Genius Prince – v4-c26

The news that the first prince had been poisoned quickly spread around the city. 

Fortunately, Dimetrio was saved. Thus, it had become an attempted poisoning, instead of a poisoned case. However, that didn’t mean the case could be gone easily. 

Dimetrio’s consciousness was still not yet fully recovered, and the culprit hasn’t yet been captured. 

Those who were working in the mansion shuddered when they thought they would be made to hold responsible and get executed, the aristocrats belonged to the factions were afraid of what would happen in the future, while Kosimo who was the mayor also caught in the scandal. 

Wayne wanted to return home as soon as possible in order to survive the situation, but another thing happens that makes it troublesome. The city guard immediately entered Dimetrio mansion, and even Wayne was made to accompany them to their headquarter. 

“Don’t joke with me! Are you saying his highness is the culprit?!” 

Led by Ninim, Wayne’s vassals responded with fire. 

However, the guard didn’t back down. In their eyes, the culprit had managed to run away, but there was also the possibility that everything was a ruse done by Wayne. In order to calm the chaotic situation, they need to immediately name someone as the criminal. Even if the person in question was the prince of another country, they couldn’t afford to back down. 

“I guess it can’t be helped. I shall go.” 

Eventually, Wayne who saw the dispute as unproductive decided to come with the guards to their headquarter. However, this had led rumors that Prince Wayne was captured as the criminal. 

In addition, since people thought Louwellmina’s faction was close with Natra, she ended up being suspected as well, when she finds out the news, she was completely in shock. 

Thus, three days passed. 


“Fuh— Finally, I manage to get out…” 

In front of the guard headquarter, Wayne stretched his body. 

Wayne had just been released from custody. However, the allegation of crimes still not being cleared. After all, Wayne was a royal family member. There was a possibility that he had been released due to political circumstances. 

He needs to quickly gather information, including from the surrounding countries. 

“Your Highness!” 

It was Ninim who rushed toward him. 

“I’m sorry for being late…!” 

“It’s fine. I didn’t wait that long.” 

It was the first time Wayne saw Ninim in the past three days. During his arrest, he had ordered Ninim to gather information. 

“Your highness complexion doesn’t seem to be good, did they treated your highness improperly?” 

“No, I just can’t sleep because I feel worried about the situation in the city. So Ninim, how is the situation?” 

“Yes… I believe the situation has turned critical…” 

When Wayne asked, Ninim began to explain her reports. 

The first to move was Dimetrio and his surrounding. 

Dimetrio who was almost lost his life seems to have become paranoid and thinks his life was in danger of being in this city. That was why, he dissolved the prince talk and ordered his subordinates to return to the capital as soon as possible. 

And since his life was in danger, his vassals have no choice but to obey. Since Dimetrio was indeed being poisoned, no one disagreed to leave. 

Thus, Dimetrio and his faction left the city. 

His action had caused the princes’ talk from getting settled, we thought Bardroche and Manfred would also return to the capital and left the city but, turn out they lakes an unexpected move. 

They move their troops stationed nearby and besieged Mirtaz. 

“They blamed everything as Mirtaz scheme.” 

“Unfortunately, it also led to suspecting the west plotting the assassinations as well…” 

“Also, they also voiced suspicion that the city going to place Wayne, the Empire’s ally as the scapegoat.” 

“They demanded the city to open the gate and accept their investigation.” 

That was Bardroche and Manfred’s claim. 

The aims of both parties were clear. Mirtaz was a bird that lays golden eggs, but because there were a lot of powers in it, they unable to place a collar on it. Therefore, they decided to take advantage of this blunder and put Mirtaz under their direct control. 

Of course, for Mirtaz, they feel like they had been struck by a thunder despite the sky being clear. However, due to their previous attempt rebellion and this time assassination attempt. And not to mention that the culprit had not been found. And it was also a fact that they had detained Wayne, the Empire’s ally. Those factors transformed Mirtaz political position into a corner. 

“Those bastards, they are going to use me…” 

Wayne returned to the mansion and groaned as he thinks the situation. 

