Genius Prince – v4-c25

“I’ve been waiting, Prince Wayne.” 

Dimetrio greeted Wayne who has arrived in his mansion, somehow he looks happy and in a good mood. 

(Oh, does this mean a good thing will happen?) 

Wayne arrived at the reception room while being in an alert. Ninim who followed him stand behind him and Dimetrio sits in front of him. 

“This meeting has been prepared ahead of time. So can I hope to have a constructive discussion?” 

“Of course. I’m looking forward to this as well, Prince Dimetrio.” 

Then, with slight tension, the talks between the two begin. 

“Speaking of which, yesterday, I heard you met with my brothers and sister?” 

“I’ve been given the opportunity, yes. I was able to meet with all the princes during this event, it was all worth it to come to Mirtaz.” 

“Hunn… I don’t think you’ll get anything if you exchange words with them though…” 

Dimetrio snorted. 

In this way, Dimetrio started the topic with a little provocation, and as the conversation continue with Wayne parsing his story while parrying the other side’s provocation. 

Dimetrio’s aim was to take the initiative before speaking the main issue. However, he was easy to be seen through. Wayne carefully picks his words and kept waiting until the opponent move. 

Keep on waiting, keep on waiting, keep on waiting. 

(—Oi, when are you going to start?!) 

Dozens of minutes have passed since the start of the talks. And it was as if the story did not progress. 

Feeling that, Wayne groaned inwardly. But if the other party still looks calm, that means he has some other plan. However, Dimetrio’s face looked frustrated instead. In other words, he didn’t expect the conversation would drag this long as well.  

(What’s going on?) 

That can’t be, Wayne started to suspect that the other side didn’t have anything to talk about, to begin with. 

Confused, Wayne keeps looking at Dimetrio. 

On the other hand, what was Dimetrio thinking about… 

(— Why don’t you suggest anything?!) 

He was angry. 

Wayne and Ninim were wrong in their expectation. The two thought Dimetrio wants to take initiative. But in reality, there was no such thing in Dimetrio’s side. 

After all, his vassals were busy with princes talk right now and the negotiation with other aristocrats members to pull them into his factions. And Dimetrio didn’t think that Wayne could corner him. He still recognizes that he has no choice but to accept Wayne’s request. 

The meeting was answered because of Dimetrio’s pride, he thought Wayne would come to him desperately and request for Franya’s marriage. That being the case because Wayne didn’t realize that, the frustration only escalated. 

(Are you saying you have some surplus? Are you implying the meeting with Bardroche and Manfred is more important? What kind of misunderstanding did you get by meeting those two foolish brothers of mine? Besides, you’re just a royal from a small country.) 

Thus, while keeping an eye on the hands of the two who were unsuccessful, the servant begins to change the cold tea with another warm tea. 

Then, without a sound, they tried to leave the room. 

“— Wait, don’t move.” 

Wayne threw a word at the waiter with a chilling voice. 


The servant’s shoulder turned slowly. 

“I-Is there any other request?” 

The servant who was called was looking surprised and confused. The same goes for Dimetrio, who sits face to face, with a line of sight between Wayne and the servant. 

“Are you the one who made this tea?” 

“… About that…” 

The servant nodded her head.  The bystander becomes more confused. 

However, Wayne continues mercilessly. 

“Drink this tea.” 

“Ha… M-Me?” 

“That’s right.” 

The servant looks around but, nobody dared to speak up when they feel Wayne’s strange atmosphere. Knowing that she couldn’t ask for help, the servant bowed as much as possible. 

“P-Pardon for my rudeness but, this tea was prepared for the nobles, it was a tea made by choosing the best tea leaves. It was not something that someone like me should drink…” 

“I told you, to drink it.” 

It was such a strong and cold voice that caused everybody spines to tremble. 

“You should be fine drinking it. —- Of course, if there was nothing extra in it.” 

The words helped the other servants around them to understand the situation. Wayne was implying the tea was poisoned or something. 

Everyone’s line of sight pierced the servant. The servant bowed while her teeth. 

(W-Why? how did he find out?!) 

The servant was Manfred’s spy. The servant has been able to slip into Dimetrio’s faction for several years, gathering information but, yesterday she had been given the task of killing Wayne who was scheduled to meet. 

Of course, there was no doubt that Wayne’s escort was strict. Therefore, the method of assassination with poison was selected, but it got found out… 

(Damn it, how am I going to survive this?) 

The servant didn’t know, but the reason was just Wayne’s observation. The tension of the hand when the servant presenting the tea, the swaying gaze, and the steps the servant makes when trying to leave— That was why, Wayne who usually needs to observe the people of the court noticed the suspicious behavior. 

And, even now, Wayne’s eyes were eagerly observed the servant, capturing every remark and move… 

(Is this Dimetrio doing? No, for him to poison allies dignitaries during his own meeting is impossible. It would be more make sense for Bardroche or Manfred who might think I have become dangerous existence, decide to send an assassin…) 

Wayne gently gives a hand signal to Ninim who was waiting behind him. The signal was to catch the servant if the servant tries to attack or escape. Ninim nodded and prepares to move. 

Wayne and the servant. The tension gradually increased without both parties making slight movement, and then something unexpected happens… 


Suddenly, Dimetrio burst into laughter. 

“Are you saying that the tea was poisoned? That’s ridiculous! This is the house of Dimetrio, the next Emperor! It would be impossible for me to take such a vile measure!” 

Dimetrio who denounce Wayne was in good spirits. 

Why? After all, for him, the current scene had shown Wayne’s weakness. 

“It is funny for you to not have the courage to drink the tea during the invitation, and even make such a false accusation! For you to be such a coward!” 

Dimetrio becomes more talkative than ever. That’s bad, Wayne thought. There was no doubt that the reaction of the servant means there was indeed a poison inside the tea. If he let Dimetrio continue, he would be shamed instead. 

Of course, it was Dimetrio own’s fault, but following his personality, it was extremely likely that he would be furious… If that happens, the plan to restore the relationship will fall. 

“Ah, Prince Dimetrio, by never have the intention to make an excuse…” 

Wayne somehow tries to stop him. 

“Fuuh, something like this…” 

“Eh? Ah…” 

Suddenly, Dimetrio picked up the cup in front of Wayne. 

“See, there’s nothing!” 

He drinks all of it in one go. 

Wayne opened his eyes wide. 

Incidentally, the servant and Ninim also have the same expression. 

“How about this, Prince Wayne… There’s no poison in this t-tea…” 

After he said those words. 

Soon after that… 

“— Gufu…” 

Dimetrio collapsed. 


Wayne shouted, at the same time, the servant makes a move to escape. Ninim responded, but due to Dimetrio action, she was distracted. Using that gap, the servant sewed between the other servants, broke the window, and jump out to the outside. 

Wayne then stopped Ninim who tries to chase after the servant. 

“Ninim! Rather than that, Doctor! Call the Doctor!” 

“Khu… I understand!” 

Ninim jumps out of the room. Looking around, Wayne screamed. 

“What are you guys doing standing in a daze like that?! Half of you chase after the bad guys! And Half of you, lend a hand! Hurry up, he has been poisoned, you realize?!” 

“Ha… Y-Yes!” 

Hearing Wayne shout, the other people begin to move. 

But, will Dimetrio be saved? And what will happen if he dies… 

Considering the upcoming city turmoil, Wayne desperately continues to save lives…