Genius Prince – v4-c32

And now… 

As the representative of the 30,000 people, together with Kosimo, Wayne faced against Caldomeria and Guryuel. 

“This is what we call a strange relationship… I’ve never thought meeting the two of you again this soon…” 

Wayne said that with a smile, and Caldomeria responded with a gentle smile… 

“Indeed, honestly… I heard there were many influential people come to the city, and I thought your highness might be there as well but, I never thought we would meet like this…” 

“… Also, why is your highness being the representative of Mirtaz city?”

Guryuel decided to ask a question… 

“You’re the prince of Natra. I believe this is not the place where your highness should get involved?” 

“There are various complicated circumstances… That being said, I am here with Mayor of Mirtaz, Kosimo permission…” 

Kosimo nodded her head in response to those words. 

While feeling dissatisfied with the answer, Guryuel decides to not pursue further… 

“First of all, on behalf of the people of Mirtaz, thank you very much…” 

Wayne then bowed his head lightly. 

“Thanks to the Levetia army, we were able to escape the city without missing anyone. I once again in awe at the depth of Levetian army kindness for accepting 30,000 people.” 

“Of course, after all, it is our duty to help those who are under repression… I’m glad that we’re able to rescue the people from the imperial administration.” 

Toward Caldomeria who replied politely, Wayne said… 

“On top of that, there’s something I wish to ask. About the plan on how the army would move in the future after accepting us…” 

Kosimo’s heart was about to tear apart due to the tension. 

(Calm down… I can endure this…) 

Assassination attempt toward prince Dimetrio. Upon receiving this report, Kosimo feels he was about to collapse anytime. 

Still, he didn’t collapse due to his sense of responsibility as a mayor and also due to his love for his hometown. It was clear to him that he would be condemned. Anyway, he was immediately scrambled to maintain his political situation. 

However, things quickly went out of control. The assassin was not caught, and the two princes threatened him to surrender the city after a prince from an allied nation got detained due to failure in communication with the guard. The princes were supposedly on the side who did all of that but they manage to turn it around and blamed him for it. 

With the help of Princess Louwellmina and Princess Franya, he had managed to prevent a riot happen in the city but, the negotiation with the two princes, which was essential falls apart. — He thought everything was over but… 

“We will agitate the people of Mirtaz, and destroy the three militaries surrounding the city…” 

When Wayne spoke of the plan, Kosimo opened his mouth wide thinking the crazy idea, 

Furthermore, he terrified of his motives. 

“What is your reason for helping us, your highness?” 

In the end, Wayne was part of Natra’s delegation. Far from being a Mirtaz citizen, he was not even the Empire’s citizen. No one would blame him if he wants to escape via the underground tunnels. It was natural for Kosimo to ask such a question since he was about to cross a dangerous bridge for Mirtaz. 

However, Wayne’s reply was simple. 

“Franya like this city. As her elder brother, I want her to return home with a great and happy memory…” 

He didn’t feel any lie from those words. Just to keep his sister’s mind clear, he was trying to gamble his way and involve the city. 

At first, he thought it was crazy. 

At the same time, however, Kosimo could feel the excitement within himself. 

(When I was young, I remembered that I often gamble my life for gold and glory…) 

Kosimo was a veteran merchant. Not only once or twice he had crossed the dangerous bridge. And his experience told him… This was the time for him to risk his life once more. 

(I shall bet on prince Wayne! If that is the case then, I shall see this until the end…!) 

Regardless of his nervous mind, Kosimo focused all of his might on this meeting. 

“Plan, is it?” 

In response to Wayne’s question, Caldomeria shows a slightly troubled expression. 

“Of course, that would be repelling the two princes army and fight for the city. Right, King Guryuel?” 


Guryuel was groaning a bit as he was being asked… 

It was not impossible for the princes to win if they combine their force. However, the two princes were fighting against each other for the city… If they intervene with proper timing, they should win against the princes. 

However, that would be if the supplies were also sufficient. 

30,000 refuges. If they have to take care of the refuges, the supplies would be gone within a few days. Of course, additional supplies would arrive later on, but, it was certain the consumption rate was too fast, the reinforce supplies won’t make it in time. 

If that happens, it would be clear what would happen. If they were inside the city, they might have to perform siege battles, and before the war ended, they might die due to starvation instead. 

