Genius Prince – v4-c27

“They should’ve noticed us by now…” 

The man muttered in the carriage… 

The size of his body was unusual. The horse which pulled the carriage was also looking strong. 

But, if people were to saw the inside, they would understand why it needs such strong horses. The man riding inside was such a giant that the inside of the carriage feels cramped. 

The name of the man was Guryuel Solgest. He was one of the saint lords of Levetianism from the west, he was the king of Solgest Kingdom. 

“I’m sure they would be in panic by now. I feel regret that I couldn’t see it myself personally…” 

The one who responded to Guryuel was a woman. 

Her name was Caldomeria. She was the director of the department of Gospel, despite being a woman, she held such a high position in Levetianism. 

“But still, I’m surprised. I never thought we would lead the army to Mirtaz in this kind of situation…” 

“Precisely, this is the situation where we should move…” 

Caldomeria responded with a smile. 

“Many speculations floating around, everyone is suspecting one another, and focusing what is in front of themselves, this is a perfect chance for us to hit them from the side…” 

Guryuel then laughed…” 

“I pity the believers now. Since they are going to die just for your amusement.” 

If one were to look out the windows of the carriage, one could see soldiers walking in order. 

The numbers were around 6,000 men. Without exception, all of them were the Levetianism believer. 

“Amusement you say. This is a holy war to free Mirtaz from the Empire’s repression you know?” 

*Also…*, then she laughed… 

“They will survive. After all, the commander of the army is King Guryuel.” 

Just as Caldomeria said, she had decided this was the time to raise troops and head toward Mirtaz. but, it was Guryuel who actually have control over the army. 

“No need to play dumb. You must’ve prepared everything to play this kind of prank, for I only being pulled by you…” 

“Well, I can’t help it, after all, I can’t control the army.” 

Caldomeria was a politician, not a military official She has no experience leading an army of 6,000 men. 

“Our opponents are the princes of the Empire, after all, it would be hard to pull this plan unless I include King Guryuel.” 

“Hmm… I hope those princes are not just tittle, but also a worthy prey that deserves my taste…” 

He then stared at Caldomeria. 

“Remember this Caldomeria. I’m only moving due to the Holy King decree, I’m not your subordinate…” 

Guryuel spits those words out but, Caldomeria didn’t care. 

“Of course. I’ll be counting on you, King Guryuel.” 

Then she looked out of the window. 

“Fufufu, I wish this would make Prince Wayne happy…” 

Thinking about the future, a smile appeared on Caldomeria’s face. 


“Don’t go around and come bringing an army in this kind of situation, damn it all!” 

Wayne shouted as hard as he could. 

“Are you serious?! Honestly! This is the time for me to think a way for me to escape, and it is not the time for me to play around with you, Caldomeria!” 

“Wayne, calm down.” 

“I’m calm you know?! I thought she would only dispatch a delegation or something, but to think she bring an army! I should’ve burned her mansion when we escape from Cabarine!” 

“I understand your feeling but, right now you’re acting based on your feeling, Wayne.” 

Ninim tried to calm her master. 

“We need to make a quick decision right now…” 

“No matter what, we need to escape here as soon as possible…” 

Wayne was fully frustrated. 

“Being surrounded by the princes’ armies puts a lot of pressure on the people, and if they find out that the Levetianism army would come, it was a matter of time a riot to break out in the city.” 

“… Mirtaz has 30,000 populations. Once the riot was widespread, it would be impossible for the guard to contain it”

“Then they would decide to open the gate, the troops enter, and confusion peaked… If I don’t escape when that time comes, I would seriously in deep danger!” 

If this was within Natra, he would have some army in hand, and something could be done. 

But right now, Wayne only has some guards, after all, he had come here as a delegation. 

“The situation went beyond our own capacity. It would be almost impossible to turn the table from here… We have not enough time and hands. Ninim, get Franya back now. I also need Nanaki.” 

“I understand, I will inform them immediately.” 

And since Lova will definitely want to escape as well, ask her to cooperate…” 

At that time, Wayne body’s shook unnaturally… 


“Ah, no, my bad… I feel a bit tired. I feel my head a bit heavy” 

While saying so, Wayne tried to get up but, his legs give up. 

(Ah, this is bad…) 

He fell. As his body fell, he speaks… 

“Ninim, get ready to escape—…” 

Shortly after, Wayne fell to the floor.