Genius Prince – v4-c28

Five days have passed since Bardroche and Manfred armies besieged Mirtaz. 

“It is more dangerous than expected.” 

Manfred, murmured while looking at the walls of Mirtaz. 

He was at the command post tent of his army. Surrounded by his men, it was noisy around him. 

“This is the territory of the Empire. I can understand if it was the imperial army, but to think an army from the west also approaches…” 

A subordinate responded to his muttering. 

“Princess Louwellmina and Mayor Kasiomo, as well as Princess Franya of Natra, they were calling the public to calm down.” 

“I wonder if that alone was enough… No, I guess it is a matter of time.” 

The current situation was a boon for Manfred. 

He was going to assassinate Wayne, but when Dimetrio fell poisoned due to an accident,  Manfred’s face was also turned blue. 

However, when Dimetrio made a quick decision to leave the city. He makes use of it as justification to deploy the army and put the blame of the collapse of the princes’ talk on Mirtaz. 

(It can’t be helped if that Bardroche also made his move. The problem is how to get the city with my army alone. And it would be good, if I can get rid of the Levetianism army as well while doing that…) 

For Manfred, the Levetianism army was hard to deal with. 

They stationed themselves on the hill to the west, a short distance from Mirtaz. 

Their claim was to open Mirtaz from the siege. 

(Maybe they had planned this since the beginning, looking for a gap to intervene…) 

Fortunately, should I say that? The Levetianism army didn’t show any sign of exercise its strength, and it was only watching from the distance. 

The reason was that I and Badroche combined army numbered around 7,000 men, but only 6,000 over there. The border with the western part of the continent was closer to them but, this was still in the imperial territory, so it would be hard for them to call reinforcement in case of emergency. Or, 

(They still have no good reason to move yet, huh?) 

Since their justification was to liberate Mirtaz, they need to move without hurting the residence of Mirtaz. 

(Those guys are really troublesome but, there’s also some part that I could take advantage of. What they wanted the most was the perfect reason to attack Mirtaz…) 

Thus, he was wondering whether or not to do his idea… 

As he was worried about that, he suddenly feels a sense of panic from the outside. 

“Excuse me!” 

Soon enough, a messenger appeared. 

“Your Highness, a report from within the city…” 

“Did something happens?” 

“Yes, about that…” 

Hearing the report, Manfred opened his eyes wide, looking startled. 

“Prince Wayne collapsed?” 

At the same time. 

The report also reached the Bardroche army. 

“Prince Wayne is unconscious?” 

“Yes, the news seems to have spread around the city as well…” 

Bardroche then thinks for a while. 

“I heard he was captured by the Mirtaz guard, was he being tortured when he was being detained?” 

“I heard he was released soon enough, and immediately return to the mansion. However, the details were still unknown, it was possible he was being tortured when he was being detained. Or the assassination attempt was actually being aimed at Prince Wayne, and this time around he was successfully being poisoned…” 

“…  In any case, I wish he would recover safely… He is definitely a person that could help me. It would be a waste if he were to die now…” 

Bardroche murmured seriously, while his messenger continues his report. 

“In addition, there’s a lot of bad reputation about our military inside the city.” 

“Bad reputation?” 

“Yes, they say that our army is out of control, and the majority of the population would be slaughtered…” 

“What an idiot, what kind of benefits would I get by doing that?” 

Mirtaz was a bird that lays golden eggs. Bardroche also knew the inhabitants of the city were the core for that. One could imagine how much loss would occur if such a massacre happens. 

And on the contrary, if the Mirtaz side was quiet and happily obey them, there was no need for bloodshed. 

“That probably the work of Manfred… Work with our spies inside the city to counter the rumors, and spread another rumors to hit Manfred side..” 

“Yes, sir!” 

The messenger immediately jumped out of the tent. 

Bardroche muttered as he organizing the situation inside his head. 

“Kick Manfred off which was in the north, kick off the Levitian fanatics in the west, and get Mirtaz… I don’t have to think much… My task is simple…” 

As soon as Mirtaz made a move, he would move instantly. 

Now, he just has to wait quietly. 

Bardroche stared at Mirtaz like a carnivore targeting a prey. 

And in the same way, Glenn in Bardroche army, and Strang in the Manfred army received the news that Wayne had collapsed. However, their reaction was completely different compared to the princes. 