“… I guess so, that is the plan…” 

Nonetheless, he couldn’t say that out loud. Guryuel only replied with a low voice. 

“…Hoo, Is that so?” 

Of course, without being told, Wayne understands the other side’s situation. 

“Actually, we already talked with the citizen. We’ve managed to escape due to the two princes army glaring at each other and they fail to notice us. Having the Levetian army taking care of us is already a great thing, asking for more would be too much…” 

“… I don’t think you need to be shy about that but, if you don’t need us other than that, what are you going to do?” 

“We will regain the city with our own hands…” 

Caldomeria and Guryuel opened their eyes wide. 

Wayne then continue… 

“I would like for you to sell us the surplus weapon, foods, and supplies, at the triple of the prices…” 

(Now then, what are you going to do, Caldomeria?) 

Wayne’s plan was… 

By vacating the city, the two princes would fight against each other and tire themselves. 

Furthermore, by having the citizen buy weapons from the Levetian army, they would turn into a militia. 

He then would return with the citizen to the city and hit the weakened princes force. 

At first, when hearing that, it sounded ridiculous. However, the first stage had gone well. 

(Right now, the two princes are fighting against each other. And with 30,000 people under their care, the Levetian army had lost their time… By now, they should wish to return back home as soon as possible…) 

However, they couldn’t do it now due to saving face. They would be mocked by people, if the people found out they had sold their weapons and returned, despite having the cause of ‘liberating’ the oppressed city… 

“If course, we know that your actions are in accordance with the will of the great God, and not for the purpose of making gold. However, Mirtaz is a city of the merchant. Gold for them is the proof of sincerity, thus, let us pay.” 

They planned to buy that saving face with money… 

“When we retake the city, we let us build a monument, to honor the gratitude… It would be nice to build a larger temple, I believe? After all, Mirtaz is a city connecting the east and west. It would be great for believers to be able to visit a temple more easily, no?” 

In other words, Wayne was telling her to leave their weapon and foods, in exchange for money and honor. 

“I see,” Caldomeria then murmured slowly… 

(He had pushed the refuges on our hand so that we won’t refuse this deal huh?) 

If Caldomeria was truly a devout believer, she would definitely refuse the deal. The holy war must be completed. 

However, she was a politician. She understands, by accepting the 30,000 refuges, her initial plan had collapsed, and even if they stayed, the damage would only spread. 

(Great, this is indeed great. To lead the citizen of the city to abandon the city, and pushed them on us… That move was far surpassed what I had expected, Prince Wayne…) 

Caldomeria heartily admires Wayne, then… 

(— However, I have no choice but to decline here…) 


She looked at Wayne face to face with a sharpened gaze. Caldomeria could feel her back shivered when she saw his sharp gaze… 

(Ah, this is fun! I want to play more with this child. I should refuse the deal, then troubles him, the damage then would spread, messing everything up— Ah, I want to see more, I want to see how he make the next move…) 

Many humans would die. It would be bloody. She might also lose her life. But, that didn’t matter. Because, she believes it would be, fun—… 

“I shall agree with the deal…” 

“—- Hah?” 

Hearing the voice, Caldomeria tilted her head. 

“… King Guryuel, just now, what did you say?” 

“I shall accept the deal, o Director of the Gospel bureau, Caldomeria…” 

Sparks scattered between the two people. The malice inside Caldomeria’s gaze was as if it could bring down the sky. 

“I should be the one who has responsibility for this expedition?” 

“However, I’m the one in charge of the military. In that case, I shall accept the deal.” 

Guryuel was already convinced this was the end of their plan. 

Not only they were at a disadvantage when it comes to time, but they also need to face two princes’ armies. There was also the possibility of prince Dimetrio’s army to return back. 

(If we stay here, we will perform joint battle with the citizen, and Prince Wayne might use the city’s citizen to prolong the war..) 

That was exactly what Caldomeria wants, but Guryuel didn’t want to get involved with her nasty plan. 

“This is troubling…” 

Caldomeria, who saw Guryuel’s firm will, decided to rethink… 

“… Only the surplus weapon and foods will be sold. We shall not return back until we confirm the recapture of the city…” 

“I don’t mind.” 

“Me too…” 

Wayne laughed as he reaches out his hand. 

“I thank you for your cooperation, Director Caldomeria, King Guryuel…”