Genius Prince – v4-c22

“..Ah… That was troublesome…” 

Wayne safely returned from Kosimo’s mansion, and Ninim greeted him as he returned. 

“Ninim, how is Franya?” 

“Today too, she went to the capitol. However, I’ve added more escort including Nanki to follow her as ordered.” 

Wayne nodded his head, and Ninim continue… 

“How was it? The meeting with the princes?” 

Ninim didn’t follow him to the meeting place. With Wayne coming, she had been in charge of deploying the newly added personnel and arrange the logistics. 

“Well, yeah… Manfred and Bardroche, I don’t think I can work with any of them…” 

However, Wayne continues… 

“The minimum goals have been achieved. The other side should regard Natra to be a negotiation partner by now…”

“I’m a bit anxious…” 

“Well, I think it would be fine… Come to think of it, what about you Ninim, did something come out?” 

“No problem. It’s just, I got this…” 

Ninim took out a letter. 

“What is this?” 

“From Lova, an invitation to a secret gathering…” 

At dusk, Wayne and Ninim were in front of the designated location. 

That was the tower where Kosimo showed Franya the city. Normally, the door leading to the interior was locked, but now it was opened. 

The two then sneaked inside the tower. It was dim and dusty… They then ascend the wooden stairs leading up to the top. 

“Geez, as expected of Lova, she sure does likes this kind of place…” 

“Right, she is indeed like to sneak into a strange place and use it as a secret meeting place. This time meeting is at the top of this bell tower.” 

Eventually, the two appeared on the top floor of the bell tower. 

What was waiting there was a big bell that feels have a long history and the view of Mirtaz streets dyed in dusk. 

“Thank you for coming…” 

It was the imperial princess Louwellmina. She smiles at them with her background dyed in vermillion. 

But during this time, she was not the only one there. 

There were two people. There were other people standing next to the bell. 

“It’s been a while, Wayne, Ninim.” 

“I see, we meet again, both of you…” 

Glen Makram. 

Strang Nanos. 

During Wayne’s time in the imperial military academy, he had spent a lot of time with these two people. 


It was all started with just Wayne and Ninim. 

After a while, Strang joins them… 

“You, why are you coming in like that?” 

For Strang who was born in a rural province, the military academy was a stiff place. That was why he admired the figure of Wayne who despite being an aristocrat choose to seek his own path. 

Next, come Glenn… 

“I need to know you in order to win against you…” 

As someone with a strong sense of pride and aspired to become a splendid Imperial soldier, Glenn considers Wayne who has proven record in all fields, as a rival that he needs to surpass. 

Finally, Louwellmina come… 

“You guys are interesting, so may I join ?” 

Born as the daughter of the Emperor, she was suffering ‘a bird in a cage’ case, for Louwellmina, the unrestrained Wayne was too dazzling. 

These five people then spent a lot of time together… 

Even now, when all of their paths differ, for them, those days were the golden time that never fades—… 

“So, I never thought the day we meet again would be like this…” 

Wayne laughed, leaning against the rooftop rim. 

“At any rate, you both look fine, Glenn, Strang…” 

“You as well…” 

Glenn said with crossing arms. 

“For you to disappear before graduation, I don’t think I would meet you here, like this…” 

Strang also smiled… 

“I was surprised too… Well, it was not just Wayne that surprised me.” 

“Umu, as Strang says… Wayne.” 

*Ohon*, Glenn deliberately coughs away. 

“Don’t you have something to say to us?” 

Asked that, Wayne thought a little then…” 

“Ah, the letter that Glenn didn’t send to his fiance before, don’t worry, I’d sent it before I returned home…” 

“So that was your doing, bastard?!” 

Glenn Grabbed Wayne. 

“I’m glad that you both still able to do that old-time rhetoric and remarks…” 

“You’re a noisy idiot! Because of that, when I meet her, she thinks I was familiar with a classic you know?! Do you know how much I had to be careful just because I don’t want her to find out about my weakness?!” 

“Well, Glenn, do you know? If you force yourself to become big, you might break instead?” 

“You’re the reason for this you bastard—!” 

Wayne and Glenn start to bicker once again. 

Strang then commented from the side… 

“Well, I knew that you people were not normal people…” 

“As if you could hide your high-class attitude!” 

“There was no such thing—!” 

Strang happily shakes his shoulders. 

“Right, there was no high-class attitude… However, if you think about it normally, there were no ordinary people who know both, the east and west method in how to decipher the sacred letters of the church.” 

In this day and age, it was not easy to find someone who knows anything other than the general knowledge. Humans who have mastered specialized language skills were rare. Then you have to find that kind of person, paying for the teaching, and so on, it was impossible for a normal person to have that kind of money. 

And, when it comes to teaching material, not everyone the same. They need to plan their lecture to match their student’s understanding. And since the means of communication in the current society was still immature, the majority cannot help but only be able to learn from the surrounding, thus even sometimes the teacher was biased despite having no intention to do so… 

“I had guessed that you might be an illegitimate child of a big noble family… But for being a prince of another country, I never expected that…”

Then Ninim joins the talk… 

“— I like to make sure but, I’m indeed just your ordinary commoner you know?” 

“Call the prince’s assistant as your ordinary commoner, I’m not that insane you know?” 

Strang shrugged, Louwellmina then continue… 

“Rather than talking about that, let us toast, celebrate…!” 

She then took out wine glass for each person. 

“Somehow there’s also some sweets!” 

“You sure are prepared huh?” 

“I was looking forward to this. I was a bit regretful when I found out that princess Franya had come on behalf of Wayne but, I’m glad that you manage to get here safely.” 

Glenn and Wayne commented at Louwellmina who offered the wine glass to each of them. And Ninim then poured the wine to everyone. 

“So, what to toast exactly?” 

Wayne asked Louwellmina and she declared… 

“You should know about that right? Now then, let’s do it, one, two…” 

“Never-ending work”, “Future of the Kingdom”, “Prosperity of the Empire”, “Independence of the province”, “W-Wait—-?!” 

Louwellmina yelled. 

“Isn’t that to loose? Everyone?!” 

“Wayne, are you sure you’re fine to toast to the never-ending work?” 

“I was thinking, if I toast with wine, it will end?” 

“As expected, you never give up in your territory independence huh?” 

“That is absolutely something that I won’t forget…” 


Louwellmina inflated her cheeks in a bad mood. 

‘I’m just joking,’ Wayne laughed and raised his glass. 

“Then let us do it seriously… — To our reunion.” 

The four responded. 

“”To our reunion!”” 

A cool tone of voices could be heard from the top of the bell tower that evening…