Genius Prince – v4-c11


While staying in the corner of the hall, Franya groaned like a small animal. 

“How is it? Do you understand?” 

The boy, Nanaki asked the question. 


Franya’s gaze was poured at the group on the right corner of the hall. 

“Over there, a guy was talking all the time, but the people around him didn’t seem to look interested at all…” 

“That’s right.” 

Nanaki responded… 

“Those guys are good at masking their emotions. However, when one tends to pay more attention to one’s face, they often forget their own foot… Their foot looked like a restless one where one wants to move to another place. That a sign, that they had other interest elsewhere…” 

As Nanaki had pointed out, those people’s legs seem restless and move about… And the center of the hall was where the princes were… 

“Does Nanaki always observe people like this?” 

“I am a guard after all…” 

After answering briefly, he returned the question… 

“Rather than that, for suddenly asking me to teach how to observe people, what are you trying to do?” 

“I’ve decided. I want to help Nii-sama.” 

Fanya then makes a face as if saying, isn’t that obvious? 

“I failed this time. After all, Princess Louwellmina had managed to control the conversation all the time. That is why I want to learn how to successfully control the conversation. So that when the next opportunity comes, I know what to do, see?” 

“I’m not sure if there would be a next one…” 

“Still, I want to be able to stick my chest out if the moment comes. My goal is revenge against Princess Louwellmina.” 

Franya harbor burning mission in her eyes. Nanaki, although not interested in it, said… 

“Look at that group. I think they will be helpful to you…” 

Nanaki pointed at the one on another side of the venue. As expected, they were inferior compared to the princes gathering but, they were suitable… 

“Hmm… Unlike the other one, this one had the other people’s legs look relaxed…” 

“The one who talks to them is rather short no? If you’re a tall person, it would be easy to catch someone’s attention, but when you have a small body, it would be harder to catch people’s eyes…” 

“Which means, to be able to gather those people, that means, the person is a good talker?” 

“Furthermore, by using gestures, the person manages to capture a human sight not just hearing. It is great if you manage to catch two of the five senses…” 

Speaking of which, she remembered that her elder brother often uses gestures during a meeting. When she returned home, Franya decided to learn more about her elder brother. 

“Nanaki, we’ll listen there too…” 

“Oh wait. There…” 

“Eh? –Fyaaa…” 

A light shock ran through her face. 

When she had realized that she had hit something, her body had already tilted and about to fall down, the next moment, someone supported her by holding her hands. 

“Emm, are you alright?” 

The owner of the voice was a man. 

The attire he was wearing signifies that he was a military man. Despite supporting Franya’s body with one hand, his body didn’t bend at all. Though his garments looked like the one someone wears for ceremonies, it looked cramped. 

“Y-Yes. I’m okay.” 

Franya bowed to the man. 

“Excuse me. It was my carelessness.” 

“Oho… Don’t mind it, since I was also careless…” 

The man smiled. His calm expression makes one’s heart becomes calm by looking at it as well. 

At that time, one person called out. 

“—Glenn, what’s wrong?” 

Once again, it was a man. Because of how he addressed each other, she guessed that they both were acquaintances. However, the impression of the newly emerged person was completely opposite of the one called Glenn. He was dressed smartly in formal costumes, his gazes showed a deep intelligence. If Glenn looked like a typical military officer, this one looked like a typical civil official. 

“Strang huh? It was not a big deal. Rather than that, what about your business?” 

“Ah, I’m done talking with his highness, Manfred. — This person is?” 

Strang eyes then turned to Franya. 

“Ooooh, this is…” 

After responding, Glenn shouted accordingly. 

“Whoops. I forgot to not ask her name….” 

“… What are you doing, honestly…” 

Strang pierced Glenn with a strong glance and turned toward Franya. 

“I’m sorry my companion is rude. My name is Strang Nanoz. I’m the acting governor of imperial province Bernok. And this one here is—…” 

“Glenn Makram… As you can see, I’m the lowest seat in the imperial army.” 

Franya then tanked each of them… 

“Thank you. I’m the princes of Natra, Franya Elk Albarest.” 


Their reaction looked weird for Franya. As soon as she introduces herself, the two of them looked confused. 

She thought at first it was because of her status which was higher than them but, looking closely, that didn’t seem the case… Their reaction seems to come from another concern… 

“What’s wrong?” 

Asked, Glenn then replied with restless voice… 

“A-Ah… Emm… I’m sorry if I’m wrong but, by Natra your means, you’re someone related to that Prince Wayne?” 

“Yes. He is my elder brother.” 

Glenn and Strang then looked at each other. 

Franya then tilted her head… 

“Perhaps, both of you are my elder brother acquaintance?” 

Strang then coughs away… 

“No, an acquaintance… Right, more precisely I accidentally know someone with the same name.” 

“R-Right, Strang is correct. Of course, I know from the rumors that Prince Wayne has the reputation as a kind person..” 

“Ah, is that so?” 

Certainly, Wayne was not a rare name. However, looking at their reaction, it seems their acquaintance was a rude fellow. Surely, that person was far different compared to her brother. 

(Speaking of which, Glenn, I feel like I heard his name somewhere?) 

Where was it… that was not a rare name either, she thought it might just her memory playing on her. 

As Franya was thinking about that, Strang opened his mouth… 

“I’m sorry Princess Franya. I’m sorry for being in a hurry but, we need to go there… It is regrettable but…” 

“Ah, is that so? Please don’t mind me then…” 

“I’m sorry. If we have a chance to meet each other again then, let us have a nice chat. … Glenn…” 

“Right. Princess Franya, see you later then…” 

They turned their heels and exited the venue. They looked indeed an errand. 

After seeing them off, Nanaki opened their mouth. 

“That Glenn, he has a great deal of skill. The other one is a weak guy but…” 

“Is that so?” 

Though they didn’t show any malice, Nanaki nodded his head. Franya had never seen Nanaki fight. However, she knew from her brother and Ninim that he was good at it. Because he acknowledges another person as a strong one, that might be true. 

Suddenly, a mean question sprung up inside Franya’s mind. 

“Perhaps, he is stronger than Nanaki?” 

To such a question… 

“Depends. Winning and losing depends on the situation during the fight.” 

Replied Nanaki. Due to his uninteresting replies, Franya inflated her cheeks. 

“… If Franya is involved, then the story would be different.” 

“Hnn? Nanaki, did you say something?” 


Nanaki turned his face away, then Ninim comes back. 

“I’m sorry for the long wait, your highness Franya. … Nanaki, did something happen?” 

“Nothing. Come to think of it, Franya, aren’t you going to that group?” 

“Ah, right. Let us go there…” 

As Nanaki reminds her, Franya stepped forward. Ninim tilted her neck in confusion but decided to follow both of them.