Genius Prince – v4-c31

From that day, various rumors began to flow in the city. 

According to Bardroche, he intended to make the city as the frontline against the west. Manfred says he had intended to crack down on the merchants. Some rumor said that Prince Wayne was being poisoned by both princes in order for the city to not have a close relationship with him, most of the rumors were about distrust toward the princes’ army. 


“Mirtaz have always been at the mercy of the Empire’s ambition…” 

I front of 3000 men, Franya speaks… 

“Even now, look, due to the threat from the princes, people are unable to sleep at night. They have no sense of decency, and their persuasion didn’t make any sense. Not long after, there will be a tragedy in this city!”

The audience listens to Franya’s words, with a sigh of breath.

Wayne, Ninim, and Louwellmina secretly listen to her speech from a distance. 

“… Are you sure this going to be alright?” 

Ninim while gazing at Franya. There was escort next to Franya but, the number of people watching her speech was a lot, making Ninim feel uneasy… 

“By nature, the human need to live alongside fear…” 

Ninim tilted her head when she heard Wayne’s words… 

“What do you mean?” 

“When fear comes to attack, you will try to attack, defend, escape, and analyze… By taking some measures, one could feel at ease… And the chaotic civil assembly was the same in that regard… They can’t stand the scary things standing in front of them…” 

Most of the rumors circulated in the city were Wayne doing… 

Then the resident started to feel scared. However, the city was surrounded and there was no escape. They cannot attack or defend either. Everyone feels they were waiting for a hopeless future. 

“There, princess Franya reached them… Such a vicious plan…” 

“Supply and Demands. Isn’t that the basis of doing business?” 

It was an irresistible thing for the citizen who seeks peace of mind. The existence of Franya permeates within the Public heart. 

“But just because her highness Franya becomes the idol of Mirtaz, can we really do it?” 

“We can…” 

Wayne said. 

“We don’t have to convince everyone. If you can incite at least 3,000 people, the rest will follow. And for the current Franya, such numbers should be not hard to achieve. Look…” 

Wayne urges them to look at Franya. 

While the three people had their discussion, Franya’s speech was about to reach its peak. 

How did all of this happen? 

Looking back on recent events, Franya was holding her head inside her mind. 

At first, she was tasked to come to Mirtaz just to greets the three princes. 

Suddenly, she was being courted by one of the princes, and her brother who was supposedly in her home country appeared, not long after, one of the princes was almost getting assassinated, and her brother was being arrested, and right after that, the other two princes decided to besiege the Mirtaz city. 

During that rapid change of situation, she decided to do something anything that would be useful for her brother, and here before she realizes it, she ended up giving a speech in front of more than 3,000 people… 

(— Why did this happen I wonder…?) 

Standing on the stage giving her speech, Franya continues to lamenting inside her mind. 

But, but—… 

From here on, I will be indispensable for these people, and I have to do one thing… After all, that was what my elder brother told me… 

[Right now, Mirtaz is like a bag filled with water. If we keep on applying pressure on it, soon it would burst. However, what would happen if we poke a small hole?] 

Before she gives her speech, Franya had given her answer… 

[The water will leak from the hole, and the bag won’t burst…” 

[That’s right. In addition, we can decide where to place the hole… In other words, you can control the direction in which the water leaks. I have devised a plan based on that…] 

Then Wayne whispered his plan to her, hearing it, Franya opened her eyes wide. 

[N-Nii-sama, are you sure I could do that?] 

In response to that question, Wayne grinned… 

[Of course… — Trust me, Franya. You can do it.] 

Thus Franya decides to stand in front of the people. 

Her brother said she can do it. Her brother said she should believe in herself and him. Which was why she had no doubt… 

(I can do it… Do my best, Franya!) 

She herself could see it. The subtleties of the people. The movement of their hearts. She could spin their emotion using words… 

“The path of having a talk with the princes have gone! Not to mention, this city has no power to fight the princes!” 

Up until this point, everyone knew… And what they wanted to know was what to do from now on… 

“Then, should we surrender Mirtaz? I say, no! There is still a way!” 

Then she showed the way. The possibility of breaking this predicament. What were the people want… 

Franya then made a declaration. 

“The only way is none other than to abandon the city! I propose to all residents of the city to abandon the city and ask the Levitian army protection!’ 

Noise spread across the residents. 

Of course. No matter where no one could easily abandon the place once called home. Even Franya herself, when she heard the plan from Wayne, she thought it was insanely stupid. 

However, this was exactly the hole Wayne talking about… And, there was no one capable to widen the hole except Franya. 

“Does Mirtaz means the road in the center of the continent? No, it is not!” 

Franya raised her voice to destroy the confusion among the people. 

“Mirtaz is you, the people of the city! The land and building are just branches and leaves that decorate the core of the city which is you, the people! Whether you’re in a desert city, or on an island in the middle of nowhere, as long as you, the merchants are there, it can become a Mirtaz! the city of merchants!” 

Franya feels her throat was burning. The air becomes hot. It was not an illusion. The heat from the people was increasing. 

“If the princes who don’t know the essence of things want this city, let them have it! Then let us laugh at them when they realize what they get is just an empty shell! Laugh at them while we seek more prosperity than what you have right now!” 

It was almost time. With tension rising, Franya shouts while raising her hand. 

“If Mirtaz people unite, we will be able to overcome any troubles, and recover! Therefore, this is not an escape, but the first step toward victory! We shall throw the old, and it is time for us to get the next glory!” 

She took a deep breath… 

“— Let’s conquer it! Together with me!” 

She said it. 

Sweat ran down Franya’s face. 

In front of her, strange silence. Then her heart grew cold, unlike the time she gives the speech. Her back trembled, fearing it was a failure… 

At that time… “Together…”, someone broke the silence…  

When that person speaks, the other follows… 

Five people, ten people, and so on… 

“Together!”, “Together!”, “Win!”, “Conquer!”, “To the next glory!”. 

Propagation of the words didn’t stop, it increased over time, and finally, it echoes within the entire city. 

With tension, tiredness, and a sense of accomplishment, Franya was convinced her speech was successful. 



The audience was in frenzy. 

Of course, that was normal. Even Ninim and Louwellmina who watched the speech with a calm mind could feel the uplifting sensation within them…

“Wayne, with this…” 

“That’s right, Franya did it perfectly…” 

Wayne smiled… 

“The rest is up to us. With the momentum of 3,000 people, it will wake hysterical group of 30,000 people… We will bring them outside of the city.” 

“… Somehow, I sympathize with the Levetian army, who has to deal with all of them…” 

“Well, they did say that they come here to help the citizen of Mirtaz, no? Then, why not let them fulfill their holy duty?” 

Thus, with Franya as the flag bearer, a large scale movement involving the entire city begins…