Genius Prince – v4-c13

“Finally, let us talk about Mirtaz.” 

It was before the departure toward Mirtaz. 

After Wayne commented about the three princes, he continued… 

“Mirtaz was the city in Sistio province, originally belonged to first prince Dimitrio faction. That was due to the influence of the governor of that time.” 

However, Wayne continued… 

“Evidence has proven that the government of Mirtaz at the time made contact with the west during the civil war.” 

“Mirtaz turn him in? How so?” 

“They said, it was the governor who opened the access for the west side, and they were being threatened. It was Mirtaz claim that they wanted the governor to be punished…” 


“By the way, the report also has shown that they made a huge donation. … In other words, they have made the governor as a scapegoat.” 

Since Mirtaz had made a lot of contributions to the Empire, they were given special rights. And now, it has become an autonomous territory for merchants. 

As a symbol for that, there was no Empire’s army stationed in the city. The city was guarded by Mirtaz’s own security force, they said it was to show of force to hampers criminals trying to disturb the east-west trade route. 

Since something like that happens, it was clear that the governor didn’t have the power to intervene. The Empire also know that. However, due to the turmoil, and they also understood the value of Mirtaz, the Empire decided to let them be… 

“Due to ulterior motives from all sides, until now the governor of the Sistio province hasn’t yet been decided. Thus Mirtaz position was floating in the air and is not part of any faction. For the princes, they wanted the province to enter their own faction.” 

As for Mirtaz citizens, maintaining their interest was paramount. And as long as their interest was protected, it didn’t matter who becomes the Emperor. 

And that would be decided in the princes’ meeting. 

“For that matter, it could be said that Mirtaz has borrowed the Empire’s reputation to gather many important people from across the continent. It is a big opportunity for the merchants, and if the princes could not come to an agreement, they might decide to join other powerful people..” 

“… That sure is complicated…” 

The intricately intertwined thoughts seem like a mass of threads that no one could unwind. Just thinking about it could already cause a headache.

“By the way, Natra now is in momentum. It is highly possible that the city officials would come in contact. Unlike with the princes, you don’t have to force distance yourself— But, be careful…” 

Saying so, Wayne patted Franya’s hair. 


And now… 

“Please take a look. This will become the central market that represents Mirtaz.” 

Franya was currently inside the carriage, sightseeing in Mirtaz together with Mayor Kasimo. 

How did this situation happen? 

The beginning of this start from this morning. 


There was nothing big that happens during yesterday’s party, and now Franya was waiting for the result of the princes’ meeting, which means, she had a lot of free time. When she was wondering how she should spend her time, Kasimo had come to her in the morning. 

“If it is fine, I would like to invite your highness to sightsee in the city…” 

That was Kasimo’s words. 

Of course, it was not something that one could just take on face value. 

“Ninim, what do you think?” 

“Just like His Highness Wayne had said, it would be normal for the Mirtaz side to approach our side. While trying to curry some favor with your highness Franya, they also use it to evaluate his highness Wayne. Though, I never expected that the Mayor himself would come…” 

*This time it seems would become quite a busy meeting*, or so Ninim said… 

In fact, the celebration of the annexation of Mitraz by the Empire was not over yet. 

The party where every important people attended was only on the first day but, the celebration itself would last for a week. 

This was in anticipation if something was not according to the plan during the princes’ meeting. Since the princes’ meeting was using the celebration as a pretext, if something happens, they could prolong the talk without causing any suspicion. 

However, in the end, a celebration was still a celebration, although it was not as spectacular as the first day. It was easy to imagine Mayor Kasimo would be very busy managing the event. 

(Yet, he come to meet me.) 

In other words, he wants to put a great emphasize the importance of the relationship with Natra. 

“What should I do?” 

“Since he invited us personally, it would be bad for us to refuse. If we refuse, it would send a signal that Natra doesn’t want to get along with Mirtaz.” 

“Onii-sama also has said it but, is it really fine for us to get along?” 

“Yes. Even if we are not doing any direct trade here, if we have a good relationship with Mirtaz, the respectable merchants from around the continent would notice… And after Mirtaz decided in which faction they wanted to belong, it would be possible for us to intervene in that faction through Mirtaz.” 

With Ninim advice, Franya nodded her head. 

“I understand. Then I’ll get ready, so please tell Mayor Kosimo to wait for a moment.” 


Like that, Franya ended up touring the city with Kosimo. 


“— With that being the case, there are a lot of goods being sold here…” 

After getting off the carriage, Franya walks with Kosimo in the crowded market. 

Of course, both were dignitaries. Thus the people who protect them were vigilant. 

“Since everywhere I look is a rare thing, It sure is overwhelming…” 

“These various assortments are the pride of Mirtaz.” 

The sight in front of her showed that Kosimo’s words were sincere. 

For example, foods item such as fruits, vegetables, and meat were lined up with many variations. Many processed foods and drinks were also being sold.

Only by looking at the fabric with foreign design, it was already caused one’s heart to feels excited. There were also spices, exquisite stoneworks, fortune tellers, painters, and many other types of merchants trying to attract some costumers. 

“Unfortunately, since we’re in the middle of the continent, we don’t deal with seafood. Though we do have some dried fish or river fishes….” 

“Now that you mention it… Fufufu, I think it would be like an illusion if everything in this world is here…” 

“It is the goal of this city that someday such a thing would happen…” 

During such a conversation, she heard a voice from one of the shops. 

“OOH, Mayor Kosimo. Are you doing an inspection today?” 

“Currently, I’m guiding a foreign guest. How are you doing?” 

“Every day is busy as usual. If you come at the selling time, I would’ve let you buy at a market price…” 

“Hahahaha, as a merchant, you can’t say something like that you know? If you want to give a sale, you have to look at your feet first…” 

For Kosimo, this was his home ground. The gentle and welcoming voice of the people as he walks around makes him feels at home and respected.


As she considered such a thing, Franya eyes stared at one stall. 

Lined up there were simple wooden boxes. It has various size but, mostly it could be held in one hand. 

However, that alone won’t catch her eyes. What she noticed was the name of the displayed item. It was written as a “Karakuri box”. 

“Welcome my lady— Oh? Mayor Kosimo…” 

“Ah, you can continue as you are…” 

Kosimo uses his hand as a gesture to let the young merchant continue with his work normally…