Genius Prince – v4-c29

It was a strange sight. 

Men, women, children, and old people were waling in line without being divided. 

They were not heading toward the east, north, or south. They were heading toward the west. Their steps of 30,000 people cause the dust to rise… 

“To think that we’re doing this…” 

It was Mayor Kosimo, who murmured those words with a strange sensation. 

He also joins in the line with his family, walking toward the west. However, despite being the mayor, he was not walking at the front but a further back. 

The reason was not due to Kosimo himself. What was leading this progress? 

It was reflected in his eyes… The person who leads the Mirtaz people. 

Even now, on his eyes, reflected the figure of a girl encourages the people to move forward… 

“I was seriously surprised… Your Highness, Franya.” 

Franya Elk Albarest, Princess of the Natra Kingdom. 

It was she, who was at the forefront of 30,000… 


“What’s going on?” 

Manfred camp was in turmoil. 

The gate was being opened. That alone was fine. It was assumed that some people would try to come out of the city. 

However, no one had predicted that everyone would come out. 

(Why… No, I have no choice but to throw away my reasoning here… What important is to find a way out of this! What is the correct decision…!) 

There were some choices for Manfred. The moving residences were just in line, and there was no one protecting them. The guards were stationed as to not disturb the line. If he moves the army, he could intimidate them. 

And at the same time, he would leave the empty city open. If he makes a move toward the city, Mirtaz would be his. 

(Mirtaz is the city that lays golden eggs! However, the core of the city were the merchants! Which one should I prioritize? The merchants or the city?!) 

Manfred was contemplating. Of course, if he could get both, that would be great. However, if he tries to get the people, the Levetianism army would start to move. And if he tries to take the city, Bardroche would move against him. 

(This is an extraordinary situation. It should be possible to secure temporary cooperation with Bardroche to defeat the Levitianism army! Damn it, I need to decide which move should I take fast! If I ponder too long, I might miss the chance!) 

Manfred, whose mind was in frustration, further being thrown in shock. 

“Report! Some troops of our army and Bardroche army are starting to fight!” 

“What did you say?!” 

The report surprised Manfred. 

“Which idiot?! I haven’t issued any order yet, you know?!” 

“We couldn’t grasp the details, they were already in a state of fierce battle! But, looking at the situation, it seems it was our side who started first!” 

*What was that?!* Manfred nearly fell to the ground. 

The thing that made him stop from falling was his pride as a prince, he feels uneasy due to the unstable situation. 

(Our factions were filled with enthusiastic people, mainly from the emerging new aristocrats. I know that I can’t control them completely. It is understandable for some troops to run out of control. However—…) 

It was too fast. Not long after the Mirtaz citizen come out of the city. This means, after that, some of the troops surrounding the city unknowingly entered the city and began fighting Bardroche troops. 

The situation as moving too fast. Rather, it seems more natural, that the units were already inside the city before the citizen goes out—… 

“Your Highness! What should we do?!” 

“If we don’t send any reinforcement, the city will be taken by the other side!” 

Manfred who was deep in thought was forced to return to reality by his subordinates. 

Right, right now, he had no time to think for long. Since the battle has begun, means, the cooperative route had already disappeared. And if he tries to secure the people, Bardroche would get the city. 

There was only one option for him. 

“… We will send a reinforcement! All troops, move toward the city!” 

Manfred shouted while trying to brush aside the bad feeling inside his chest. 

On the other hand, Bardroche camp was relatively calm compared to Manfred. 

His camps were filled with experienced soldiers. Seeing the citizen of Mirtaz left the city, the situation was a surprise for them but, they manage to recover quickly. 

“Your Highness, after all, should we move and take over the city first?!” 

“Agreed. It was unclear as to what was the reason for the residents abandoning the city, but once we manage to get to the city, everything should be alright!” 

While listening to his subordinates, Bardroche had a difficult face. 

(I feel someone is controlling the situation… Should I really secure the city first?) 

Dimetrio’s assassination attempt. The emergence of the Levetianism army. The sudden movement of the residents. Everything was unexpected. 

