Genius Prince – v4-c30

Time goes back to a few days ago. 

“…. Khu?!” 

As soon as Wayne gain consciousness, he jumped up. 

He hurriedly looks around and sees the people around him. There was Ninim waiting in the room. 

“Ninim, what’s going on?” 



Ninim jumped at him faster than Wayne trying to figure out the situation… 

“I’m glad! I’m glad you woke up!” 

“My body feels good but, I almost ended up sleeping once again…” 

Wayne, who was pushed down hugged Ninim back. 

“I’m sorry, it was all my mistake. I knew Wayne is tired but…” 

“No, I thought my body is still fine, and I ignored Ninim advice before… But well, this time the situation was indeed too crazy—…” 

While saying that, Wayne was startled. 

Ninim who buried her face on his chest leaked a sobbing voice. 

“I’m really glad… I don’t know what to do if Wayne never wakes up again…” 

Her voice was soo weak that one won’t be able to compare it to her usual strong tone… 

In this era, it was not unusual for someone who suddenly fell sick to never return. Even for a royal, it was not unusual for them to get sick. 

Wayne could feel Ninim anxiety through all the tears he felt on his chest… Today, she was more delicate than even glass. Wayne suddenly struggled as to where he should put his hands, then he decided to gently strokes her hair. 

“Err, that, please don’t cry. When Ninim cries… I don’t know what to do…”

Hearing his whispering, Ninim then responded with a small voice. 

“… Then, don’t force yourself anymore…” 

“Well, it would be darn near impossible for me to do that don’t you think? Oi, wait, that’s hurt!” 

His back was being pinched. 

“I-I understand. I’ll be more careful from now on, please forgive me for this one!” 

“… Unforgivable…” 

Ninim then rubs her cheeks on Wayne’s chest. 

“Then, let me stay like this for a bit…” 

Wayne said nothing and continue to strokes Ninim’s hair. 

At some point, Ninim’s sobbing sounds started to stop, and a quiet and comfortable time comes… But then, the silence immediately ends… The one who disturbs the silence was Wayne’s stomach which complained due to hunger… 

“… Wayne, look away for a bit.” 

As he was told by Ninim, Wayne turns his head away… Then she left Wayne, turned her back, and fixed her appearance before she said, “I’m fine now.” 

“Good then, first of all, let’s have a meal. I will prepare everything immediately…” 

Ninim turned around and had the usual dignified attitude. Though he still could see the slight red eyes… 

“You don’t have to bring them, I can go to the dining room.” 

“No. Not allowed. I will get angry if you left your room when I return.” 

Ninim’s words this time were filled with absolute pressure. 

He was glad that she cares for him but, this was not the time for it since in order to settle the situation, there was something he needs to check immediately. 

“Ninim, I don’t know what happened after I collapsed but, right now, I don’t believe this is the situation for me to relax…” 

“How unfortunate indeed… I’ll explain more when I come back…” 

“… I understand, then I will wait here. However, could you bring meals as soon as possible? My stomach seems to have stick to the bone already…” 

Ninim laughed a little… 

“Leave it to me. I’ll be back soon…” 

Ninim then left the room… 


There was a guest in the room after he finished his meals, and received a full explanation from Ninim. It was his sister, Franya and Princess Louwellmina. 

“Good, I’m glad! I was so worried!” 

“Sorry, Franya. But, I’m fine now.” 

Wayne smiled as he hugs his younger sister. Then smiles returned on his sister’s face. 

“Also, I wish to say thank you to Princess Louwellmina. It seems you’ve helped Franya a lot when I was unconscious…” 

“I don’t do much. And I’m glad that I could help in this difficult situation…”

Wayne and Louwellmina then gaze at each other. With that in mind, Wayne gives instruction to Ninim with his hand. 

“Your Highness Franya, let us change your clothes first. And your highness might continue the talk after that…” 

“Ah, right. Onii-sama, see you later…” 

Franya left the room with Ninim. 

“There’s no need for pleasantry”, then Louwellmina continue… 

“How far did you hear from Ninim?” 

“I heard everything after I fell. … Are you sure Franya did that?” 

“It is a fact. I’m honestly surprised too. That she would make herself a wonderful pillar for the people of Mirtaz…” 

The beginning of everything started at the Parliament building. 

Bardroche and Manfred’s request to open the gate had caused a great panic within the city. 