“By the way, Ninim, between Bardroche and Manfred, which one was the first to move?” 

“Manfred is the one who moves the army first…” 

“Which means, Manfred is the one who ordered the assassination huh? No, I still can’t say that for sure yet…” 

Wayne said those words while organizing the information inside his head. 

“What is Lova doing? Did she escape?” 

“She still in the city.” 

“Oho, how unexpected. I thought she would escape immediately…” 

“There’s still a strong impression that Louwellmina’s faction is close with Natra but, the situation was Wayne was under arrest. That was why, rumors spread that it was Lova who ordered the assassination attempt, and she had been going around the city to extinguish the fire…” 

Hearing that, Wayne burst into laughter. 

“Right now, she is working hard with Mayor Kosimo to calm the situation. Also, Her Highness Franya is helping her…” 

“Franya is?” 

“Yes. Initially, she was angry that Wayne was being detained but, she says she can’t let the city get messed up until your highness Wayne returned…” 

*I see*, hearing that Wayne consented. It was a messy situation but, he believes this was a great opportunity to promote Franya’s independence and growth. 

“Also, Mayor Kasimo wants to apologize about the detention… Apparently, it was not him who ordered the guards…” 

The guards, or so to speak, was the Mirtaz city’s force. Perhaps, due to the constant movement, Kosimo could not immediately control them. That led to Wayne being detained. Perhaps, because he had explained it was the imperial prince’s own fault, that Wayne manages to be released. 

“He said he wants to meet as soon as possible to apologize. Maybe he will also ask for help to calm the situation.” 

“I don’t want to. I don’t care even if they explode…” 

Ninim nodded her head in response to Wayne’s words. The situation was getting dire. They were not in the position to get involved with Kosimo. 

“Then, what are we going to do now?” 

“Go home!” 

Wayne made his point. 

“We’re here for the princes’ talk but those princes in question were outside the city. it makes no sense for us to remain here. And not to mention, if we don’t escape as soon as possible, it would be dangerous. When Mirtaz opened the gate, I bet there would be one or two assassins slip in and then attempt to assassinate us amid the chaos…” 

“Well, that’s true…” 

It was Dimetrio who got poisoned, but in fact, it was Wayne who was the target. And one failure didn’t mean the culprit would be given up. 

“The problem is how are we going to escape.” 

“That’s true…” 

The city was besieged by two troops, and the city gates were tightly closed. Even if Wayne explained that they were going to go home, those troops most likely won’t believe him. 

“What is the position of the siege looks like?” 

“Bardroche and Manfred troops are divided, they are in the North and South of the city respectively, which is why, there’s a gap on each side, east, and west… But well, it would be a gamble whether or not we could escape via those routes…” 

Somehow escaping from the city while two armies were staring at each other. Moreover, Wayne was the target by one of the princes. If he got caught by the armies, there was a 50% chance that he would be secretly be killed. 

“Ah, what kind of disadvantage is this…” 

Wayne slumped on the desk. 

“Should we force Kosimo to tell us about a secret passage around this city? There should be one or two of them right?” 

“There should be some of those but, I don’t believe he would obediently open his mouth… But, I think, since he loves this city so much, he would desperately try to get Wayne involved…” 

“Ah, please spare me~…..!” 

Wayne groaned… 

“Anyway, the situation is really bad, we need to plan our escape immediately. On the day the situation getting worse than this, we will end up stuck as well…” 

“— Your Highness, pardon for the intrusion!” 

The door of the room was opened vigorously. 

Startled Wayne and Ninim. The one who comes in was one of his subordinates. 

“… I believe in our country, there’s no custom where one could kick the door?” 

“I’m sorry your highness, but it is a race against time…” 

“What’s wrong? Do those princes finally fight against each other?” 

“No, that’s not it!” 

The subordinate then took a deep breath before continues… 

“From the west, there’s a report that the army of Levetianism is approaching Mirtaz!” 

(— Haaaah?!) 

Wayne shouted inside his heart when he heard that news…