Genius Prince – v4-c3

“— Now, about the meeting of the princes…” 

Times goes back to the meeting room in the royal palace of Natra. 

In there were the senior vassals of Natra. 

Their gaze was all directed toward Wayne who was sitting on the throne. 

“As all of you may have heard, a meeting between imperial princes would take place in the Mirtaz city. Apparently, there was using another ceremony for this meeting but, influential people from all over the continent have been invited to Mirtaz, and our country, Natra, has also received an invitation letter.” 

Wayne continued… 

“There is no doubt that this talk would be very important. Normally, it would be right for me to go. However, my Natra is currently in the midst of the postwar period… I would like to hear everyone’s opinion about whether or not I should accept the invitation.” 

While looking around at his vassals, he also casts his own will in the form of a question. 

In response, the vassals uttered their opinion… 

“I agree with your highness Wayne, Natra is currently under a major transformation under your highness, thus I believe your highness needs to carefully consider the path your highness must take. I’m afraid that this country might fall into danger if your highness leave…” 

“But please wait… This talk is not being attended by the imperial princes, but all of the important people in the continent. Not to mention, the next Emperor would be decided during the meeting, if your highness doesn’t attend, I fear it would cause cracks in our alliance with the Empire…” 

“We don’t really know if they truly going to decide the Emperor there, no? Or are you saying it would be worth it to neglect our country for that?” 

“We could support the country in the absence of his highness. Or the title of nobility is only an ornament?” 

“What did you say?!” 

“Calm down, you’re before his highness.” 

Many opinions jumped around in the conference room. 

Wayne thought while listening to the necessary opinions from the noise… 

(Looking at the flow, it’s fifty-fifty huh?) 

If this was last year, they would without a doubt told him to attend the meeting no matter what. 

However, over the past year, the authority of the Empire has fallen, while Natra gained new territory and currently on the rise. Such a fact had inspired the vassals. 

(— If it is like this, then I could just put together something and guide them to the direction of me not going!) 

In conclusion, Wayne didn’t want to attend the meeting. 

There were several reasons. One was obviously, he was busy. 

He had succeeded in enlarging the country’s territory with a war against Cabarine. However, since something like this had never happened before, the country didn’t have experience in dealing with the additional big territory. 

Thanks to that, there were many locals reports where confusion happen, Wayne was currently overwhelmed in adjusting the gears that didn’t mesh well… 

And another reason was Louwellmina. At present, Natra was being considered as Louwellmina’s faction. It was because they had helped her during the previous civil struggle. 

Of course, Wayne had no intention of joining her faction. However, if he responded to the invitation, they would be regarded as Louwellmina’s faction, like it or not. 

(I absolutely refuse! Lova faction?! It would without a doubt full of trouble!) 

To be honest, he thought the contact with the princes would be valuable. If they could talk, he would love to talk with them. However, if he had to enter Louwellmina’s faction for that, it would only make them as a hostile faction in the eyes of the three princes. Which made it no good. 

(Well, the Emperor won’t be decided during the meeting anyway.) 

The princes’ talk was to decide the next Emperor. However, Wayne only saw this as a demonstration. 

The civil war had damaged the Empire’s reputation, and the people were feeling anxiety that the Emperor hadn’t yet been decided. This meeting was for the sake of dealing with those problems. 

They were trying to say that they were willing to solve the problem via discussion and not sword and shield. Of course, the Empire still had the power to attract many important people. And this meeting was also to show that. 

Besides, if the Emperor ended up not being decided, even if he didn’t accept the invitation, he could make it up with a later of diplomacy. For these reasons, Wayne concluded that he did not need to attend. 

(Fuuuh, I could imagine Lova’s regret as she found out that I would not attend…) 

While thinking of the benefits of him attending or not attending the meeting, Wayne noticed someone’s gaze… 

It belonged to a young girl—, Franya, who sat a little further away. Yes, not just Wayne, Princess Franya was also attending the current meeting. 

(Hnnn? Did something happen?) 

Franya looked like she wants to say something when he gazed upon her but, she seemed to hesitate about it. While considering the reason, he soon realized… 

(I see, if I don’t attend the meeting, she is wondering whether or not she could come and play…) 

If he thinks about it, recently Franya had shocked Wayne in a lot of ways… He guessed that she was doing it to gain his attention due to loneliness that he didn’t spend time with her. He might be a busy person, but for him to not notice his sister’s feelings, he feels ashamed. 

(Be assured Franya, I’ll make time for you after this…) 

Let us enjoy dancing and poetry. Or maybe it would be good to go out on a horse? With that in mind, Wayne smiled at his sister. 


For Franya Elk Albarest, her most recent concern had been what she could do for her brother. 

The cause of such desire was her own elder brother’s encouragement. 

Wayne had been working a lot since he took the seat of regent. In addition to normal politics, war, and diplomacy, many of the works were overlapping with each other. 

To help Wayne, Franya had also attended conferences on his behalf and had been studying politics as of late… That have been giving her a little confidence… 

However, such a feeling was blown away here… Wayne’s work volume had jumped visibly as of late… 

(My work now is less than 10% of my brother’s work… I need to find out what I could do…!) 

With a fiery sense of mission, Franya began to follow Wayne. 

She tried to find out what she could do on his behalf but also not getting in his way. 

And today, during the meeting attended with his brother, Franya got herself enlightenment. 

(Prince’s meeting, I wonder if I could attend that in place of my brother…)

She knew she was the princess of Natra Kingdom. She should have the status enough to attend. While her brother works on domestic affairs, she thought she could work on the diplomacy. With that, the country could get both benefits. 


Needless to say, that was just a theory. 

Franya had never left Natra before. Not to mention, she had no experience meeting with foreign dignitaries. Could she really work on the diplomacy side? 

(I wonder what Nii-sama think?) 

Franya glanced at Wayne. 

At her beloved brother. She believed that he knew what she was thinking. That was why she wanted to hear her brother say ” I want you to go instead”. With that, she would nod without hesitation. 

He noticed her gaze and Wayne turned his eyes to Franya. 


At that moment, Franya gets a shock. 

The Gentle brother’s eyes. But at that time, her brother’s eyes looked sharp. 

Just like a parent waiting for the child to stand up, it was the look of kindness but full of dignity. 

(I was, naive…) 

Franya scolded herself. What she did was almost as if pushed the blame to her brother and asked him to make the choice for her. How can she speak with foreign dignitaries if she was like that? 

Franya thought… 

(My brother is waiting for me… For me to stand up on my own…!) 

Then she saw Wayne yawned… 

(Ah this is bad, I’m sleepy~…) 

Seeing Wayne like that, Ninim tried to remind him from the back. 

(I feel like something strange is about to happen…) 

And then, as the vassals debated heavily, Franya stood up full of determination. 

“— I shall attend the meeting on behalf of my elder brother, the crown prince.” 

The vassals were surprised, Wayne opened his eyes wide, and Ninim gazed at the ceiling. 

Thus, Franya’s diplomatic debut was decided.