Of course, that panic also could be seen during the assembly. Discussion about the punishing the guards, blaming Kosimo, the topic of surrendering to the princes, and whether or not they should ask the west for help. 

It was clear in everyone’s eyes, the thing that drove them was fear. The parliamentary participant swelled, the discussion was swayed by emotions, they could not agree on anything, and soon after that, words of abuse and violence began to fly around. 

It seems the famous Mirtaz civil council had collapsed. 

It was at that time, Franya joined the Parliament. 

(If riots occur, my brother who is in detention would be at risk…) 

Now that her brother could not move, she had to prevent the city fall into chaos. 

When she stood on the stage with a sense of mission, the Parliament which was full of abusive words became strangely quiet. 

“—- This city is in predicament.” 

Franya pleasant and cool voice was like a spring breeze. 

“But don’t panic. Don’t compete with your own neighbors. We all need to unite.” 

Three hundred people were in the Capitol. All their gaze was directed toward Franya, but she didn’t feel any fear. 

“You are all merchants of Mirtaz, the continent best commercial city. A merchant is a person who opens up the future with their own wisdom. Then, if the 30,000 merchants living in this city, comes together to tackle one problem, there will be no situation where we cannot solve…” 

—She took a deep breath. 

“You guys all have a brain of gold. That is why let it illuminate the way!” 

Franya’s speech was by no means long. 

However, the listeners who had listened all recovered their calm mind. They become less emotional, more constructive, and the debate was incandescent but never becomes violent. 

After that, Franya began to make speeches every day. 

The momentum heated further after Wayne collapsed. Her voice becomes strong, and her gesture captures the heart of the people. When the number of audiences increased, and she becomes unable to held speeches inside the Parliament, her speech was then started being held in front of the Parliament building, and soon enough, they move to the bigger square. 

“At this point, me and Mayor Kosimo decided to put all of our support on her. Compared to the mayor who has his popularity decline, and I, who is the little sister of those who besiege the city, it would be less resistance with her leading…” 

Using the undamaged reputation to unite the people. 

The strategy worked, and Franya was widely accepted by the people of Mirtaz. 

“It might be weird coming from me but, I guess I’ve become useless eh?” 

The pressure on Franya must’ve been tremendous. Wayne was surprised that she, who usually spend time in a safe birdcage until a while ago, could endure such pressure. 

“I guess so. In fact, she seems to have thrown up several times…” 

“Oi, you should stop her…” 

“I did… But, she didn’t stop, and the person herself continue to move…” 

Even when her condition was poor, she still continues to work without regarding the other’s advice. Wayne thought it was very similar to something. It was him… 

“I guess, we’re really brother and sister huh?” 

“Did you say something?” 

“No, nothing. But yeah, it seems Franya had done a lot…” 

“Me and Mayor Kosimo are also grateful. After all, it was all thanks to her that the city hasn’t yet fallen into a riot…” 

“Go and tell the person herself…” 

Louwellmina then smiled. 

“You’re right, I will tell her later. … But, I want to tell you this… There’s an underground passage for escape under the basement of the Mayor’s house. Please do, use it to return home…” 

Wayne’s eyes then turn sharp. 

“Reward was it?” 

“Sure, I don’t mind if you take it like that.” 

Louwellimna nodded. 

“The order within the city was maintained, but the negotiation with my brothers who besiege the city remained without progress. It was about time for the other side to start attacking. That’s why, I want the benefactor at least escape…” 


“Just like the people are supporting Franya, Princess Franya also strongly believes in Mirtaz. And if we ask her to escape now, she would definitely refuse. That’s why, I want Wayne, to persuade her.” 

“… Lova, what are you going to do?” 

“I will stick to the last minutes. That is my duty after all…” 

The smile on Lowellmina’s face was full of fatigue. She must’ve been working very hard to overcome the situation. 

Wayne then said after a moment of silence. 

“Lova, what is the worst development for you, looking at the current situation?” 

A sudden question. Lova expressed her thought… 

“… Mirtaz would fall to the west I guess… If the west gets the city, I had rather anyone else to seize the city…” 

“I guess so…” 

Wayne then said… 

“This will be a bit of gambling, but how about try my plan?” 

“… What are you going to do?” 

Wayne grinned. 

“I want Franya to become an Idol…”