Genius Prince – v4-c2

Sistio was one of the Azworld Empire’s provinces. 

The province was located in the center of the continent. Due to its position, it had become a crucial point of distribution for the Empire, but what makes Sistio province famous was the city of Mirtaz. 

It was a giant backbone that split the Vuno continent from west to east. One of the three public roads north, center, south, that connected east and west was there. Mirtaz was located on the central public road. 

Needless to say, the city had become one of the most important points for Military and commercial purposes. Especially, the city was claimed to be the capital of the merchants, making the city more lively than any city. 

And right now, at that Mirtaz, a serious event was about to take place. 

“… Is this a drink that’s been trending here, in Mirtraz, recently?” 

Louwellmina, the second imperial princess of the Azworld Empire, frowned her eyebrows after she took a sip of the liquid inside her glass. 

“Indeed. It was made by roasting beans grown in the southwestern continent and extracting the liquid.” -=TLN: Definitely a coffee isn’t it? 

The one who responded to her question was an elderly man sitting across her position. Louwellmina then gazes at the elderly man’s face and the black liquid in her glass alternately… 

“… It’s bitter…” 

“That bitterness is what makes it addicting it seems…” 

Seeing the young girl who openly frowned, the old man’s shoulder shakes a little. 

“With that being the case, if you don’t like it, please don’t force yourself.” 

“No, don’t worry about it. I’ve finally come to Mirtaz. It should be worthwhile for me to at least taste various foreign cultures…” 

In response, Louwellmina drinks another sip from her glass. … She thought to think someone liked this kind of drink, the world was indeed quite diverse… 

“Rather than that, Mayor Kosimo, it seems everything went well in regard to inviting the guest huh?” 

“Indeed. Because the date was close, some of the major guests have arrived. It is indeed fortunate for the Empire’s authority to be still alive…” 

The name of the man who responded while rubbing his beard was Kosimo. As Louwellmina said, he was the Mayor of Mirtaz city. 

“How are the three guest of yours behave?” 

“We’re looking forward for the event to be held without any noticeable conflict. In consideration of your imperial highness, we’ve kept the state guest house quite apart…” 

“After all our concern was that they might run wild due to anxiety. And if the possibility of such a thing to happen could be reduced just by separating the residence, then we would do as best as we could…” 

In any case, Louwellmina smiled softly… 

“With this, it should be possible for us to start safely isn’t it? — The imperial prince’s meeting.” 

The imperial prince’s meeting. 

It was a meeting to decide the future of the Empire, where the first, second and third prince, plus Louwellmina, who have the right to succeed the Azworld Empire gather, and discuss about the throne. 

“However, your imperial highness, it is a happy thing that the meeting would be held but, that alone would only be a premise and nothing more… If the meeting doesn’t produce any result, the turmoil in the Empire won’t subside…” 

“I understand that. However, this is not the only movie I’ve prepared…” 

The three princes who were the guest of honor. Unless they could come to mutual understanding, the failure of these talks would be inevitable. And whether or not an agreement was feasible, it was something Louwellmina couldn’t guarantee. 

“Please don’t say it like that…” 

However, Kosimo only saw Louwellmina’s action as rather ‘weak’… 

“Undoubtedly, the princess’s power had helped the Empire to avoid a crisis of civil war last year, and persuade the princes to have a talk meeting. I sincerely ask your highness as an imperial citizen, to once again use her power to make this princes’ talk success and bring peace to the Empire…” 

Kosimo’s words were sounded sorrowful as if he was speaking on behalf of the imperial citizen. 

However, Louwellmina was aware… While showing himself as a loyal citizen of the Empire, sharp light appeared in Kosimo’s eyes… 

That was obvious… After all, this was Mirtaz. A merchant city. Battle of negotiation was being waged every day here, to increase a profit even just a single coin. Thus, the man who becomes a mayor of such a city cannot be just a simple man. 

“Of course. I shall do my best for the people who live in the Empire…” 

If she made a careless remark, there was no way for her to turn back. But Louwellmina answered while smiling… 

At that moment. The door was knocked from the outside, and a woman appeared… It was Viz Brandel. Louwellmina’s assistant. 

“Excuse me. Your Highness Louwellmina, the delegation from Natra, has arrived.” 