Of course, each event may just coincidentally overlap each other. However, if someone was behind the scene, the person would expect the princes’ army to move to seize the city. It was possible that some kind of trap was being set up. 

There was no basis. It was just his intuition. However, Bardorche didn’t feel that it would be best for him to stay and watch the situation… 

But, the next news would blow away all of his thought… 

“Your Highness! There’s a report that our troops are fighting against Manfred troops in the city!” 


The report made a stir. Bardroche raised a question. 

“Whose troops acted on their own?!” 

“About that, we couldn’t confirm the flag indicating their affiliation. But the situation seems to be in our favor…” 


At this time, Bardroche felt uncomfortable. 

The Manfred army had a lot of emerging aristocrats, and it was no wonder for them to try to prove themselves. However, his Bardroche’s army, which was mainly filled with experienced military men, had very strict discipline. It was strange for them to not able to identify the affiliation. After all, if they want merit, no good would happen if they don’t show their affiliation. 

However, before he could clear his doubt, the situation began to move once again. 

“Your Highness! The Manfred army has started to move! It seems they aim to seize the city!” 


Bardroche clicked his tongue. He can’t just sit idly anymore… 

“We need to move as well. We will seize the city before Manfred could!” 

“Your Highness Louwellmina, the princes’ army has begun to move as planned.” 

Louwellmina nodded in satisfaction in response to Viz’s report. 

She was in Kosimo’s mansion inside Mirtaz. She remained in the city while the rest of the residence had left. 

“How about the decoy troops? Are they manage to retreat as planned?” 

“Yes, everything has been done accordingly…” 

The battles between Bardroche and Manfred troops inside the city. It was a play directed by Louwellmina. 

He ordered some troops to change into both armies equipment, then she just have to wait until their spies to return back with the information. And after confirming both princes’ armies had moved, they will withdraw. That was what Louwellmina had planned. 

“Your Highness should escape from the underground tunnel as well. Since from here on out, the city would turn into a battlefield.” 

“I agree. — Next is depends on the other sides, eh?” 

Louwellmina tilted her head toward the west while muttering small words. 

On the other side, Guryuel was laughing hard. 

“This is fun! It was unfortunate but, this is fun!” 

A messenger arrived from Mirtaz earlier. 

Their report was simple. Everyone was asking for help from the Levetianism army who had come with the justification of liberating the city. That was all. 

All men and women, all ages, 30,000 of them. 

Some of them couldn’t walk because of illness. However, instead of leaving them inside the city, there were heading toward the Levetianism army while riding a horse-drawn carriage. It was definitely an absurd situation. 

Who planned all of this, how did they manage to do it. There were a lot of things to worry about, but there was something else he needs to immediately address. 

“What should we do, Caldomeria? We won’t be able to take care all of 30,000 men.” 

Guryuel pointed out. They had brought extra supplies with them but, that alone couldn’t cover for all of them. In just three days, all of their supplies would be dried up. And it would only turn into a nightmare if their supplies run out in front of the enemy’s force. 

However, it was hard to not accept those citizens. Levetianism army had come with the justification of saving the Mirtaz people. The soldiers had come here with that intuition. If they reject them, it would cause a loss of morale. 

There’s only one way but…— 

“King Guryuel.” 

“I don’t want to believe it but…” 

Guryuel responded fast toward Caldomeria… 

“They are just pretending to ask for help, and in reality, they are people who planned to destroy our army from within, and we should destroy them first with force’, is that what you think?” 

“… Indeed.” 

“Oooh, that is good. If I was told of such a thing, I would have fled back to my own country.” 

Guryuel smirked. After all, this order was something that their army won’t be able to follow. 

“I’m really in trouble eh…” 

Caldomeria exhaled… 

However, rather than looking troubled, she smiled. 

It didn’t mean he had some room to spare. It was her disposition. This predicament. This dilemma. The chaotic situation, it was a heavenly pleasure for her. 

Besides, above all… 

“— If you’re having trouble, shall I give you some consultation…” 

From here on out, it was time for them to be serious. 

“It has been a while, Caldomeria-dono. King Guryuel.” 

The one who appeared with a smile was Wayne Salema Albarest