Genius Prince – v4-c21

As the mayor of the city, a lot of people usually visit Kosimo’s mansion. 

Political talks, loan talks, or even darker and deeper talks. 

Inevitably, the reception room always ready to accept people. Especially the room in which Kosimo had prepared himself including the furniture, it was a room that boasts the best aesthetic. 

However, only today, his confidence in it was small. 

“Dear me, I’m sorry for only preparing this kind of seat.” 

There were four people inside the room, including Kosimo. 

“After all this is a sudden talk, since you manage to response, that is enough.” 

One of them was Wayne. 

“I heard that you’ve taken care of my little sister. I would like to once again thank you, Mayor Kosimo.” 

“Thank you for your words, Prince Wayne.” 

Kosimo bows deeply and slant his line of sight. 

“Your highness the imperial princes as well, please do tell me if your highness feels inconvenience.” 

“It’s fine. To drink tea, the place is not that much important.” 

“You sure have no elegance Bardroche. However, I also have no dissatisfaction…” 

The two remaining others were… 

The second imperial Prince Bardroche, and the third imperial Prince Manfred. 

It was a meeting between Natra Royal family and Azworld Imperial family For Kosimo, it was natural for him to be nervous. 

“But still, to think you sent the messenger to Bardroche at the same time… You sure is an interesting person, Prince Wayne.” 

“You too, as shrewd as ever.” 

“Unlike Bardroche, I’m weak when it comes to individual power, thus I rely on both my eyes.” 

Manfred shrugs with a playful gesture. 

“But, I am surprised to be able to meet prince Wayne in this place…” 

Wayne as he had said, chooses Kosimo’s mansion. 

And invited Bardroche and Manfred. If both were invited at the same time, either one won’t be able to decline or postpone it. Of course, they will try not to do that. 

Since they both want to have a connection with Wayne, they both didn’t want to offend him. That was why they both stuck with a meeting at the same time. 

As for why Kosimo’s mansion was chosen, since Wayne thought the prince would want to incorporate Mirtaz into their faction, and Kosimo himself also wants to know Wayne, he believed that no one would complaints. In fact, everyone agreed to gather like this. 

“It seems prince Wayne has good eyes as well, no?” 

“No way…” 

Wayne shook his head denying it. 

“You both should know since I become a regent, I’ve been at war with Marden and Cabarine, right? If I could see through their intentions, I would have been able to avoid both wars in advance. That is why I’m tired of these bad eyes of mine…” 

“However, you manage to overcome both…” 

Bardroche said. 

“I heard that your force was smaller when you fought Marden and Cabarine. I’m interested as to how you won those war…” 

“Indeed, I agree. I would like to hear the wisdom of Prince Wayne who is known as the generation’s best in terms of warfare.” 

“That is an overrated evaluation, but if you both say that, then I have no choice but to talk isn’t there?” 

The meeting began peacefully and started with Wayne telling his war experience. 

And the talk continues to Bardroche’s knowledge in martial arts and Manfred’s own journal about his travels around the Empire. 

However, this was nothing but a warm-up. Under the surface, each of them was trying to get into each other intricately. 

(Now then, let’s short out the situation.) 

Wayne thought. 

(What I have to do here is to appeal that I am not in Louwellmina’s faction, but I also don’t want to be viewed as being interested in both of their faction, so I need to be careful with my statement. I can’t get into any of their faction but, there’s room for negotiation– Let’s get back to that conclusion…) 

Of course, this was Wayne’s convenience. Bardroche and Manfred have their own goals, and he needs to find out what those goals were, unless he wants to fall into a pitfall. 

(I need to find the timing to cut in huh?) 

Manfred was looking for an opportunity while continuing the talk. 

“Ah right, I heard yesterday, my elder brother, Dimetrio, had come to your place? If he’d done something rude, I would like to apologize on behalf of him as a member of the same imperial family.” 

“Ah, no, it was nothing big. —Since Princess Louwellmina, who also happened to be there, have taken care of it.” 

At the moment, the air inside the room was tense. 

Reference to Louwellmina. Everyone knows, that the real talks have begun. 

“…It seems you’re getting along a lot with Louwellmina? According to what I heard, you both were acquaintances during the time you both attending the military academy?” 

“It is a mysterious thing that I could get along with her. But, she is my irreplaceable friend.” 

“Stopping at an only friend? I heard there was talk of engagement between you guys?” 

“That was only for political purpose. Sure, she is my irreplaceable friend but, I will not confuse that with political one(relationship)… In fact, that matter is on hold due to the political situation both of us are in…” 

Saying that Wayne smiled. 

Unless you’re a person with a dull sense, you should be able to understand what he means. 

He was not infatuated with Louwellmina. In some cases, he also tells the outsides he was looking to change side. 

