Genius Prince – v4-c24

Wayne and Ninim, who parted from the three returned directly to the mansion. 

“Welcome home, Nii-sama.” 

“Oh, Franya, you’re back already?” 

He was greeted by Franya, who had returned earlier, he then has dinner with Franya, who was enthusiastic about the discussion at the Capitol. 

After finished their dinner, Wayne decided to discuss the next policy with Ninim in the office. 

“The problem is Dimetrio…” 

Ninim nodded at Wayne’s word. 

“I guess so, by having a talk with Bardroche and Manfred, we have been able to gain a connection with them and also showing them the distance between us and Lova. After that, if we can have a friendly relation with Prince Dimetrio, we will be able to make policy while keeping the distance with all the princes.” 

But as expected, they have a difficulty to get along with Dimetrio. 

After all, their first meeting was such a disaster. By now, he should be cooled off and realized that he had been successfully being cajoled. It would be no stranger if he ended up angry. 

“I guess we should just give up approaching Prince Dimetrio? Besides, he is the furthest when it comes to the throne…” 

“But no, Bardroche and Manfred, they might fall together, and their position would roll… It is too early for us to completely disregard this…” 

“But are you sure we can get along with them? We’re refusing to marry Princess Franya to him, no?” 

“Obviously, there’s no way I can give my lovely little sister to that guy…” 


“My siscon is a good siscon after all.” 

When she heard that, she was wondering what a bad siscon would be like… 

“I have several ideas that will land us a good relationship with Dimetrio. Of course, those might not work but, I will think again later..” 

“Then I’ll send out a messenger and plan the schedule. …. Besides, we don’t know if they will respond in the first place…” 

“… Let’s think again if that time comes…” 

Wayne and Ninim nodded at each other… 


At the same time. 

The second prince, Bardroche, was also discussing with his subordinates the result of the day today. 

“Prince Wayne, how was he?” 

“I can’t let my guard down, I guess?” 

Bardroche answered shortly… 

“It was a short time but, there was no sign of wanting to state his position or flaunting his achievement. But I also feel the will to take initiative while always looking at the situation…” 

“That sounds like a very cold person…” 

“It was a bit different from cold-heartedness. Perhaps, he is a person who could change his mindset, whether to become cold-hearted or passionate, depends on the situation and which one he needs. He is the kind of person that set apart from the others, the rational type…” 

Furthermore, as an expert in martial arts, Bardroche had noticed that from the start of the meeting, Wayne never relaxed his attention. If something had happened, he would definitely make a move. 

“It was not just because a bit of good luck that he manages to defeat Marden and Cabarine. The recent Natra’s leap, it was undoubtedly due to the power of that prince.” 

“For your highness to evaluate him that highly, as expected…?” 

“Yes. It is true that man was on guard, but I can handle it. And if I manage to get him to work for me, he will become a great power of mine to pursue supremacy over the continent.” 

Bardroche said with confidence… 

“You better keep your eyes wide open, Dimetrio, Manfred… It is me who will become the next Emperor…!” 


“— That must’ve been what that single-minded Bardroche would’ve thought…” 

Manfred smirked. 

“Prince Manfred is not deserving Prince Wayne?” 

“Well, he is a good man. He was so good that he erased his own grade at the imperial academy. He runs Natra well as a regent, if we talk about Heroic Figure, he would be the man.” 


“That is why we will kill him…” 

His subordinates opened their eyes wide. Manfred then continues… 

“After I met him today, I’m convinced. He is not the type of man who will be satisfied working under someone. If you try to grab the reins, he would probably come and slit your throat. Not to mention, as time goes on, he would still grow. It is too dangerous to keep him alive.” 

“That can’t be…” 

His subordinates were surprised but didn’t argue back. If Manfred says it, then it must need to be done. 

“How are the spies around Dimetrio?” 

“Yes sir, we manage to slips in. The details are unknown but, recently Dimetrio seems to have lost control some part of those working for him, so we manage to slips in.” 

Manfred nodded. 

“Perhaps prince Wayne will set up a talk with Dimetrio to fix their relationship. There, we should order the killing of the prince Wayne…” 

“I see… If the prince of an allied nation dies during the meeting, Dimetrio would fall under suspicion…” 

Manfred then grins at his subordinates. 

“Clean up the troublesome Prince Wayne, at the same time taking down Dimetrio. Truly a win-win solution. Natra will make a noise but, that country, without Prince Wayne, is nothing…” 

“Understood. We will arrange everything…” 

His subordinates then respectfully bowed to him. 


Unexpectedly, the meeting with Dimetrio was concluded at an alarming rate. 

The messenger who was sent out first in the morning of the next day brought back an answer of approval and agreed to set up a meeting in the afternoon. 

“What do you think is his intention?” 

There was no doubt that Dimetrio was hostile at them. In addition, he should be concerned with Wayne who has been active in having talks with various people. 

“Well let’s see… Maybe he looks at Natra as an ally once again, and wants to restore the relationship?” 

Wayne nodded when he heard Ninim’s words. That was the most likely story. Dimetrio himself aside, there should be people around him who were concerned about the deteriorating relationships. He might have to respond to the meeting even if he was reluctant about it. 

“On the other hand, he might actually be going to agree in regard to Wayne’s marriage with Lova…” 

That was also realistic. There was the possibility that while he married Franya, he would obstruct the marriage between Wayne and Louwellmina.

“No matter what, there’s no doubt that he has some goals. But we can’t just throw this meeting away, I guess, we have no choice but to be careful…” 

After saying that, Ninim looking at Wayne who feels his reaction dull somehow… 

“What’s wrong?” 

“No, well… I’m just a little bit sleepy.” 

Wayne then yawned. 

He was in a hurry to come to Mirtaz, and after he arrived there was not much time to rest. There were a lot of things Wayne needed to thinks and do. 

“Wayne, if you feel tired then…” 

Ninim touched Wayne’s face with her hands, but he laughed… 

“Oh well, this is nothing much… At the end of this talks, there will be a lot of times for me to rest…” 

“I hope that is true then…” 

Ninim reluctantly nodded, then she pulling Wayne’s hand… 

“Then let us prepare everything immediately. It is Dimetrio after all, if we’re late, he would get blood to his head and get angry, and everything would be over then…” 

The two nodded and began to prepare…