Genius Prince – v4-c15

That day, Kosimo returned to his mansion late at night.

Kosimo’s profile showed full of fatigue. Despite realizing that, Kosimo didn’t go to his bedroom but immediately went to his office. There was still work needed to be done. 

“Welcome back, Kosimo-sama.” 

“Fumu, Thank you.” 

His subordinates were waiting inside his office. Kosimo tightened his expression and sat down in his chair while receiving his documents. 

“Let me hear the reports…” 

“Yes, sir. First of all, today’s celebration was completed without any accident.” 

Kosimo had been spending today time together with Franya. Inevitably, he left the management of today’s event to his subordinates but, it seems there were no problems. 

“But, there are several incidents between the garrisoned guard and the invitee’s private army. We manage to settle everything but, it seems the incident caused the guards feels nervous…” 

“This celebration is attended by many influential people. It would be natural for them to feels tense, but if they are too nervous, they might end up being overwhelmed…  I guess I should have some talk with the guards’ captain huh?” 

“Yes, sir. We’ve already arranged the meeting because we believed that such a decision would be made. In addition, all of the events tomorrow have been prepared, even with the Mayor’s absence, it should proceed with no problem…” 

“As expected, if the person in charge is absent every day, it would bring a negative result. I shall attend tomorrow event personally…” 

“Yes, sir. Then…” 

After such a response, they switch to another agenda… 

“For princess Franya tomorrow, shall we arrange the same people?” 

“We don’t need to do that. On the contrary, if we monitor them too strictly, it would only bring displeasure. Also, with today, I’ve been able to understand her nature…” 

“As expected of Mayor. So, how is the princess of Natra?” 

*Fumu*, Hearing the question, Kosimo was in deep thought… 

“She has received a proper education. After she grows up, she could become a poison or medicine. At this time, I definitely couldn’t feel the aura of a child that was born in the countryside…” 

Kosimo went and said it. 

“There’s some part of her that I still could not grasp…” 

“Her brother might be one thing but, the sister as well?” 

“I can’t deny that but, I might be thinking too much…” 

Anyway, he had managed to make a connection with the princess. The result was excellent. That should be enough for now. 

After all, there was something more important now… 

“— So, how are the princes talk?” 

The talk was watched by the influential people who attended this celebration. Kosimo was also among those people. Every effort was made to get information as fast as possible. 

“Sir, about that—…” 

As his subordinates opened his mouth, he told the Mayor about the result of today’s talk… 


“Damn it, those hateful people!” 

Angry screams echoed inside the room. 

The voice was from the first prince, Dimetrio. This was his residence, and by his side was his subordinates who looked terrified at his master anger. 

“Y-Your Highness, please calm down…” 

His men tried to calm Dimetrio but, it was only throwing oil into the fire… 

“You as well! Who do you think am I?! I’m the first prince of the Azworld Empire, Dimetrio! I’m the one who inherited the blood of the greatest Emperor on this continent! You bastard, are you trying to order me around?!” 

“T-There’s no such a thing, your highness!” 

Seeing his subordinates prostrates, Dimetrio continues to raise his voice… 

“Not only yesterday, today as well! The result stays the same!” 

Today was the second night of the celebration event. Which means today was the second day the princes talk was being held. 

However, the result had stayed the same. 

That being said, if one was smart enough like Wayne, such a result was predictable… 

“Those foolish younger brothers! Don’t they understand that they are being a disgrace by aiming at the throne?! I’m the one who should have it!” 

Dimetrio has no doubt that he would become the next Emperor. He was convinced that he was the only one that has the right. 

However, the second and third princes also held the same ambition. Thus, with each other factions, they competing against each other, and no conclusion was being reached. 

Louwellmina was also expected to upset the balance but, during the princes’ talk, she was only a facilitator, thus she didn’t show any movement worth mentioning. 

(If this continues, then we won’t be able to reach a final conclusion!) 

It was natural for Dimetrio to feel nervous. 

If all of the influential people gathered yet they didn’t produce any solution, how much disappointment would spread among the citizen? 

“… How is the result of your investigation on my younger brothers?! Report it immediately!” 

“Y-Yes, sir!” 

If everything couldn’t be settled by discussion then, he believes the only way was to destroy the factions that support them. And all that was needed for that was information, that was why Dimetrio had asked his subordinates to monitor the movement of the influential people in Mirtaz. — Of course, the second and third princes also did the same thing. 

“There’s no big change. For now, I believe they are trying to use all their power to keep the influential people on their sides to not switch sides…” 

“That’s all? Is there anything more useful?! Are you forgetting something by chance?!” 

“That is…” 

The subordinates, who had a hard time answering hurriedly thought, trying to find an answer… 

“A-Ah right, this has no relation with the princes’ talk but, there was a report about Mayor Kosimo spending time together with the princess of Natra as a guide.” 

“What did you say?!” 

For Dimetrio, he hates Kosimo and Mirtaz— Or rather, it was natural for him to detest both of them… 

Mirtaz was originally a member of Dimetrio’s faction. However, they had joined in the attempt of revolt, and when he noticed, he blamed the governor for it. 

And Dimetrio could not help but feel disgusted at Mirtaz that has decided to stay neutral, trying to win without siding with anyone. During these two days, he could not count anymore how many times he had wanted to break Kosimo’s head… 

And yet, that Kosimo, he instead went to the princess of Natra. 

Dimitrio, without hesitation, showed his discontent. 

“That old fox! Is he trying to slap me with embarrassment by going to Natra’s side?!” 

He then pointed his anger at Natra. 

“Natra as well! How dare them, insulting me by sending a little girl! Who do they think am I?!  I’m the next Emperor! Not only Louwellmina but also Kosimo!”

Dimetrio then throws the documents in his hands toward the wall. 

He didn’t like the situation. He hates everything about his younger brothers, sister, Natra, Kosimo, and also this city. Why he need permission despite the one who supposedly inherited the throne? 

Thus his frustration begins to aim at another thing… 

“… Among my younger brothers, is there anyone who tried to contact that little girl from Natra?!” 

“Y-Yes, sir. For now, it was just Mayor Kosimo… perhaps they have already joined princess Louwellmina’s faction…” 

“Then there’s no chance for me to butt in huh?” 

Dimetrio then smirked… 

“Then let us threaten them… You, sent your hands to that Natra girl…” 


In response to such an order, his subordinates opened his eyes wide. 

Dimetrio then continues his words triumphantly without worry. 

“If it is only that small girl, with a little threatening should make her cry and return home. Kosimo’s also should lose face with that, and that Cheeky Louwellmina would lose one of her backings. Hahahaha, isn’t that a great idea?!” 

“Y-Your Highness, many influential people from the continent have gathered in this city, and everyone is watching. If it is revealed that we’ve performed such an act, it would jeopardize your position!” 

“Isn’t it your role to manage that?!” 


“You bastard! Are you trying to disobey my order?!” 

Dimetrio raises his voice once again. No matter what he says, no one could overturn his order. 

“… I understand. Then we shall make the arrangement immediately.” 

All he could do was to lower his head with a pained look.