Though putting the imperial family members on a scale could be regarded as disrespectful. Dimetrio would definitely flare up if he hears that but, Bardroche and Manfred didn’t. By the time they decided to come to this talk, they had expected this to some extent. 

(However, there is also some part that I could not understand about these two…) 

He was looking at how they catch the ball he throws and how will they throw it back. Wayne looks out for the answer while drinking his tea. 

Of course, the other party would cautiously react. It was natural in diplomacy that a single word has a great influence on national politics, and it was due to experience that they could communicate with contextual words. 

“Then come to my faction.” 


Hearing Bardroche words, Wayne spouted tea. 

(Y-You, wait, follow the program oi! What about our program?!) 

Wayne glared at Bardroche who ignore all pretext and skips the process, but then Bardroche blows everything… 

“Louwellmina is a woman after all. Although she manages to gain momentum and gather the patriots under the banner of nationalism, you can’t hope to gain anything by following her.” 

“Ah, no, that is…” 

“I heard you give Fulham people an important position? Rest assured, I’m not interested in race or origin. I hire anyone who has the ability, and I also make sure that my subordinates follow that…” 

“That is good but, suddenly…” 

“You who defeated Marden and Cabarine are eligible to work with me. Come with me. We need as many useful people as possible to unify the continents.” 


Wayne thought. He can’t talk with him in a different meaning compared to DImetrio. 

However, since he gives a straight request at this point, he could not give a response that was unclear either… This was not good for future development. As Wayne wondering what was going on, a burst of low mocking laughter arrived. 

“Meritocracy huh? To think I heard those concepts from Bardroche…” 

“What do you want to say, Manfred.” 

“Look at your subordinates. Always being proud of their skills in martial arts, aren’t they just soldiers? Don’t you think it was a mistake to place too much importance in ability principle?” 

Sparks scattered between the two princes. Bardroche physique was larger, and she had a sharp gaze, but Manfred accepts his gaze without looking away. 

“What needed in this Empire right now is Strength. A strong nation, a strong king, a strong army, isn’t that the reason why the Empire was founded?” 

“And the politics were being neglected, causing the Empire to fall into turmoil, and now we’re looking for a reason to invade just to get another political liabilities… If it was like that, it would be like just a bunch of brute, no? I wonder, since when the Empire becomes full of insects like this?” 

“You too, aren’t your retainers only filled with fools and those without loyalty? Do you think you can survive the turbulent world by creating a faction filled with a clown?” 

“You sure don’t understand huh, everything depends on how you use them. It is common for a moron to only collect strong people, but then again, I guess that was because they have a weak brain where they don’t know how to use people eh? Isn’t that a bit embarrassing?” 


Bardroche’s clenched fist in anger, causing creaking sounds. 

On the other hand, Manfred boldly takes his eyes off from Bardroche. 

“How about it, Prince Wayne, what do you think?” 

(Eh? You asked me that here?!) 

Wayne screamed inwardly. 

(You just pouring oil onto the fire and then you throw it at me?! Damn it you bastard.) 

Although he wants to protest, it was already too late, the storm has already started. Bardroche’s eyes then turned toward him, and Kosimo as well, who was present turned his gaze toward Wayne while holding his breath. 

“…Well, let’s see, this is just my view but…” 

It was hard for him to not put his opinion on the balance between the two. However, he won’t give a consenting answer to any of them either. If that was the case, there was only one way. 

“Both of you, I cannot help but feels both of you are only arguing about something low-level.” 

“What did you say?” 


Wayne’s unbelievable words ignited the fire inside the two princes. While holding back the feeling of wanting to go back home, Wayne laughed with arrogance. 

“Both of the two logic makes sense. However, even if both are correct, if you look at the current situation, it could only be regarded as a person wanting the sky. — At the very least, we need to get the princes’ talk settled.” 

Wayne regretted with all his might, he might’ve said too much. 

In short, even that idiotic elder brother, they were quarreling at each other too much. That was what Wayne thought as he looks at his own tea. 



Suddenly Manfred laughed

“No, well, Prince Wayne is right! We’re bragging like this and yet, we haven’t even kicked DImetrio yet!” 

And he stands up. 

“I had a lot of fun, Prince Wayne. Once the princes’ talk is settled, I’ll definitely have another talk with you…” 

Manfred said so and left the room, then Bardroche also stood up. 

“… I’m mortified, but I don’t have anything to say back. I do say that you’re eligible to be my subordinates, but on the contrary, it seems I need to prove that I could stand on top first huh?” 

Bardroche said those words. 

“We shall meet again after I proved myself.” 

Bardroche then leaves the room, leaving Wayne and Kosimo. 

Then, Kosimo without any flattery he said… 

“… Thank you for your hard work, Prince Wayne.” 

‘… Ah, thank you too…” 

With a tired smile, Wayne replied.