“He’s someone who is not easy to die…” 

“Rather, I feel his intention is to get this information out…” 

And strangely, the two arrived at the same answer… 

“”Wayne, you’re going to do something behind the scene huh?”” 

Thus three days later… 

The situation began to move in response to their expectation… 


“… Boring…” 

Guryuel muttered angrily, then he bites the fruit in his hands while looking at formation on the hill. 

It has been a few days since he had arrived here… 

The situation was exactly the same as it was when he had arrived, and the situation was still with the two princes surrounding the city… 

“Caldomeria, why don’t we attack now?” 

“Not yet, King Guryuel…” 

Caldomeria responded with a book in her hands… 

“The battles require a good cause. We have to wait until the gate opens, and the two princes’ armies rushed into the city, we will make use of the confusion…” 

Then Caldomeria continue… 

“King Guryuel as well, you don’t want to face the two princes at the same time, yes?” 

The princes’ army combined numbered around 7,000 men, and Levetia army was around 6,000 men. When totaling there were 14,000 men. It was an excessive force for Mirtaz to handle. 

Both armies were against each other, but there was a high possibility that they would unite if the Levetia army moves before they enter the city. Then, there was almost twice the difference in numbers, so it was natural for the King to wants to avoid both princes at the same time. 

However, Guryuel reaction was unexpected for Caldomeria… 

“I don’t care personally… In the first place, they both were a small fry fighting against each other. In front of a common enemy, rather than working together, they continue to stare at each other… Even if they double the force, they won’t create much difference…” 


A genuine surprise comes out of Caldomeria’s mouth. Contrary to his appearance, Guryuel was an honest man, he never holds himself back. If he thinks he could do it then, he can… 

“I’m a bit hesitant if you say that but… We have to consider future development, thus we have to wait for now…” 

Guryuel then sighed… He seems frustrated but didn’t look like he would go against Caldomeria. 

“If you feel bored, then how about read this book?” 

“What is that? The dignity of the royal court?” 

“It is a book that has recently become popular among the western aristocrats. Do you know?” 

“I never heard of it but… Since it is recommended by you, it must be good.” 

Caldomeria laughed in a nasty way. 

“I wonder… In a nutshell, this book is written to corrupt and weaken the nobles. It is very unusual for a book to be so maliciously written…” 

“Hou, if you say that, why don’t you burn it?” 

“No well, I would like for these books to spread more…” 

Guryuel frowned, then convinced… 

“…. If the aristocrats lose power and the people’s trust, the people would then seek salvation from God, is that it?” 

“That may happen…” 

Guryuel clicked his tongue as Caldomeria laughed merrily. 

As the content of the book spread, Levetianism will expand. 

In fact, Levetianism was closer tot he secular world than other religions because Kings and Dukes usually selected to become the saint lords. 

If the book weakens the royal aristocrats, Levetianism will expand, but at the same time, the plebians will also rise inside the organization. And they will rally. Under Caldomeria… 

“… You damn witch. It was the regret of my life for not killing you the first time I met you…” 

“Fufufufu, King Guryuel should be careful with where you take your steps… There may be fire under your feet…” 

Sparks scattered between the two, and tension tighten… 

However, the tension was cut off by something… 


A scream came out from the outside, and then one of the soldiers appeared in front of them… 

“I have a report! It was confirmed that the gate of Mirtaz is being opened!” 

“Hou, finally their patience runs out?” 

“Then we must move right now…” 

Guryuel and Caldomeria switched gear immediately, but news of grief come out from the messenger. 

“P-Please wait!” 

“What’s wrong? is there something else…” 

“Yes, sir… But the inhabitants of Mirtaz was the one who opened the gates, and they are heading toward here…!” 

Guryuel lamented… It was not uncommon for people from a cornered city to escape. It was natural for them to seek help as well. In the first place, they had bought a large amount of food and supplies to distribute to the citizen after they kicked the two princes. 

“When they arrive, we shall give them generous protection. With that, their sentiments toward us will turn for the better. How many people are heading here?” 

Caldomeria asked and the messenger answered… 

“… All of them… 

Caldomeria and Guryuel then looked at each other, unable to understand… 

Then the messenger told them further… 

“Approximately, 30,000 people… All the residents of Mirtaz are heading toward here!”