Genius Prince – v4-c16

Meanwhile around that time. 

“— How is the Levetianism movement?” 

Wayne who receiving a report from Levan sharpened his mind. 

“Yes, it seems they have pressured a lot of countries. I haven’t grasped the details yet, but I suspect they have done some interference…” 

“… I thought they won’t be able to move at least until early summer but…”

Around the spring this year, King Cabarine, one of the selected saint lords was assassinated during the holy conference held in the Kingdom of Cabarine. 

The incident caused great confusion in the west, especially in countries closely related to Levetianism, and it was the belief of many countries leaders that Levetianism won’t make a move until everything settles down. 

In fact, the reason why the princes’ meeting was being held at this time was that the Empire determined that interference from the west would be weak. — However, contrary to expectation, Levetianism moved… 

“How about giving the delegation a letter and urge them to return home faster?” 


There was no doubt that Levetianism was overdoing it. But if it was only intervening with Mirtaz, it shouldn’t be a big move. 

(I guess it is realistic for them to sent delegation huh?) 

It was Mirtaz, they should be willing to accept a delegation from the west if they just add some money. It would be even possible to have some approach to the princes’ talk now… 

And since they made some moves, it means there should be some gain for them… If Franya get involved, would she be able to free herself? 

Wayne thought runs in a circle for a while then… 

“— Alright, I’ve decided.” 


One’s heartstrings were something mysterious. 

People have the experience of unexpected rising feelings of joy and sadness. It would become more puzzling since sometimes the person’s mind couldn’t understand their feelings as well. 

That was why right now Ninim was puzzled. 

(What’s going on I wonder?) 

Beyond Ninim’s gaze was Franya, who sits in a chair. 

They were in the Capitol. Franya had been visiting here every day since she was guided by Kosimo the other day. 

The reason for her to come here was to watch the civil assembly. 

In short, Franya was in the parliament. 

“Still, this is very interesting, no?” 

That was what Franya said. 

It was unexpected for Ninim that she would be interested in Parliamentary assembly. 

But, with this Franya has almost finished her public duty overseas. With this, it might also help her to be interested in national politics. It was definitely a meaningful way to spent time. 

The citizen who attends the parliament assembly was also fond of Franya who was innocent and beautiful. There was also a refreshing feeling for the citizen who saw the serious expression Franya had when she listens to the debate. 

But, what Ninim worried about was that seriousness of hers. 

“… Ninim, Franya have that expression again…” 

“Indeed, I’m don’t understand it myself…” 

As Ninim and Nanaki talk about her, Franya was staring seriously at the man on the platform. *Stare* Like a statue. It was as if she wants to burn every single moment to her eyes. 

It was not a normal concentration. Ninim never saw Franya being like that. When she was in the country, she was a bright, intelligent, yet ordinary girl. 

This was her first foreign visit. Then she attending the celebration. Tension, failure, remorse, and aspiration. Also psychological culture shock to the difference in culture such as the civil council. Franya was growing up with all of those elements. 

“Should we leave her alone?” 

“… I do feel worried but, let us watch over for now… I don’t want to hinder her growth. And if something is wrong, I will force us to return home. How that sound?” 


Nanaki then disappeared as if he was melting into the shadow. 

Ninim sighed then continue watching over Franya. 

(I guess as expected of Wayne’s little sister huh?) 

What change this experience would bring in her? 

Expectation and anxiety start to swirl inside Ninim’s heart. 


It was late at night after the parliament was dissolved. 


Franya swayed by the carriage as she returned to the mansion. She was already asleep and leaning on Ninim. 

It was normal for her to end up like this, Ninim thought while combing Franya’s hair. During the parliamentary assembly, she never stops her concentration. It means during that time, her mind was tense, draining both physically and mentally. 

However, if you continue to abuse your mind and body like that, sooner or later your body and mind won’t be able to keep up. Stopping someone when they were in the middle of their enthusiasm was bad but, it was also the duty of the subject to remind their master. 


When she was in deep thought, she heard Nanaki’s voice. His voice was lower as to not wake Franya. 

“We’re being followed…” 

Ninim’s expression then distorted. Because Franya was asleep, they had ordered the horse movement to be slow as to not cause much sway. That was why it would be easy for people to follow them if they wanted to. 

“Are they different from the surveillance that has been attached?” 

“I’m not sure, but looking at how they take the distance, I don’t believe they are the same people…” 

It means they were in a distance where they could make a move if they saw a gap. 

