’t be, are you suggesting that one of us, me and Bardroche was the culprit?” 

Bardroche glared at Wayne as Manfred talks beside him. 

In response to that, Wayne smiled. 

“About that, I was thinking all this time. Why was the criminal able to cause such an incident?” 

“… What do you mean?” 

“I talked with mayor Kosimo, from him, I found out that the city security was almost perfect. In addition, each mansion has a private escort. From the start, it was not realistic to go through all of that just for an assassination…” 

“However…” Wayne continue… 

“There is one person who can do it. It is not me, not Mayor Kosimo, not Prince Bardroche, not Prince Manfred, not even Princess Louwellmina.” 

Manfred was surprised… 

“… That can’t be.” 

Wayne nodded. 

“Yes— All of this was done by Dimetrio’s own hand… That was the truth of the incident…” 

“Bardroche stood and raised his voice. 

“Don’t joke with me! For what reason did he do that?” 

“For what reason you ask? Of course, it was for this exact current state? Mirtaz allegiance was being doubted, and the two princes’ armies were weakened. For example, if you both return home with two defeated armies then—, not only Mirtaz, Dimetrio would also get the throne…” 

Of course, Wayne never thought that could happen. In the first place, Dimetrio almost died only because of his own arrogance… 

“I was surprised when I was being told by Prince Wayne.” 

Louwellmina took her turn… 

“But with that, I am convinced. I am sure that Dimetrio Onii-sama was in fact not willing to conclude the princes’ talk. That’s why, he had insisted his rightful claim to the throne, not accepting any kind of discussion… Don’t you think so?” 

Hearing Louwellmina’s words, the two princes were convinced… 

(No way, these guys…) 

(They are going to force all the blame on Dimetrio?!) 


Wayne laughed internally… 

(Neither of you was willing to hold the princes’ talk. With that being the case, you guys should’ve expected it right? As to who will take the responsibility?) 

The princes’ event was also held during a big gathering of influential people. 

If the talks didn’t produce any result, it would be inevitable that the guest and the people and the Empire would think “What is wrong with you guys?”… That was why the cause and the one who should take responsibility were needed. 

And with this, we were going to force the cause toward Dimetrio. 

Prince Dimetrio’s failure, assassination attempt, the two princes fought against each other, the future seems bleak. 

That was why, let us all conspire and turn the story into a fact— That was what Wayne had thought… 

Besides, Dimetrio was not here. Originally he should have the right to attend, but he had decided to return to his territory. No matter how much responsibility they imposed, he won’t be able to argue if he didn’t attend the meeting. 

“… Mirtaz is willing to support the two princes who had fight the unwanted fighting… And also, we’re ready to not have a mutual relationship with Prince Dimetrio…” 

Kosimo speaks slowly… He had declared that the Mirtaz would help recover the money used in the fight and there was not for prince Dimetrio… 

(… If we don’t go with this, Manfred would definitely jump aboard… On the other hand, I won’t be able to work with Dimetrio. I guess he will end up being isolated.) 

Bardroche worries were similar to Manfred. 

(If we don’t go with this plan even if I and Bardroche joined hand to subjugate Mirtaz, there would be another battle to determine who rule the city. And Dimetrio would take advantage. In the first place, it was also difficult to build a cooperative attitude as soon as possible, since I just fought Bardroche a few moments ago.) 

Their thought lasted for a while. 

And finally, it comes to a conclusion. And strangely they finished at the same time. 

“… Fine then.” 

“That story, I’m in…” 

Wayne smiled. 

“If it is the two of you, I do believe that would be the answers…” 

A few days later, Bardroche, Manfred, and Louwellmina, they announced the princes’ talk failure. They also condemn Dimetrio as the cause. 

Of course, Dimetrio’s side argues back but, the effect of the three of them joined force was significant, thus since then, Dimetrio’s power was reduced greatly. 

Like that, the series of events that began with the princes’ talk got settled for the time being.