Genius Prince – v4-c12

As the light of sunset illuminating Mirtaz. 

Similarly, the sunset was also dyed the Natra Kingdom far north of it. 

“… Fuuh…” 

After completing his work in the office, Wayne threw papers on his desk and sighed. 

Wayne then glanced at his side. There was where Ninim usually stands. However, of course, no one was standing there right now. Now, she was staying in Mirtaz as her little sister, Franya’s assistant. 

“… I’m worried…” 

*Clench* Words leaked from Wayne’s lips. 

“I’m worried, aaaaaah!” 

As Wayne shouted, his thought overflowed. 

“Ugh, Is Franya alright?… She has Ninim and Nanaki with her, so she should be alright, but, no, however…” 

Wayne had decided to sent Franya to Mirtaz to respect her will and appreciate her growth. he doesn’t believe he made a mistake but… he doesn’t but, he still feel worried… 

“I hope she’s not overdoing it at least…” 

If Franya sees him right now, she might laugh at him. After all, every time Wayne went abroad, she looked anxious just like him right now. 

“– Your Highness, excuse me.” 

After the door was knocked, a man appeared. 

“Oh, Levan? I have all the documents here…” 

Levan was a Fulham’s aide that had been Wayne father’s assistant. 

He was serving as Owen’s aide as he received medical treatment, but currently, he was working as Ninim temporary replacement. 

“I shall confirm all of it.” 

Levan then picked up the documents and looked over them. 

“… Alright. It seems there’s no problem. With this decree, General Hagar would be reinstated, both in name and reality.” 

Levan then smiled wryly. 

“However, Your Highness, this time around, you’ve been quite unreasonable… To think you would use the General to bait the rebels…” 

“It was originally a longer-term plan. It was completely my fault that the plan ended up being used during my visit to the west. … Though, Ninim has been complaining about this plan all the time as well… Please let it slide for now…” 

“Hahaha, it seems you’ve got a good relationship with Ninim. Then, as you’ve requested, let us not continue that topic.” 

Then he continues the talk… 

“Although many of those who were being executed are small nobles, there are some open positions and territories… What should we do?” 

“Some of the Fulham have free times yes? Turn it over to them for the time being…” 

This makes Levan looked suspicious. 

“To use Fulham in this matter, it would create a backlash on the non-Fulham people, you know? Or inviting arrogance among the Fulham, are you sure about this?” 

“On the contrary, do you honestly believe we have enough talent?” 


Levan responded with silence. 

“Natra is growing. Both, territorial and economic. Even if there’s some opposition, we need to dig up those who are sleeping and use them…” 

“Understood. Then I shall proceed with as instructed.” 

After giving a respectable bow, Levan said… 

“The ceremony is supposedly taking place today at Mirtaz.” 

“You’re right. I hope nothing happened until everything ends. Well, the real problem is after the ceremony though…” 

Mirtaz was after all the preliminary before the real skirmish The important thing was about the princes’ meeting after the ceremony celebration. 

“Honestly, I hope nothing happened but…” 

In response to Wayne mutters, Levan replied. 

“As expected, are you worried about her highness Franya?” 

“Usually I was the one being sending off… But this time around, I have to experience the feeling of the one who stayed behind…” 

“Hahaha, then how about ride a fast horse and chase her?” 


“… Your Highness, I’m joking about that…” 

“I know. But, I just thought that idea sure sounds feasible…” 

Hearing Wayne’s words, Levan could feel cold sweat on his back. 

“Please don’t frighten me like that. … Let us pray for their safety for now. After all, that is all we can do.” 

“… I guess you’re right…” 

The light of setting sun that entered the window gradually weakened. 

The night has come. 



First Prince Dimetrio. 

Second Prince Bardroche. 

Third Prince Manfred. 

In front of them, the second princess, Louwellmina, declared. 

“Then let us begin our meeting. The topic is about the future of our Empire—…” 

In a closed room where there were only four people, the princes talk about the fate of the Empire begin.