“Oh, I thought they would be a bit late, but it seems they’ve made it in time… Where are they now?” 

“Toward the designated prepared state guest house… They said they will come and greet your highness after unpacking…” 

Many influential people besides the princes were invited to this meeting. And Natra was one of them. 

“Ho ho, the rumored crown prince is it?” 

Naturally, Kosimo’s interest turns to Natra. Following the fight against Marden last year, this time, they had won against Cabarine. For any merchants, of course, they wanted to know more about the crown prince who led the nation through those times. 

“If I’m not wrong, your highness also had a married talk with the crown prince, no?” 

“Indeed. It’s been shelved thanks to our country’s civil turmoil…” 

“Then, at this meeting, the decision of the next emperor may overlap with the ceremony of your highness engagement?” 

“If that is the case then, it would make me happy…” 

Louwellmina and Kasimo then shared short laughter, then Kasimo stood up. 

“Then, let us end the meeting here. Next time, please do introduce me with the crown prince, since I wish to greet him.” 

“Of course…” 

Kosimo then bowed and leave the room. 

Louwellmina who remained in the room, drink up the beverage that was still left in her cup then sighed… 


She exhaled her fatigue without hesitation. 

“Thank you for your hard work, Louwellmina-sama…” 

“It’s really tiring you know? That mayor is really vigilant…” 

Louwellmina then slumped herself on the desk. Looking at her like that, Viz spoke from the side. 

“Kosimo-sama has been a mayor for many years. He cannot just miss this opportunity, especially as a businessman.” 

“It is true that I’ve been saved thanks to that… And we also get a lot of help from him to hold these talks…” 

However, it was truly tiring to talk with him, as Louwellmina grumbled, suddenly a noise come from outside. 

“It seems the Natra’s delegation has come.” 

Viz who looked down from the windows informed her, and Louwellmina immediately stood up vigorously… 

“If that the case, then I must meet him…” 

“Are you sure? if you greeted them yourself, you might get ridiculed for welcoming a small country like Natra yourself…” 

“They are the delegation we’ve invited, and they are also our allies, if we don’t welcome them, then people may doubt the dignity of the Empire… And if I go meet them personally, I can show my close ties with them, no?” 

“Then, I’m sorry for my rudeness. For I couldn’t understand your highness deep thought…” 

Viz bowed her head. 

Louwellmina then responded with a smile… 

“Well, my greatest reason is I would like to enjoy the annoyed face that Wayne would have…” 


“Fufufu, I’m really looking forward. Since they’ve come to my place, the others would undoubtedly think I am related to Natra. However, before the invitation, there was no chance for me to say hello at all… now I can even imagine the distressed face Wayne would have by now you know?” 

“If your highness can imagine it already, then your highness doesn’t have to meet him to see it…” 

“Since the outline of his face is already blurred in my mind, I need to update it…” 

“Is that how it is?” 

Viz, who just recently understand the nature of her master said nothing more… If one were to close one’s eyes to the detail, there was no doubt that she was a wonderful master. 

“Now then, shall we go?” 

Louwellmina and Viz both left the room and went toward the entrance hall. 

Upon arrival, a group of Natra’s people entered the entrance… 

“Thank you for coming all the way here, welcome to Mirtaz…” 

Louwellmina uttered those words as she walked toward them… 

“In the name of Azworld Empire, I—…” 

As Louwellmina spoke those words, the figure standing in the center of the group appeared… 

“… Welcome, you?” 

The one who stood there was not Wayne… 

It was one small girl. 

“Thank you for your invitation this time.” 

The girl bowed deeply toward Louwellmina whose eyes opened wide… 

“— Franya Elk Albarest. On behalf of my older brother, Wayne, I’ve come to say hello to her highness princess Louwellmina.” 

In future history, even the most bitter historian would acknowledge Natra crown prince, Wayne Salema Albarest, quick wits. 

However, the question of whether or not he was the greatest monster at the time was still being debated. If one were to look to the west, there was the saint lord, and looking at the east, there were the imperial princes, and the south, there were many outstanding figures there… 

But above all else, all historians in the future knew— In Natra, to the north, there was another sleeping monster. 

Known by the name, Franya Elk Albarest. 

It was due to an incident, that Wayne’s younger sister would carve her name in history. 

It was all started during the meeting between the imperial princes.