Genius Prince – v4-c20

Dimetrio then goes back to his own residence, saying that he didn’t need them to see him off. 

Following that, Louwellmina was also decided to return home. 

“I shall excuse myself as well. Since I don’t want to disturb your family time…” 

“I’m sorry that I didn’t bring anything with me, Princess Louwellmina.” 

“Please don’t worry about it. It is a good time I spent. See you soon, Prince Wayne.” 

Louwellmina then left the room. 

Then, it was only Wayne, Franya, and Ninim left inside the room. 


Not even a few seconds pass, Franya hugged Wayne. 

“Nii-sama, I was really surprised. For you to come so suddenly. But, I’m really happy!” 

Wayne smiled as he hugged her sister back while also rubbing her head.

“I was worried about how things going but, it seems I think too much huh? It seems you’ve been doing well without me. Good job, Franya.” 


Praised by Wayne, Franya broke down… 

Ninim then communicated with Wayne using her eyes… 

(So, why did you come suddenly?) 

(I will explain later, but there are various things… But the biggest reason, after working all night, I ended up become very worried, so I come!) 


(Well, I’ve done what I needed to do, so everything should be okay back home…) 

Rather, Wayne thinks the situation they were currently in was more concerning… 

“I’d never thought Franya would end up being proposed by the prince…” 

“I was surprised too…” 

Franya nodded, then asked a lazy question… 

“What are you going to do about this, Nii-sama?” 

Wayne thought a little… 

“Well, we’re royal family members. As long as you’re a royal family member, political marriage is inevitable…” 

Franya nodded. 

“However, that is why we must choose our partner carefully…” 

Wayne patted Franya hair. 

“I have no intention of selling Franya to that kind of a man. If I have to marry my sister, I want the result to be a unification of a whole continent…” 

Franya giggled as she heard that condition which was too grand. 

“Nii-sama, if you wish for that, then I won’t be married forever…” 

“Do you think so? Then let us loosen the condition a little bit… but still…” 

Franya laughed more while looking at Wayne who begins to seriously worry. 

“Well let us think about this again later, how about we take a break? I’m really tired because I’ve ridden a horse from Natra until here…” 

“Yes, sir, we will prepare the room immediately…” 

“Then Nii-sama, let us talk about Mirtaz until your room is ready. There are a lot of interesting things here… For example… Oh, yea… Like this box…”

“Hnn? What is this, there’s no open side?” 

“You see, they called this Karakuri box.” 

“Aah, I see, there’s a gimmick in it eh? You push it here, then move it here… Oh, it opened! Certainly, this is interesting… … Huh? What happens? Franya?” 

“… Muu, Nii-sama, you idiot!” 

Franya looked away, and Wayne was wondering if he did something wrong. Ninim then left the room with a soft smile on her face, hoping not to disturb the two of them. 

Wayne’s unplanned arrival was quickly become known throughout the city. 

As a result, the political drama in Mirtaz will enter a new phase—… 


“… I understand the general situation…” 

The morning after Wayne arrived in Mirtaz. 

Wayne who received reports from Ninim crossed his arms… 

“Being locked in an argument during the party is inevitable… I was also could see that Lova would try to make a deal. However, I never expect a courtship attack from the prince…” 

“I’m sorry. If we leave immediately after the attack, this kind of situation might’ve not happened…” 

“No, Ninim’s judgment is not wrong. I would’ve probably continued to stay even after the attack. Just remember that we need to be careful around that Dimetrio. … Fuh…” 

“Are you alright? Wayne…” 

“Well, the situation suddenly turned weird, to be honest, I haven’t slept much…” 

*When I returned back home, I will sleep for three days straight*— That was what Wayne had thought… 

“The problem is from now on. The most important thing is how to refuse the marriage between Dimetrio and Franya in a good note… If possible, I also want to make a connection with Prince Bardroche and Prince Manfred.” 

“Apart from the first two, what is your plan for the other two?” 

“One thing is that I want to understand their personality. And I also want to have a connection for the future. Then looking into the situation in the princes’ talk. Finally, I want to make contact with them to dispel the impression that Natra is Louwellmina’s faction.” 

*I see*, Ninim was convinced. During the first-day celebration party, everyone thought that Natra was in Louwellmina’s faction due to how close Franya and Louwellmina.

However, if Wayne who was a regent, comes into contact with the second and third princes, everyone would start to think that the good relationship between Franya and Louwellmina was a personal one. 

“Indeed, thought Franya’s importance in diplomacy will decline in the future as a result. But, at least it is something that is worth doing…” 

“So, how are you going to get in touch with those princes? Ask Lova to set a location?” 

“That is indeed a reasonable thought but, I don’t want to have a debt with her…” 

After all, the other side was Louwellmina. It would be no stranger if she asks to pay the debt 200 times over. 

“But you have no other way right? Especially since the time is limited…” 

“Certainly, those guys from Levetianism are likely going to make a move soon, so I’d like to do something before that happens…” 

As Wayne worried about what to do, someone knocked on the door, then a female officer entered the room… 

“Excuse me. Wayne-dono, two messengers have come…” 

“Messenger? From who?” 

“From Prince Bardroche and Prince Manfred… It seems both are invitations to meet…” 

Wayne and Ninim looked at each other unintentionally. 

“… Understood, I’ll go immediately. Please wait for a moment…” 


The female officer then excuses herself, and Wayne laughed… 

“Apparently, I was not the only one who was looking for an opportunity…” 

“Seems like it. But Wayne, which one are you going first?” 


Wayne thinks about it for a bit then he continues… 

“By the way, you said that you guys have a good time with the Mayor?” 

“Eh? Well, yes, we got in touch when he guided me and Her Highness Franya around the city…” 

Then, let us use that…” 

Wayne smiled and stood up.