Genius Prince – v4-c19

“N-Nii-sama? How come?!” 

Franya’s question speaks for everyone’s feelings. 

There was no doubt, the one who appeared was Wayne. However, Wayne should have been doing his duty back in the country. 

“Oh well, I’ve finished my work faster than expected. I thought I might be able to make it in time to attend the celebration, thus I flew here using the fast horses…” 

Answering the question, Wayne looked around the room. 

Then he thought… 

(I entered the room with force but, what kind of situation is this…?) 

Wayne had just arrived. 

Wayne who thinks Franya was in predicament due to Prince Dimetrio sudden visit burst into the room.  In other words, he didn’t know the details… 

And this situation was definitely not the one where everything was in order. 

So, what would he do now? 

(… Ninim, HELP!) 

Wayne asked for salvation with his gaze… 

And as expected of that Ninim. she gently gives him a paper describing the situation. Wayne opened his mouth as he read the paper. 

“So, the topic is the marriage between prince Dimetrio and my sister Franya. The reason for… Huh? Marriage?” 

When Wayne looked at Ninim, she nodded fast. 

(Eh? Marriage?! He proposed to my sister?!)

Wayne was confused, but there was something more on the note… 

(L-Let see… Ah, I see… In response, Franya pushed back the proposal by using me as an excuse… …Then, isn’t this bad?! For me to appear here?!) 

After all, the reason for her to refuse was actually here… Louwellmina who was quick to notice was looking at Wayne as if asking why the heck he was here… 

Perhaps due to the sudden surprise, Dimetrio manages to cool himself. He distorted his mouth. 

“Oho, nice to see you here, Prince Wayne. Also, princess Franya, it seems your elder brother has come. So, there’s no objection if I ask for a decision on the marriage now, yes?” 

“… Yes, that’s right.” 

Franya nodded with slight anxiety. There was no reason for her to say that her plan had backfired after all her brother has come, she was convinced she would survive. 

“Now then, Prince Wayne, I would like to hear the response of my proposal. … Surely, you won’t refuse right?” 

Dimetrio unleashes bare pressure. 

And Wayne who received… 

“— Of course! I agree with you very much!” 

Without hesitation, he took Dimetrio hands. 

“If this is true, then the relationship between Natra and the Empire would become even more solid. Franya would also become proud since she would become the cornerstone of harmony between our two countries…” 


Dimetrio was confused by the unexpected welcome. Franya and others were puzzled by this, but Wayne grinned. 

“No, well, this is truly, a happy story. — To think that we could marry two of Asworld royalty!” 


Immediately, unable to understand Wayne’s words, Dimetrio blinks his eyes… 

Wayne then continues and gazed at Louwellmina while ignoring him. 

“Don’t you think so? Princess Louwellmina?” 

“… Yes, Indeed.” 

Louwellmina, understand his plan smiled mischievously, after showing a slightly troubled expression. 

“Due to domestic disturbance, the marriage between me and Prince Wayne was put on hold, but it may be a good time for us to restart the talk?” 


This finally made Dimetrio remembered. Last year, Louwellmina went to Natra. The purpose was to talk about marriage between her and Wayne. 

“And if I were to be tied to the prince, and my brother to the princess, Natra’s power in the Empire would be tremendous! (You owe me one, understand? Wayne)” 

“As a member of the imperial family, I’m looking forward to the good treatment we shall receive from both, the brother and sister. My my, if not, our mind might wonder for an ambition… (Don’t be stupid.  If you include last year’s case, you still owe me more instead!)” 

“Oh my, please don’t be like that Prince Wayne. But I guess since the prince has made a lot of achievements so far… I’m sure the imperial citizen would be happy to have you… (For that, I have paid it all in full to princess Franya).” 

“So let us do our best not to disappoint each other. When the marriage is established, I would like princess Louwellmna to cooperate with me as well… (Hah?! I don’t remember Lova to be the kind of a person who helps other people though?!)” 

“Of course, prince Wayne. Let us work together to build prosperity for the Empire! (If you complain too much, you will slip from the stairs you know?)” 

Dimetrio hurriedly broke in between the two who were in their own world. 

“W-Wait! Don’t speak foolishly, what selfish thing are you saying Louwellmina?!” 


Louwellmina shrugged. 

“It is the role of the Emperor to decide the marriage of the imperial family. As long as the Emperor is absent, there’s nothing wrong for me to make my own decision.” 

Louwellmina then smiled… 

“To borrow Nii-sama’s words, this is the problem between me and Prince Wayne… … There’s no room for outsiders?” 


Being hit by his own words, Dimetrio could not say anything. 

With two marriages, Natra’s influence within the Empire would be tremendous. As Wayne said earlier, with his position, he could have a great deal of ambition. For him to create that kind of possibility by his own hands, Dimetrio could not bear it. 

(Damn it bastard!) 

He should have been able to corner them but, before he knew it, he was cornered. It was a dead end. No matter how much he thinks about it, Dimetrio could not find a way out of this situation. 

Furthermore, he could not just throw everything here and runs away. His pride didn’t allow him to do that. 

“— May I have some words, Prince Wayne?” 

At that time, Ninim who was silent inside the room opened her mouth… 

“Natra has a custom prohibit a royal family marries the same family. Even though the other party is the Empire, it shouldn’t be disregarded…” 

“Ooops, there’s such a thing huh?” 

Wayne responded lightly… 

“Now, this is a problem. The old way is something that needs to be honored, but there would be no progress if one just follows it blindly. What do you think, prince Dimetrio? It seems there are unexpected parts. Let me bring this matter back home for further discussion?” 

Of course, Natra had no such custom. 

This was a quick exchange of plans with Ninim. Wayne spotted that Dimetrio had fallen into his own trap and could not move… That was why Wayne said those words so that Dimetrio could escape. 

“R-Right. For me, I don’t mind if we continue or talk but since you said that, I shall let you save face.” 

A cornered human surprisingly would easily jump when they find a way out. 

Wayne then extended his hand, and Dimetrio responded in kind. 

“Thank you for your consideration, Prince Dimetrio. See you later then…” 

“… Alright. Then, let us continue the talk at that time…” 

Thus, the meeting with Dimetrio was settled.