Ninim’s eyes then become sharp as she recognizes the threat. 

“Maybe there are some traps on the way ahead, and they plan to pinch us. Take another route toward the mansion…” 

“What about those people who followed us?” 

“I’ll clean them up. There’s no need to rush the carriage. I’ll end them immediately, and I don’t want to wake up Franya. But, Ninim, be wary of other ambushes…” 

*Then, I’m going*, he said… 

As if he was going to do a night walk, Nanaki opened the carriage door. 


Five people who were being ordered by Prince Dimetrio followed the carriage. 

Their mission was to attack the princess of Natra, Franya. 

It would be a huge scandal to do something like that in a city where many influential people gathered. Thus they had to do it without no one noticing. It was such a ridiculous order, but since it was from Dimetrio, they cannot refuse it. 

However, of course, the mansion was being tightly guarded, thus it would be impossible for them to break in without anyone noticing. Therefore, they tried to find another way and based on the information, Franya frequently attends the parliamentary assembly, then they made a plan to attack her on her way back. 

The heaven was on their side, her route returned home was almost always the same, thus it was easy to make a trap to ambush her. 

(They should arrive at the location as scheduled…) 

They were planning on causing the horse to be unable to move. Then they would threaten the princess by killing some of the escorts. After that, they would leave the scene immediately… 

They had such a plan but, something unexpected happens. The carriage suddenly takes a different path, avoiding the spot where there was a trap. 


From the beginning the information was scarce. That was why it won’t be weird for the other party to make an unexpected action. What he was worried about was whether or not they had made the unexpected move by accident or because they noticed the pursuer. 

(Since the speed of the carriage remained the same… It seems it was a coincidence…) 

(What should we don? Should we retreat?) 

(No, I don’t believe there would be another opportunity like this… I guess, only us—) 

At that time, the one watching over the carriage noticed. 

There was an outline of a person coming out of the carriage. 

(That is—…) 

Two red glows floating in the dark road only lit by the moonlight. 

It was after a short moment that he noticed that those were human eyes. 

Suddenly the shadow moved fast. 


Fresh blood was scattered. 

One of his comrades was bleeding from his neck. The face of his comrades shows that he didn’t even notice what happened to himself. 


The three others immediately reacted when they heard his words. 

However, the other party’s reaction was faster. The white shadow closes in toward one of his comrades who retreated, and in a blink of an eye, his whole body was being chopped down. 


When they saw such an action, the assassins were stunned. They were people who work for Dimetrio, they had a lot of experience of doing some secret maneuvering. It was not just once or twice they had successes in assassinating important people. 

But within a few seconds, two of his comrades were slaughtered. The shadow then begins to show its true figure, it was a young boy. 

They do not know that the boy was named Nanaki. However, they understood that the boy was no ordinary person. 

(We’ve carelessly let the carriage to escape…! But!) 

If he looked away from the boy for a second, he was sure that he would be dead. 

Of course, that was not set in stone. However, due to the atmosphere, he felt from the boy, he could not help but convinced of such a thought. 

“I’ll hear your plea…” 

At that time, the god of death in the form of a young boy opened his mouth. 

“Who is the one that ordered you?” 

No one replied. Nanaki probably had expected such a result. He sighed while thinking this was a waste of time, as he spits out a sigh— Everyone jumped all at once. 

On person aim at Nanaki by swinging down his sword, and the other person tried to pierce him from the side. The vertical and horizontal attack, however, Nanaki avoided it by twisting his body. 

But at that moment, the third person throws a dagger. Nanaki deflect the knife with the knife on his hand but, due to the sudden move, his body was off-balance, and the enemy took the opportunity. 

However, that was actually a trap. When Nanaki pretends to fall to the ground, he uses his knife to cut down the two enemy legs that close in toward him. The assassin screamed and Nanaki mercilessly thrust his knife at the fallen assassin. 

At that moment, the third assassin from behind the second assassin attacked. 

(I caught you!) 

It was perfect timing. He did a horizontal attack, aiming to cut the second assassin together with Nanaki. 

That was how it was supposed to be… 


However, there was no response… Furthermore, what was reflected in front of the assassin was only the corpse of his comrades… 

Why, and where is he— As he thought that and look around… 

He was sure that his attack would hit but… 

The boy stood there…

“… You monster.” 

“For someone who tried to pick a fight with that monster, you should expect the monster’s imperial wrath…” 

Nanaki’s knife then flashes…